how to agonizing fhase following a miscarriage

The Agonizing Phase Following A Miscarriage

The Emotional Implications of A Miscarriage

A miscarriage is one of the most painful experiences that any human has to experience. The pain felt from losing the being who would, otherwise, have been your newborn, is unimaginable. However, both genders do not feel the same emotions after a miscarriage. A woman’s emotions such as sadness, shock, all ranging to straight-up anxiety for future pregnancies. Men, too, suffer from intense feelings of loss.

However, the important thing to realize is that such feelings are completely normal. And the time taken by an individual to grieve their loss is completely normal as well. But it important that these feelings are dealt with. For if they aren’t, these feelings could also lead you to depression.

Dealing With A Miscarriage

Statistically speaking, miscarriages are quite common. Be that as it may, the commonness of miscarriages does not provide comfort during the times of a loss. As acknowledged by miscarriage notes from doctors, the grief experienced from a miscarriage can be dealt with by various means and steps. Here are a few of them:

  1. Take Your Time To Grieve
  2. Acceptance
  3. Coping Up As A Couple

Take Your Time To Grieve

If you experienced a miscarriage, there is no one who knows the pain better than you. You may find your friends and family telling you to move on. However, this attitude isn’t good. You had a miscarriage. You suffered a loss. Take all the time that you need to grieve. Join a support group if needed. Process it for how much ever you like. It will be hard. You will feel find one day while feeling terrible on the next. But take as much time as you require.


As you heal, a day will arrive when you realize that the ordeal you’re going through, is real. You will understand that your emotions led you to a point where you need to figure out how to live with your loss. And yes, you might still be experiencing gut-wrenching emotions through your being. But it was the time that you understand what you’re dealing with and accepted your loss.

Coping Up As A Couple

All men and women respond differently to a miscarriage. While women are emotionally affected, men switch into problem-solving mode. They help their partners but feel helpless when they witness them crying. Often when the women break down about the baby, men discontinue from talking about the baby at all. This, however, it becomes a huge form of miscommunication which women might interpret as a form of apathy on her partner’s part. Men need to understand that they need to cope up with the grief as a couple. Instead of solving their problems, men should open up and express their feelings with their partner.

A Second Chance?

As harsh as it may seem, you should know that your miscarriage isn’t the end of the world. And it’s alright to wonder whether or not you should try again. Consulting a doctor will be the best option for you. Fears about whether or not you will be able to conceive are common. Don’t let them hinder you. Talk to specialists or your support network for advice. And don’t be afraid to give the miracle childbirth a second chance.