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Best Baby Memory Books

Do you feel that you should keep proper documents of all your baby’s special moments? Keeping track your baby’s memories brings a lot of happiness for next years, even in your old days.

I know some of my friends who can’t remember when their babies took their first step or when babies call them for the first time. If they would keep the record, they can recall their sweet memories with little babies.

In this digital era, some features of Facebook can be a solution for this, but we think that record book or journal can’t be replaced by anything. Picking the perfect baby memory book can be the only great option. I love using a baby book to keep all the memories of my baby like her first photograph, first handprints, first footprints etc. There are various types of memory books on the market like Ronica, Lucy Darling or Ruby Love. We’ve done the research on many and reviewed the best of the best books for new parents. We have reviewed 11 best baby memory books below which includes some old renowned brands as well as some modern baby memory books.


COMPARE Features

Number of Pages

Number of Years can be included


First year month wise section

Pregnancy Photos and Info

Extra Blank Pages

Build Quality


Best Overall


baby memory book


First 5 years


Very good with vegetable-based eco-friendly ink

Very attractive


Best For Gift


baby memory book


First 5 years


Very Good with Soy-based eco-friendly Ink

Very Good


Best Detailed Book

all about me

baby memory book


First 5 years


Good but the pages are not ink free



Best 11 Baby Memory Books of 2022:

Take a look at below 11 baby memory books and pick one to keep your records straight and your pictures protected. Your baby will sure to love looking back to see how they have grown up.

1. Ronica Memory Book:

This is our top pick and one of the best baby memory books I’ve ever seen. I was in love with this high quality, beautifully-illustrated and extremely detailed book at first sight.  I could not imagine any better-designed book than this. I purchased this awesome book for my nephew.Ronica Memory Book

The book provides a lot of spaces to keep your baby’s childhood memories without making it too overwhelming. If you are not a craftiness person, the book will do it for you.

This cute book designed very simply to fill out monthly pictures, footprints, handprints, birthdays, holidays, baby shower, and other family information including ‘About My Mommy’ and ‘About My Daddy’ in the first portion. This also provides room for Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and even Halloween. It has a page about the first day of school at the very end. Besides the attached envelope in the back is a great idea which provides a space for the lock of hair or hospital bracelet. There is an extra blank page added at the end.

You will be able to keep every detail of first-year life by months. About pictures? If you are looking for a book that can hold ‘4×6’ or ‘5×7’ size photos, you can definitely buy this one as these sizes are pretty easier to print out. 

This spiral-bound memory book is made of 60 high-graded pages and illustrated with vegetable-based non-toxic ink, so it’s safe for you as well as for your infant to touch. The package comes with an envelope, monthly stickers and a  beautiful gift box which makes it a great present for expecting moms.

I would highly recommend this book. It has three different versions, one for boys, one for girls and another for girls. Click here to check the price for boys and here for girls and here for unisexual which you can gift to an expecting mom without knowing her ultrasound scan result.

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2. Lucy Darling Little Artist Memory Book:

This is one of the nicest First-year memory books I have ever seen. The book is really very simple and adorable, will take just a little time to make you fit with this.

I have used this one for my younger daughter; I loved this one for its simplicity. It doesn’t have too many unnecessary things to fill in. When do new parents have time to fill that, right?Lucy Darling Little Artist Memory Book

The build quality is really very good comparing other books at that price. The colors and illustrations in it are modern and very pretty.

The book is specially designed to be used after your baby arrives, rather than a maternity space. But you will be allowed to store birth announcements, ultrasound pictures, or anything you’d like to add some blank pages. It has a ton of spaces for pictures in which printed Instagram pictures fit perfectly. The idea is very cute to add a lot of room to add pictures, but they’re just so small for larger photos. I would have loved fewer spaces, but some room for larger photos.

After all, this 48 pages book is great quality with great price. I would like to recommend you to buy this one if you are looking for a cute and simple book, but if you are looking for a more detailed book this one might not be the best one for you.

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3. C.R. Gibson Baby Book:

C.R Gibson is the oldest baby book manufacturing company, their first baby book was printed in 1898, can you imagine?

C.R. Gibson First 5 Years Memory Book comes with 64 beautifully illustrated pages. The book has a creatively embellished covers and beautiful guided interior with collections, licensed art and many more.C.R. Gibson Baby Book

The book allowing lots of space to write about parents, the newborns, many first things and the world around them. It’s really difficult to find such book which can provide you much space for family history, the story of mom & Dad, prices of current things, pregnancy page & delivery story.

The adorable pages will help you document everything you want. Though the book covers first five years, it has more spaces for each of the first 12 months. It starts from the story of mom and dad, goes through pregnancy periods, follows baby’s monthly from newborn to 1 year, then yearly up to 4 years, and ends with the first day of school. I did not find any other books with so much information on the pages.

The build quality of this book is also great with solid binding and it should last a long time.

If you want a detailed book, you can definitely go for this one.

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4. KiddosArt Baby Memory Book:

This great book is to capture all the special and beautiful moments in your baby first years. I got this book as a gift for my second baby and loved it so much! The book starts with a beautifully illustrated cover headed ‘The Amazing Story Of Me’ and this will really keep your baby’s story with amazing animation, graphics, and colors. KiddosArt Baby Memory Book

The package contains a decorated box, set of monthly stickers, a keepsake envelope which makes it perfect for the baby shower gift. There are 72 beautifully illustrated pages looks alive with great storytelling artwork.

You will be allowed to add Ultrasound photos up to 5th birthday through monthly growth details. Free monthly sticker allows you to customize page month-wise. There are also many slots for holidays and celebrations. Besides extra pages for miscellaneous photos, provide an opportunity to add many more.

Built quality is very good which will last a lifetime. I highly recommend this creative and well-organized book, especially as a gift.

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5. All About Me Books:

I think this is one of our best picks if you are looking for a detailed book. 56 unique pages of illustrations will cover the first 12 months, and beyond. There are individual pages for first 12 months and two pages for the first birthday. Not only first birthday, this book provides individual pages for first five birthdays.

Each page has a unique design which covers most of the events in your baby’s childhood including first haircut, first bath, first crawling etc.All About Me Books

All about me also covers holidays including Christian, Muslim and Jewish holidays, with an epic design that allows you to easily remove holidays you don’t want to use.

The colorful pages used are thick acid-free, will last for generations.

Thinking about your pregnancy photos? This scrapbook allows you to add a pregnancy picture also. Besides, there is a page titled ‘Before You Arrived’ which allows you to add some more pictures also. It also has a ‘my family’ page in which the center picture is captioned as ‘my parents’

The scrapbook also included some blank pages for you to add extra photos and notes, which gives you the ability to customize this book as per your choice.

So I would like to recommend you to buy this without any hesitation if you are looking for a detailed book. I would also like to recommend you to use a high-quality scrap-booking adhesive which will keep your memories safe for generations.

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6. Lovely Sprouts Baby Memory Book: For Single Parents

This is the best gender-neutral memory book which is perfect for both boys and girls. Besides, this is a perfect baby memory book for single moms or dads as there are no “Mommy” or “Daddy” “word  anywhere on the book.Lovely Sprouts Baby Memory Book: For Single Parents

You can keep a record of your pregnancy, the first twelve months of your baby’s life as well as the first five years with major milestones on its 57 pages. Of course, you can keep the special photos over its 80 photo boxes. The book also has slots and pockets to keep meaningful keepsakes of those five years.

Its high-quality pages are bright enough and easily removable if no need. If you are a single parent and in search of a good keepsake book, you should go for this one.


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7. Precious Little Firsts book:

The adorable and incredibly detailed book contains 52 colorful pages for adding photos, notes and letters. The book starts with the love story of mom and dad and ends with the first day of school with plenty of firsts, celebrations, photos and notes in between. So you are getting a wide space to add about your baby.

The book devises into four chapters which include all the pages: Precious Little Firsts book

  • Before You Were Born
  • Life Begins…
  • The First Year
  • Growing Up So Fast

Among these chapters I loved the first one most, it includes dozens of pages which is really hard to find in other books. You will be able to present Mom & Dad’s love, life together from the time they met, through baby’s pregnancy and many more.

The first year also divided into months, which makes it really great.  It will be better if there were more pages for the year 2-5.

The build quality of the book is good enough through the pages are a little bit thinner.

However, It will be a great deal to get this book with a good price.

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8. Baby Keepsake Journal by Redbello:

I purchased this unisex baby keepsake book as the first shower gift for my friend’s daughter. Designers put a lot of efforts on making this, it would make a great gift. My friend was so much delighted when she opened the pack. The whole book is a nice piece including beautiful illustrations, awesome color combination, and room for pictures. Baby Keepsake Journal by Redbello

The keepsake book contains 72 pages and 100 photo spaces which allows you to put your baby’s birth, first 12 months, 1-5 years with many major milestones together. Most of the photo spaces are of standard print size(6×4 inches), so you do not need to resize photos or photo spaces.

I loved the quality of the pages, they are thick & eco-friendly and well organized day by day, year after year. This is the only keepsake books which provides so much room for standard size pictures with a beautiful cover. If you are looking for a perfect gift for new moms, you can go for it.

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9. My Story Begins Baby Book:

Maybe this is the book which you are looking for, very simple and nicely designed. This provides the perfect way to keep your photos organized and presentable. This is organized in a great way for getting all the photos you want in the same story begins book

It provides you with 120 available slots and many more rooms for keeping your memories alive. The pages are made in such way (with neutral color) that can make your photos the center of attention!

It has a lot of spaces which allows you to write from pregnancy periods to first five years. You will be able to add ultrasound photos, birth announcement, Hand and footprints, first year by months 1-11, years 1-5 and many many more.

The build quality and the quality of pages is good enough, I think it will be a good deal for new moms with that reasonable price.

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10. Pearhead Chevron Memory Book:

My last choice is the one by Pearhead. The book comes in different colors which provide you a wide space to select your favorite one. Pearhead Chevron Memory Book

Let’s start with the negative things which you may not be like. The book does not have a month wise page specifically but it does have year wise sections. Besides it also has some pages to note the baby’s first events like the first bath, first walk etc. That means there is no problem to add different information as like other books. These pages only have glue on option; there are no photo pockets or adhesive sheets which can allow you to add photos without adhesive. So you can add photos only with adhesives.

This book comes with a unique cover page which allows you to add a picture of your baby along with his foot or handprints on the cover, surely this feature added a special value for this book. Though the cover is rigid comparing others, it’s good enough for that price.

The book allows you to add memories to 50 different pages marked important milestones and interests. You will be able to add about mommy, daddy, about pregnancy, growth in different stages like weight or height, baby’s favorite things etc. in different sections.

Though I have seen some reviews that the product is not ink free but after all comparing the price, I think it will be a great deal to get this book.

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11. My Baby Times Memory Book:

If you are busy parents but want to keep memories alive, then this one can be the best choice for you. The book has an amazing appearance with the crown &  many pre-written sections with fun texts which will let you prepare a perfect keepsake book without investing too much time and effort.My Baby Times Memory Book 

Though the book covers only the first year, you can capture all these  unique moments with its amazing 24 pages. There is an amazing pocket & 3 more envelops with a button where you can store items like hospital tag or ultrasound pictures.

Overall, it’s a beautiful book with great quality & neutral design, which can help you to store all the beautiful moments of your childs first year without killing your precious time!

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That’s our collection of best baby memory books which includes different types, you can select as you need from the above list. Be with Momion, we are for you and your minion.