Momion launched in August 2017 with the goal of proving information and resources that could help women to know everything about pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. From the beginning of the blog, we aim to make females more comfortable through pregnancy and motherhood that they have a life full of laughter and surprises. But later, based on our visitor’s request, we couldn’t stop ourselves from adding “beauty” as one of our blogging subjects. From then, we are a team of four bloggers (two moms and two young women) writing and sharing our experiences with readers. All of us are dedicated to ensuring that our content is up-to-date, accurate and focused on you.

The Story Behind Momion:

At the time of my first pregnancy, I had no idea what I needed. After a miserable pregnancy period, I failed to latch my baby properly. I faced postpartum pain, bought some overrated products like strollers, nursing pillows and even I made my baby to face an accident by a horrible baby walker which was a top-rated product by so-called reviewer. After that, I felt that there is a need of an authentic mom-baby blog that can make women comfortable and confident through pregnancy and motherhood.

How we choose topics?

We are two mothers and two young women in our team. Me Ion with Swanson, involve with the mom-baby section while Laura and Robyn involve with the beauty part. As two of us are moms, we have faced different difficulties during our pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Gradually we are trying to write all the information you need during pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood based on our personal experience and expert’s opinion. For health-related severe problems, we source articles from doctors or experts on that particular subject. Regarding beauty, our two team members get ideas from their readers as they are pretty much related to beauty blogging and skincare. Overall, we want to cover up women’s life with all the information she needs to be a beautiful woman as well as a confident mother.

How we review products?

First, we research based on the best information sources currently available, including other related blogs. After that, we study thousands of buyers’ reviews, which makes us understand the products deeply. Then we make a short-list of the best products and bought all of them if they are within our budget. We have tried/applied these products among our friends or relatives for a long time, and then we start writing the blog after a long time of observance. For high-priced products, we’ve developed a system to fake reviews and buy only 2/3 top products based on the reviews of real buyers. After using those top products for months, we start writing reviews based on personal experience and genuine buyers’ reviews.

Michelle Ion

Ion is a doctor in Georgia with a passion for women’s health. She has more than eight years of medical education as well as training experience. She is a proud mother of two daughters, Alicia and Katelyn.

Laura Capon

She is a beauty blogger and writes everything about beauty and fashion. On our website, she writes especially on makeup & plus-size fashion. She is a young beauty influencer and still single till now.

Wendy Sue Swanson​

She is a very successful doctor and as a pediatrician, she has been able to build a great relationship with her patients. Besides, she writes for us about health issues that interest parents and supports them to keep their family safe and healthy. She is also a mother of twin daughters(4 years old).​

Robyn Munson

She is the youngest team member among us. She is also a beauty blogger but she has another identity, skin specialist. She writes and reviews the products related to skin health on our website. Beyond writing, she works as a full time research assistant at American Skin Association (ASA) since 2017.