baby acne cause and remedy and how long does it last

Baby Acne: How Long Does it Last, Causes and Remedies

If you notice some red bumps suddenly on your newborn’s face, particularly on cheeks, nose, or foreheads, your child is probably suffering from baby acne. Baby Acne is one of the most common headaches for new parents. You will always desire a magical treatment to get back that soft skin of your baby, but it will not happen overnight. Some parents count days from the first day and always think about how long baby acne lasts? What causes it, and how to get rid of these types of acne? Don’t worry much you will get the answers in the following segments. First, be sure that is this baby acne or rashes.

When Baby Acne Appears, and How Long does It Take to Clear Out?

Almost 20% of newborns suffer from acne between three to six weeks old. Others face acne before they become six months. It looks like red and yellowish bumps on the chicks and shoulders, especially on the face. The reddish and yellowish looks all over the baby’s face make moms concerned too much. But the good news is that it does not bother your baby in maximum cases nor creates any irritation. Generally, baby acne lasts for about one month. In several instances, it lasts for three months, not more than that.

What Causes Baby Acne?

One of the most significant reasons behind baby acne is the maternal hormone circulating in the baby’s bloodstream. These hormones stimulate the baby’s oil glands and cause baby pimples to pop up on the skin. As the baby’s skin is not developed fully as adults, this stimulation cause baby acne. Some pediatrician believes that a combination of oil, bacteria and maternal hormones cause baby acne.

Home Remedies and Hygienic Standard for Baby Acne Treatment:

Wash your baby’s skin or bathe him with mildly warm water daily. You can also use mild baby soap but, don’t use any adult soap. Adult soaps can be too harsh for a baby’s skin. Do not wash the affected face more than once a day. As well, over-washing can irritate the skin. Always remember, proper hygiene can reduce the chance of all skin problems. Maintain the hygienic standard regularly. Do what is right for the baby and avoid what is bad for him. Stay your infant away from direct long does baby acne last

Use a soft washcloth to rub the skin, do not pat; wash gently. Scrubbing the skin can create irritation and more redness. Remember that baby acne occurs due to overactive oil glands, not the dirt.

Use a soft terry towel to make the skin dry. Don’t wipe or scrub the affected area dry. It may create sensitivity and produce more oil.

Do not use oily lotions on the affected skin. It will make the skin more oily, which may lead to severe acne. But some study suggests that using coconut oil is a good home remedy for baby acne.

Do not use any adult acne medicine to treat baby acne. An infant’s surface is delicate and can not withstand the harsh ingredients. So, using harsh compounds like benzoyl peroxide may worsen the situation.

Breast milk split on the baby’s face can worsen baby acne, but never stop feeding breast milk. Breastmilk helps for the mental and physical growth of your baby.

The most important remedy for baby acne is not to worry about it. It will go away on its own within three months. Be patient as long as it is not bothering your child. Let it go by itself. But if you find anything getting worse, consult with a doctor.


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