swollen eyes

Swollen eyes in babies

When your baby has an eye problem like swollen, it can be troublesome for him as well as yours. Especially for infants as they can’t express what hurts them. So it’s important for you to understand the symptoms of swollen eyes in babies. As like adults some signs are similar in babies. Symptoms include swollen eyelids or puffy eyes, tearing, discharge or redness. If you notice any sign like this there is a possibility that your baby has swollen eye problem. In this article we will discuss on swollen eye problem in infants and toddlers, what causes it and the way to get rid of it

Some common signs of swollen eyes:

  • Swelling of eyelids or puffy under eyes, but not for eye injury
  • No redness in the white part of the eyeswollen eye in babies
  • Eye irritation
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Watering eyes, results of excess tear production
  • Redness of eyelids
  • Dryness of eyelids
  • Puffy eyelids

There are other signs too, but your little one canton expresses them to you, so we are not including these signs.

Causes of swollen eye in babies:

Mosquito bites are a common cause as well as other insect bites. Especially bites on the upper face cause swollen eye. Usually this type of swollen lasts for a few days, but for infants, it can be last for about 10 days. This type of swelling looks pink or reddish. Generally it’s itchy, not painful.baby swollen eyes

Allergies are known as one of the common reason for swelling of the eye in infants and toddlers. For newborns sometimes drops are put into his eyes at the hospital to prevent any infection, which can cause swelling for few days.

Teething can lead to puffy eyes as well as swollen eyes as the eye and teeth nerves are interlinked. So when teething occurs, pay more attention to your baby, you may find that he has puffy bags under eyes after teething.

Babies often rub their eyes with dirty hands. Rubbing eyes can lead to puffy eyelids which results in Eye swelling.

Injuries near the eye area can cause swollen eye. If your child gets any sort of injury to the eye or near the eye area, swelling can occur. Especially toddlers get injured during playing and you may find your toddler woke up with swollen eye next morning. Sometimes they will not feel any pain even though the eyelids are puffy.baby swollen eyes problem

Infection of the tear or eyelid can lead to eye swelling. This type of swelling is very common among the newborns as their tear drainage system is not yet matured enough. So tear gets blocked up and result in swollen eyelid with irritation. Besides the eyelid’s oil gland can get blocked and results in puffy eyelids.

Viral or bacterial infection can cause eye swelling. Generally viral infections are reddish and bacterial infections are yellowish, this is how we can predict the reason behind the swelling of eyes.

Sometimes excessive crying can lead to swollen eyes, check this article on how to make a baby stop crying.

Remedies of Swollen eye in children:

  • In most of the cases swollen eye problem resolve on its own so you don’t need to worry about treatment procedure, especially when swelling and redness occurs in the first few days of a newborn. For other cases, there are some easy solutions which help you to lower the suffering days.
  • Always keep your baby’s eye area clean, use warm water and washcloth, no matter is there any discharge or no discharge. Cleaning the eye area definitely reduce the chance long-term eye swelling problem.
  • Keep your baby’s hand fresh and clean, especially tiny nails. Always try to keep those small as longer nails can create scratches in your baby’s eye which can lead to swelling.
  • In case of swelling with redness you can try to cool down the red area with cooled teabags or cooled cucumber slices or cool washcloths.


This is all about swollen eye in infants and toddlers, if you see anything serious contact with a doctor as soon as possible. Let’s see our article on baby acne and baby hiccups. You may find something needful for your baby.