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Best BBT Thermometers of 2020

The basal thermometer is used in measuring your body temperature for birth control. Typically, the temperature rises after ovulation. You can use a standard thermometer, but you won’t get accurate results as it would with a basal thermometer. BBT thermometers are durable, accurate, and speedy. More so, they store they are designed to store your temperatures for long.

There are thousands of BBT thermometers to choose from. Some of them are made for the best durability and ease of use. When you are trying to conceive, it is not always easy to know when you are ovulating. It is why a basal temperature thermometer is recommended to check your basal temperature. This temperature is your own temperature after a period of rest. It is constant every day. However, when you are ovulating, the temperature is higher by .4 to .6. It is here that you can use a thermometer to check your ovulation period.

BBT thermometers are always easy to use. They need to be accurate as well. It is why you need to pay attention to the options you have when it comes to the best products as they need to be as accurate as possible. If you can find a product which is FDA-approved, it can only help your cause. Here are the best options to consider:

Best 10 Basal Body Thermometers of 2020:

We have tried and tested renowned thermometer brands and come up with a list of 10 best BBT thermometers for birth control. Here are the best options to consider:

Generation Guard Basal Thermometer

With a simple design, the thermometer is one of the most reliable solutions in its class. It comes with an accuracy within 1/100 and this makes it one of the best solutions in its class. Even more, it represents a design which is easy to use and which allows you to handle it with ease. Part of its appeal comes from its large display which allows women to quickly read the temperature. It is important as this can be done every day and the faster you do it, the likelier you are to keep doing it. With accurate fertility tracking, it represents one of the most interesting solutions as it comes with FDA and CE approval. With a compact design, it also represents a solution which can easily be transported in a purse when away from home.

Special Features
  • 1/100th-degree accuracy
  • FDA and CE-approved design
  • Large digital display
  • Waterproof design

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Equinox Digital Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

If you need an integrated solution, the thermometer can be one of the options to consider. Made to fit the needs of most modern women, it is also a solution to use on children. So if you already have a child and you are trying to conceive, it might be worth investing in a universal thermometer which works for all situations. It is also one of the thermometers which are easy to use when it comes to better practicality. It needs no skin contact and this makes it one of the most recommended options when it comes to improved simplicity.

Its contactless technology makes it one of the most appealing solutions in its class. At the same time, it represents a fast solution as it gives the readings within a second. It can be used quickly with its large display which is also backlit. But it is only worth purchasing if you are planning to use it for other purposes as well.

Special Features
  • Great for versatility
  • Fast results
  • Backlit digital display

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iProven Basal Thermometer-113Ai

With a practical design, the thermometer is an affordable solution to check your ovulation period. For this purpose, it even comes with a calendar which should help you keep track of your basal temperature. The product itself is compact and very easy to use. It comes with a large digital display with no backlight which means its batteries will also last longer.

With accuracy within 1/100, it is also one of the thermometers which are FDA-approved. At the same time, it represents a reliable solution as it comes with such good accuracy. For the best results, it is recommended that you keep track of your readings and that you measure your temperature at the same time of the day. One of the best parts about purchasing the thermometer is that you can also enjoy good after-sale support. If you need a compact and affordable solution, the thermometer can be among the best options in its class.

Special Features
  • Made with a compact design
  • Highly accurate
  • FDA-approved

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iSnow-Med Digital Basal Body Thermometer

As far as compact thermometers go, the iSnow-Med is one of the best solutions. It comes with impressive accuracy and it represents one of the most interesting options in its class. At the same time, it represents a solution which is fast to read, with results after 40 seconds. It displays the results on its large display and it represents a solution which is easy to work with. At the same time, it is among the products which are easy to use and which allow a great overall simplicity which is so appreciated by women. It even comes with a smart storage case which is recommended when it comes to traveling. It is not waterproof and this is why you are advised to transport and store it in its case, especially if you also keep it in the bathroom.

Special Features
  • Results after 40 seconds
  • Accurate readings
  • Great with a carry case

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Geratherm GT-101 Non-Contact Thermometer

The compact solution is one of the recommended options when you want to avoid body contact. It can be used for other purposes as well, such as measuring the temperature of the water. But for the BBT purpose, it is recommended due to its simplicity. It even comes with audible signs when the reading is over. To use it, you simply have to push a button and this makes it an attractive solution for many users. With a clear display which is easy to read, the thermometer is among the top options for practicality. Even if it is not the most compact design in its class, it is recommended for its accuracy.

Special Features
  • Large digital display
  • Recommended for no contact readings
  • Great versatility

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MABIS BBT Thermometer

With readings within 60 seconds, the thermometer is often recommended for its versatility. With accurate results, it works well for other situations, such as fevers and colds. It represents a versatile tool which is easy to use. At the same time, it comes as one of the leading options when it comes to simplicity. Without complicated buttons, it is among the best solutions to work with, especially when it comes to fast results. But it can also be used on babies so the good news is that you can keep it after pregnancy. For its affordability, it can also be considered for other purposes as well.

Special Features
  • Compact design
  • Good for babies and adults
  • Easy to read

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Terumo Electronic Thermometer

Made with a simple ON/OFF button, the thermometer is among the solutions which can be used when traveling even if it is not the most compact option in its class. It comes with a large digital display with temperature chart which can help you better understand your own basal temperature. However, it is not FDA-approved and it is only recommended as a general guideline and not as a medical tool for those who have real problems conceiving.

Special Features
  • Compact design
  • Large display with a temperature chart
  • Easy to use

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Medical Oral BBT Thermometer

As one of the most affordable and durable thermometers, the product is highly popular. It is made with a waterproof design and it represents one of the most interesting solutions to work with. At the same time, the thermometer is among the most interesting options when it comes to better control and the ability to read the temperature fast. It is why it can even come with results below the 30 seconds mark. It also works well for other purposes such as fever and this makes it a worthy investment for the entire family if needed.

Special Features
  • Fast readings
  • Accuracy within 0.1 degrees Celsius
  • Large LCD display

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BabyMad Basal Thermometer

The temperature is one of the few designs which comes with a memory function. It is perfect to predict ovulation as it represents one of the leading solutions to keep an eye on your basal temperature. It also comes with a physical chart you can use to note your temperature every day in order to predict it in the following months. With a clear crystal display, it represents a solution which is fast to read as well. With advanced functions such as the memory function, it represents a great solution for most women.

Special Features
  • Offers quick readings
  • Comes with a memory function
  • Recommended for basal temperature

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DIHEA Female Digital Basal Thermometer

The pink thermometer is one of the highly-affordable products in its class. But it can be enough if you want to track your basal temperature. Similarly to the best options in its class, it comes with accuracy within 1/100th and this makes it a recommended product when it comes to better reliability. The readings are fast and it can be one of the thermometers which are used every day. For this reason, it even comes with a temperature chart which allows you to keep track of your own basal temperature.

Special Features
  • Recommended for affordability
  • Accurate readings
  • Made with a pink color

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What factors to consider to find the BBT thermometer?

When choosing the best basal body thermometer, you have the ability to work with different designs. Some thermometers are made for general purposes. They can be used on both adults and children and they represent reliable solutions which are easy to work with. Others have to work with BBT temperature only as they are not as versatile. The options you choose depends on your situation. But if you do not want to invest too much, you can choose a BBT thermometer which comes with good accuracy. The characteristics you need to look for also include durability and approved designs.


The accuracy of a thermometer is crucial. Classified as medical devices, they need to be reliable and they need to offer plenty of support for all women in terms of reliability. The best products offer accuracy within 1/100th in temperature readings. It is also important to be able to trust this in the long-term as you will be, most likely, recording your readings every day. At the same time, it is also recommended to choose the products which work best when it comes to the best reliability even after childbirth, if you are choosing more universal thermometers.


The certifications for thermometers are not easy to obtain. This is why if a product is FDA-approved and CE-approved, it will likely cost more. But at the same time, it can also give you the reassurance that it is a medical product which has been approved by professionals.

Ease of use

The ease of use for a thermometer is quick to establish. You have the freedom to work with some of the best designs when it comes to proper everyday functionality. At the same time, you need to be able to read the temperature easily. Some multi-purpose thermometers might be harder to work with. It is why you need to expect more steps for setup with these thermometers compared to the simpler BBT thermometers. But at the same time, they can come with extra functions and it might be worth it in the end.


How to Use a Basal Thermometer?

Whether you choose to use a regular thermometer of delve into the world of BBT thermometer, you are required to keep a few tips on your fingertips to ensure the reading is accurate. Here is how to use a basal body thermometer:

Measure the Temperature First Thing in The Morning

The normal body temperature for human ranges from 36.5 to 37.5 degrees. The temperature depends on sex, age, infection, exertion, and the time of the day. Basal body temperature is attained when the body is at rest. Generally, it’s measured after waking up or before physical activity. To get the accurate reading, do it while in bed before doing anything- even talking, sitting up, or even taking a sip of water. At this moment, the temperature will be much accurate.

Record the Temperature

You need to be consistent with the type of the basal thermometer you’re using. This is to ensure you to record accurate results every morning. Plot the temperature on a record data or BBT chart. Importantly, ensure you get at least two to three hours of continuous sleep to get the most accurate reading. The best thing about using a smart basal thermometer with an app is the ability of the gadget to store your temperature in your smartphone app. So you don’t need to keep recording the readings. You should notice that your basal temperature is meant to rise about 0.5 degrees Celcius after ovulation. Therefore, if the reading remains steady for three days, it’s okay to assume you’ve ovulated. This should make you smile!

Follow the Trend

After recording the temperature for a few months, you should be able to follow a pattern. You will detect the highs and lows. You will also be able to tell when to ovulate during the next cycle. However, if you notice an irregular trend, see your doctor for further examination and maybe get some medications to balance your hormones.

Make Out When You’re Most Fertile

Typically, ovulation happens one or two days before your basal temperature rises. For example, if the temperature rises on day 15 of every cycle, then ovulation will occur on day 13 or 14. You should then plan on having sex when you’re ovulating. You can give yourself some more insurance by having sex one day before and after ovulation.

Is BBT Chart Accurate?

The BBT apps or charts can help you know when you’re ovulating. The study reveals the accuracy ranges from 76% to 88%. Various factors can affect your BBT like illness, stress, and alcohol consumption. So, when you notice a steady rise in the BBT thermometer, it gives you a signal that you’re ovulating hence the accuracy.



The speed of the reading is also important. With a speed which varies from 10 to 60 seconds, there are different designs to work with. But not all the products on the market are actually able to work well in a short period of time so the speed of the readings should not be your only criteria. Since there are so many BBT thermometers to choose from, it is worth balancing their accuracy with a price you are willing to pay. From the recommended advanced functions to consider, you can choose the memory function which will help you improve your efforts with keeping track of all the days of the month with your basal temperature.