When Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying at Night: How to Calm Down?

It’s tough, exhausting and frustrating situation for parents when your baby won’t stop crying at night. You may be thinking what is wrong with your baby, sometimes you get worried about your parenting skills. Actually this is the most common experience becoming a parent. A few babies sleep and eat easily, without crying. But most of them are fussiest and don’t want to stop crying easily. You may think that they are screaming for no reason, but there may be a reason behind their crying. In this article, we will discuss why do babies cry at night and how to make them stop crying? Keep reading and you will get the ways to make the baby calm.


Why does my baby screaming for no reason?

Don’t think like that, there might be a reason behind crying. Every baby is different, but they all cry. Some more and some little bit less. Never compare with other babies, if you compare with your neighbor’s baby that they can sleep peacefully at night while your baby is crying all over the night, you will be more tired and angry. Don’t compare with any other baby as each baby is different in nature, but all of them cry, some even make their eyes swollen from crying too much.

Do you think like that crying is the only communication skill of infant? A baby cries to communicate with his parents, to make them understand his needs, his pains. Crying is very normal in infants, as he grows up crying will decrease with the increase of his age.

Sometimes we see some parents tell like that their baby crying all the night and sleeps in a day. Do you think like that? It’s possible that a newborn might be confused between day and night. He sleeps all the day and crying at night for his needs, for seeking your attention to him. Maybe he is trying to tell you that he is hungry, bored or uncomfortable.


Why do babies cry so much? Why they won’t stop crying?

Babies cry for many reasons as crying is the only way they communicate. To calm down a crying baby or soothe a crying infant, first we have to know they cry? There are many reasons which can make your baby feel discomfort and force him to cry. Take a look:

Hunger: Hunger is the most common reason for crying. As the infants have a very tiny stomach, they eat less in each feeding time but you have to feed him in every two or three hours. As they grow up so rapidly, they need to feed every few hours.

Gastroesphageal Reflux Disease: It’s very common disease in babies. Your baby will spit up after each meal if he is suffering from acid reflux. Most of the babies spit up a little but in some babies, it can be severe. Frequent vomiting and discomfort may be seen in your baby due to this disease which may lead your baby to't-stop-crying-at-night

Sleepiness and fatigue: If your baby gets tired he may cry and show up upset until you respond to him. Each baby is different in nature, they like different things, their ways to sleep is also different. Understand his favorite place to sleep, where and how he feels comfortable. Learn by trial and error, after some days you will get the point.

Food allergies: Some babies may have a sensitivity of specific kinds of foods like dairy products. It can be diagnosis by checking stool sample; it will take just a few minutes. If your baby shows an allergy to milk products you will have to stop consuming milk or other dairy products like butter, cheese or ice-cream. You won’t be able to get the result immediately; it will take a couple of weeks.

Overstimulation from noise: Sometimes expert says that noise or other disturbing activity effects in baby’s mind so they don’t want to stop crying. This affects toddler most.

Pain or illness: Sometimes babies may have a physical problem, for which he is screaming in pain. Maybe screaming babies have a belly pain skin irritation or any other pain.

Stranger anxiety: Some babies feel insecure when they feel someone unknown beside them. You may think that there is no reason, but there is a reason-fear.


How to make babies stop crying?

Always check the clock and feed him before he starts crying for hungriness. If it’s almost two-three hour from the last feeding, feed him again.

If your baby is suffering from acid reflux or frequent hiccupping, try burp during feeding. It will reduce colic and spit up after feeding. Check our article on baby hiccupping remedies.

why my baby won't stop crying

Consult with a doctor, he will diagnose if your baby has sensitivity to dairy products. If he has, you might be suggested to remove all kinds of dairy products from your diet.

Most of the babies don’t like noise; take him in a room where he can sleep peacefully, create a place that he might be love to sleep there.

Try to understand if he has any kind of pain, for which he is not feeling well. Belly pain is common in baby due to the food sensitivity or gastroesophageal Reflux. Increase burp while feeding to reduce the chance of these problems.

Break your babies fear in your own way, make him familiar with surrounding peoples. Hold and adore him if don’t stop crying unless held.

Change baby’s diaper time to time, it will make him feel easy help you to keep your baby away from diaper rash.


Soothe a crying baby or calm a crying infant in 5 seconds:

  • Wrap your baby in a towel which will make him feel more secure.
  • Let him lying on his stomach and burp on his back, it will feel him good if he is suffering from any stomach problem like gas, colic etc.
  • If he is annoyed by any kind of noise, make another noise which will drown out other noises
  • Make a rhythmic motion without shaking him too much, take him to a balcony or in a ride in a stroller.
  • Give him a pacifier to suck it.


The most important thing is how much you understand your baby. The fast you understand the reason behind his crying, fast you can make him stop crying. Try to understand the difference between his cries, sounds of crying for hunger must be differing from crying for pain. Try to understand the intensity of the cry, expression and his body language. Thus you will be able to find the way to stop a crying baby.

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