best disposable reusable nursing pads

Reviews of the Best Nursing Pads- Disposable and Reusable

After giving birth, the leak of breastmilk becomes a disturbing phenomenon. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you will notice that after the breast milk comes in, it may spill out from your breasts at any moment. This situation is uncomfortable, and it affects the sufficient milk supply. Nursing pads are one useful item to handle these types of awkward circumstances. After the arrival of my firstborn, my doctor suggested me this necessary nursing item. From then till now, I have experimented with various types of pads through nurturing my three children. I used both disposable and reusable pads. So, here is my opinion regarding these two kinds of nursing pads.

Why Nursing Pads?

Nursing Pads are almost similar to sanitary towels for your breasts. They protect your cloth from ruining by breast milk leakage. It also saves you from any unnecessary embarrassment in front of anyone.

When and how should I use nursing pads? How often to change?

Most women don’t face the breastmilk leakage problem until the baby is born. But breast milk leakage is a common issue among new moms. It’s embarrassing in front of the presence of any third person or visitor. The only solution is to use nursing pads.

You have to stick these absorbent pads inside your bra to take care of milk leaks. All the designs are almost the same, to slip inside your nursing bra cup around your nipple.

Changing the pads every few hours is mandatory. Using the same one for so long can grow bacteria and lead to breast infection.

There are two categories, Disposable and Reusable. You cannot use disposable pads more than once. It includes a plastic lining to prevent outflow. Disposable nursing pads provide several dimensions of thickness and are available in different shapes, sizes. On the other hand, bamboos and clothes are the main ingredients of Reusable nursing pads to offer superior air circulation. Therefore, doctors often suggest reusable nursing pads to heal new mommies who are suffering from sore nipples.

As per my experience, both of them are excellent. And, I used to keep both in stock. Generally, disposable pads are highly absorbent and have a waterproof layer to prevent breast milk from soaking through your dress. That’s why I preferred to use disposable pads at night to avoid heavy leakage. But, one thing to remember, disposables are not organic. So, it may be itchy to the nipple areas of one with sensitive skin. For the daytime, I was content with reusable pads as they are highly breathable and more comfortable.
Often women vote for reusable pads for the night due to their high absorbency. They also suggest using disposable pads during the day for those who don’t move around much.

In your case, you have to find which one to put when. Keeping both in stock is a wise decision as reusable ones are more comfortable but cannot provide the absorbent facilities like disposable pads.

Best 9 Nursing Pads Reviews:

While using both the reusable and disposable pads, I didn’t stick into one. I have used several brands. According to my experience, I am writing reviews of Breast Pads. I hope it will help you to choose.

Best 5 Reusable Nursing Pads to buy:

Natural fibers such as bamboo or cotton are the main compounds of these kinds of pads. You can wash and reuse them. I used several brands of reusable breast pads and reviewed all of them. Take a look before buying:



EcoNursing - Best Overall

For Average Leakage 

This is a complete package of Thin flower-shaper and Thick round-shaped reusable pads. You don't need to buy another pad for heavy leakage. Use thicked when night time or when heavy leakage occurs. The pads are made of organic bamboo fiber, so you won't have to face any skin irritation, it's totally hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.


Bamboobies - Best Reusable

For Light Leakage 


Bamboobies is the best selling reusable brand of all time. Their heart-shaped pads won the heart of million moms in the U.S. They are totally organic and almost waterproof without using any plastic backing. These pads are eco-friendly with high breathability for your nipples. Absorbency is quite good among all reusable pads.


Johnson's - Best Disposable

For Heavy Leakage


This is the only disposable pad without any plastic backing, so it's quite good breathable without any leakage. That's why it will not stick with your nipple. Besides, there is a nipple indent on each pad, so you won't need to stretch back your nipple after being down. Absorbency is great, you would easily pass a day just with one pad.



Bamboobies Heart-Shaped Washable Reusable Nursing Pads: For Sensitive Skin

Since the birth of my second child, this one is my favorite. I wish if I had them after the birth of my first child.

Bamboo-viscose is the main ingredient of Bamboobies Heart-shaped Washable pads. Bamboo as a pad material provides soft finishing, and it is the only waterproof reusable pad. They have used polyester in the outer layer, where other brands use plastic. These eco-friendly pads are also highly breathable and comfortable. I have never faced leakage after using them.
I want to recommend this as a good absorbent one. But no doubt, disposables are much absorbent than this reusable pad.

The only problem I have realized that the heart-shape may not fit well all the breast sizes. It is a perfect choice for small breasts unless you are dealing with heavy leakage. Bamboobies also brings overnight pads for night use that is much heavier than heart-shaped to prevent leakage. I have not tried it personally, but you may try as the brand is worth to trust.

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EcoNursing Organic Bamboo Washable Reusable Pads

EcoNursing includes two different types of pads within one package. One is thicker, round for heavier leaks, and another is flower-shaped thinner pads for lighter leakage. Where bamboo is the main ingredient, this product is undoubtedly comfortable. So you can rely only on the thicker one for the night and the flower-shaped one for the daytimes.

Absorbency is good enough, more than the other cotton pads that are available in the market. They include more layers in round-shaped ones to increase absorbency power. And obviously, there is a leak-proof backing on each pad to cut down embarrassment for nursing moms.

These are insanely soft, and I think it’s hard to get more softness than these Organic Bamboo Reusable Pads.

The package comes with four colorful pads, and all of them are machine washable and dryable. Though I have washed it several times, it remains in shape without any crinkling.

I like to use organic products only, so I’m using this product for many years. I would like to highly recommend it for first-time moms because you don’t need to waste time to find a combination. Buy these hypoallergenic, leak-proof pads with a storage bag and remain hassle-free.

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Baby Zeli Organic Bamboo Pads: For large breasts

I loved the way it comes, with a small laundry bag and so many colorful pads like yellow, white, pink, cream, and gray in it.

This laundry bag will help you spot all the clothes when cleaning all in a washing machine. It will also allow you to dry all the pads together, so you won’t have to wait to air dry.

This fantastic product provided sufficient absorbent according to my needs. It keeps a moisture-resistant barrier, so my clothes stay fresh. These pads are large compared to the other brands I have used. I loved the softness and comfort it gave me. This product is organic, hypoallergenic, and gentle on sensitive skin. The outer waterproof layer helps to prevent leaks.

While using for the first time, it may act harshly on your skin. If it happens, wash it immediately. These pads get softer after washing and hold up well after several machine washes. Light leakers who are looking for a bigger-sized reusable pad should go for it.

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Baby Bliss Organic Bamboo Pads: For Larger Breasts

One of my friends shared her blissful feeling by using Baby Bliss Organic pads. These pads were her savior since the birth of her first child. The 5-inch diameter is enough to cover all leakages.

They are comfortable enough, lay nice, flat, and cost-saving. You can reuse these organic pads many times, and they are wearable for long durations. My friend used 2-3 pairs every day and did laundry daily.

These are super absorbent if you are with an average leakage. But for heavy leakers or during the first month, it may be uncomfortable.

Some moms complain that they felt a little damp throughout the day. According to some users, the pads are too big for them. But most of the moms reviewed Baby Bliss as the best among all they have used.

I want to recommend it for moms with larger breasts and not with a heavy leakage.

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M&Y Organic Bamboo Breast Pads: For Small Breasts

I am not using this pad anymore because it’s visible through the nursing bra and shirt. If I could able to make it invisible, I will put it on top of the chart. If you are using a highly padded bra, then surely you can go for it.

There is no other thing I can complain about M&Y organic bamboo pads. These pads are unique; the quality is much higher than other brands. I have never leaked through these unless heavy leaking occurs. They were much soothing on my nipples compared to other brands.

You will get a wash bag too as a bonus. I will not recommend it for plus size moms as the pads are too small for them. But if you think that Baby Bliss is too big for you, it will fit you.

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Best 4 Disposable Nursing Pads:

When you are a busy mom, sometimes it’s better to buy a disposable pad not to face the hassle of cleaning. You can change it frequently as they can absorb more than reusable. I have tried some disposables too. Take a look at below disposable pads review:

JOHNSON’S Nursing Pads: For Sore Nipples

It is the only disposable pad without a plastic backing. That is why I put it at the top of the list. I have tried some other disposables, but this is the only one that did not stick to my sore nipple.

The absorbent quality is brilliant, it soaks up the milk, and you will not feel wet. You can go all day with just one pair.

The pitfall is that the nipple indent is machine pressed. So, I think these are fine for home, for outdoor use you can choose another brand.

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Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable pad

It is frustrating if you face constant heavy leakage even after wearing nursing pads. Choose Lansinoh Stay Dry disposable pad. From all of the brands, we have found it as the highest absorbent. While I had to go out for a few hours, they kept me dry for a long time. It can hold almost two ounces of water so that it can provide you a hassle-free day.

Most moms consider this as number one because it has two sticky lines on its back. So these sticks don’t let the pads get displaced in your bras. But the sticky stuff doesn’t work well within a wet bra.

So, I would like to recommend buying these soft and smooth pads if you are a heavy leaker.

But these pads are slightly itchy, so women with sensitive skin should avoid this.

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Ameda Disposable Pads:

These pads are comfortable, well absorbent, not too big or too small in size. The package comes with 30 in a box. Each two attached within the same wrapping. So, you will get 15 packs in a box.

I loved its size, especially for those who think that Lasinoh is too big for them. These are much softer and are less noticeable under your bra for its suitable size.

They are very absorbent. You can easily pass a whole day with just only one. But after using a couple of hours, my nipple area was facing a bit of itchiness as I have sensitive skin. So I think women with sensitive skin should avoid this one too.

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Medela Disposable Bra Pads:

If you are looking for a cheap disposable pad, here is Medela for you. These are cheaper than Lasinoh or other disposable brands with good quality.
These pads are comfy and fitted just right inside my bra. But as they are a little bulkier, they are shown under the soft cup bra.

They are comfortable enough and not irritated my skin, but less absorbent than Lasinoh. But I didn’t face any issues like leaking out with these pads.
The touch is better than both Lasinoh and Ameda and thicker also. According to all the features it’s provided at a reasonable price, I think it’s a fantastic product.

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I have tried my best to provide an honest review by including every product’s pros and cons. In case you are suffering from breastfeeding shoulder pain, find the best breastfeeding pillow here to avoid shoulder and back pain while nursing.