Best Eye Primer for Mature Skin

Best Eye Primer for Mature Skin

Eye primers are a must for mature skin if you want to keep your eye makeup in place for long. It also keeps makeup away from settling into fine lines and creases. Many eye primer brands provide a formula only for aging skin, as aging skins need more attention to smooth the eye areas and hydrate them. So eye primers don’t just help to sustain your makeup for long — they make the skin youthful as well. If you never used an under-eye primer before or want to know more about them, stick to this article. It will provide what these commodities do, how they help to last your makeup for long, and which one is the best eye primer for mature skin. Keep scrolling.

Best 9 eye primers for mature skin in 2020:

Eye primer is a versatile product. It smoothes, hydrates, soaks the excess oil from your eye areas. Thus, while you age, eye primers become a daily necessity. It helps the shadows and liners to remain the same all day long without smudging or creasing. Some high-quality eye primers work better than others. So, we’re here to introduce you to the nine best eye shadow primers for mature skin to lessen your dilemma while choosing.


NYX Professional Makeup has some fantastic collections of superior quality makeup items. Want proof of this statement? Visit their websites and read their product reviews. Those products wooed their clients in such an impressive way that whoever once applied NYX’s makeup product rarely switched to another brand. Their ‘Proof It’ waterproof shadow primer is such one product.

Women with oily eyelids often complain about how their natural oil ruins their makeup. But this waterproof, durable lid primer provides a 16 hour tested guarantee to remain the same as you’ve applied. So, oily lids holders or the Smokey eye fanatics can use this primer before investing their time in makeup.

It is an excellent solution for humid and rainy weather. No matter how the weather is, ‘Proof It’ waterproof eye shadow primer smoothes the eye area and upholds your shadow to sustain long.

In mature skin, women often face some obstacles after applying makeup. Creasing or smudging around the eye areas is the awful part among them. Thus, NYX brought a crease-proof, smudge-proof eyeshadow base in the name of ‘Proof It’ to help you fit in every skin in any weather.

Special Features
  • Ensures long-lasting makeup
  • Humidity and water-resistant solution
  • Don’t let the makeup to create crease or smudge
  • Cruelty-free product

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2. Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer

While passing a hectic day, hydration of your skin is a necessity you shouldn’t ignore. Besides drinking lots of water, one needs to apply skincare products that provide enough hydration to the skin. Elizabeth Mott is a brand that cares about your skin hydration. Thus, they focus on the product formula, which will not create excess oil on the face but will provide your surface enough hydration. There is no difference in their eye shadow primer Thank Me Later.

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow base is a creamy but non-greasy eye base. After applying, anyone will notice that it dries and smoothes the area immediately. So you don’t have to wait before applying shadow or liner. If you’re 28 or 48, your makeup will stay long without creating any crease.

Thank Me Later eye primer also locks and boosts the shadow color and generates a flawless look. The transparent color brightens your skin, and the creamy texture combats the oiliness. Thus, the lightweight formula is perfect for those who’ve oily skin.

This product is cruelty-free. Elizabeth Mott believes in transparency with consumers. If any dissatisfaction happens while using their formula, they guarantee to give customers’ money back without any question.

Special Features
  • Boosts the eye shadow color
  • Creates a smooth crease-free eye area
  • Brightens the skin complexion
  • A non-greasy, lightweight solution

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3. Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer

Numerous basic coverages are available in the market, from reasonable to extremely expensive. But when you found the one that suits your skin and serves all the purposes you desire, switching doesn’t happen. Too Faced Eye Shadow coverage is one of those kinds. If the texture smoothes and suits your eye surrounding areas, no one can say goodbye to that primer.

It is a fantastic coverage that also controls the oil slick of eyelids. It will provide extended last assurance that you won’t have to reapply after applying once a day. The makeup you’ve used in the morning will remain fresh even at night.

This primer contains some necessitate amount of talc. When primer contains talc, there is a pretty much possibility to wreck the matured eyes. But in the case of Too Faced eye base, that is not a problem. It smoothes the area and doesn’t create a crease on the wrinkle’s surface, no matter how old your skin is.

A little amount is enough for daily application. So, to make your eye surroundings younger and keep it up to the mark, use this basic coverage no matter if you wear makeup or not.

Special Features
  • Controls the oil slick of those eyelids
  • Smoothes the surface, stays long
  • Keeps eye makeup in place
  • A humidity and water-resistant product

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4. Lancome Paris Makeup Primer

When women reach a certain age, they start to leave using makeup products. There are a few product lines that understand their skin demand. Therefore, Lancome Paris is a brand that always tries to provide consumer products according to their choice, skin type, and age. Their Lancome Paris Makeup Primer also follows their endeavors.

As you age, your facial surface gets lots of crinkles, especially your eye surrounding areas. Those wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffy eyes don’t let you feel beautiful. Thanks to Lancome Paris Makeup Primer. This primer’s creamy texture is such bliss that it smoothes areas around the eyes and instantly makes the surface ready for applying makeup. Thus, makeup remains all day long without creating any smudge or crease.

When you want to look fresh all day long, you should choose this makeup base around your eyes. It does not make the oily skin oilier and provides enough hydration to the dry skin. Either you are 47 or 77, smoothing your skin is not a big deal for Lancome Paris Makeup Primer.

Special Features
  • Smoothes the eye area
  • Glows the texture of the eye surrounding areas
  • Creates a long-lasting canvas
  • Highly recommended for older skin

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5. bareMinerals Prime Time Eye Primer

While passing a day in full-time activity, women want to look good during the entire day. But after some time, the tiredness they suffer while working hard starts to show on their faces. That’s why ladies are too fond of eye primer. It manages the excess oil from your eye area so well and holds the makeup. It helps to erase all the flaws and tiredness from those beautiful eyes. bareMinerals Prime Time Eye Primer offers all these facilities.

Oily eyelids are common problems among ladies, especially while they are aging. If you’re in search of a product that will soak all the excess oil from your eye areas and will make it manageable all day long, then indeed, you need bareMinerals Prime time eye base. It smoothes all those wrinkles and tiresome areas and gives a flawless finish. It also upholds the shadow and liner for a long time. So, makeup doesn’t stick into creases or create crack or smudge.

bareMinerals has such features that can ease women’s panic who think that they have the worst eyelids. If you’re one of them, tired of using all kinds of products to compel your stubborn eyelid, then you should include this product in your next purchase.

Special Features
  • Provides vivacious and long-enduring eye makeup
  • Fights against excess oil
  • Smoothes all the aging signs
  • Don’t let the shadow stuck into the creases

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6. COVERGIRL Eyeshadow Primer

COVERGIRL is an iconic brand that includes everything makeup enthusiasts will like to have. They believe in enhancing the natural beauty that exists in every woman. Following this mission, they have their slogan ‘Easy, Breezy, Beautiful!’

After 40 wrinkles, Crow’s feet, puffy eyes are normal. These types of aging signs become worse in your 60s and 70s. Thus, when you apply makeup, it gets stuck into those creases and makes your appearance worse. So, your beautiful face deserves a primer that smoothes all those signs, holds your makeup for long without creasing. It seems COVERGIRL knows what you exactly desire. In their Lid Lock Up Eyeshadow Coverage formula, they provided crease-proof eye makeup security for all-day long.

It prepares your lids instantly after applying, maximize, and intensify the eye makeup. Even after 12 hours, it will remain the same. You may use it over foundation or color correcting solution. It is affordable, effective, and does not inflamed or irritated eye areas. Wear Lid Lock Eyeshadow Primer under your heavy makeup or apply it when you want to bear a makeup-less refreshed surface.

Special Features
  • Generates a smooth, crease-proof surface
  • Dries immediately
  • Holds the makeup for long
  • Deepens the eyeliner and eyeshadow look
  • Manages healthy and beautiful eyelids

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7. SmashBox Hydrating Under Eye Primer

Are you having problems with under-eye concealer creasing and settling into those fine lines, wrinkles no matter how cautious you become to apply it? SmashBox Hydrating Under Eye Primer is here for your service.

The name itself introduces how the product will act on your skin. When you age, your skin often faces a dehydration problem and becomes dry after day-long activities. So, women need an all day long hydration solution, especially for their eye areas. And Smashbox Hydrating Under Eye Primer is precisely what their skin demands.

This hydrating eye primer provides an additional layer of moisture that keeps your eye surroundings hydrated. It also keeps eye concealers and any makeup perfect for a long time. It will uphold shadows, augments the color vibrancy, and will not let them settle down into the wrinkles.

SmashBox has goodwill among its customers to provide the same products and features they advertise. Their Eye Coverage is another proof of it. It helps to recover the dark circles and puffiness problems. So, if you’re searching for a hydrating solution that will ease your aging skin and will boost the makeup vibrancy, add this to your cart.

Special Features
  • Provides an extra layer of moisture
  • Don’t let the eye makeup settle into wrinkles
  • Recovers dark circle and puffiness
  • Maximizes color vivacity
  • Helps to last your eye makeup long

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8. L’Oreal Paris Magic De-Crease Eyelid Primer

You’ll love this product. It prevents shadows and makeup from creasing, arrives with a light texture, smoothes the surface. This eyelid primer dries instantly after applying, and the application is easy.

Magic De-Crease Eye Primer is the ideal solution to prolong the intensity of your eye shadow wear for 8 hours. It helps to create soft and smooth eyelids, balances the skin tone, and creates a faultless canvas for the application of powder or creamy eye shadows.

Women who love to keep their everyday look simple; they can even wear this eye shadow primer alone for a crinkle-free, fresh, natural look—one common shade for striking on every skin tone. The formula has no artificial fragrance. It prevents eye shadows and liners from sinking into fine lines and wrinkles.

It is an Ophthalmologist-tested eyelid primer. For shadow intensity and longevity, use a wand to apply the base to the eyelid. Or, if you feel comfortable applying it with fingertips, blend systematically from lash line to brow. Allow the eye primer to settle down for a few seconds, and then apply the eyeliner or shadow.

Special Features
  • Generates smoother eyelids
  • Evens the skin complexion
  • Creates a flawless canvas for further eye makeup application
  • Lengthens the shadow wear up to 8 hour

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9. e.l.f. Hydrating Under Eye Primer

e.l.f. Hydrating Under Eye Primer includes the benefits of vitamins, shea, green tea, aloe, and Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo Biloba is such an ingredient that has a solution for every aging problem, whether you suffer from dark circles, puffiness, creases, or dryness around your eyes. Green tea helps minimize the under-eye bags. At the same time, aloe vera moisturizes the eye surroundings. Vitamin K, E, A & C improves blood circulation, de-puffs the eye areas, and reduces dark circles and discoloration problems.

It prepares the skin for eye makeup and presents the eye with a brighter and fuller look. So, if you’re not a makeup fanatic and want to keep it simple, you can pack up by applying only this primer before going outside. The silky texture and the nourishing capacity will improve your eye areas gradually.

It is a cruelty-free product. Take a pea amount and rub it gently onto the under-eye area with your fingertips.

Special Features
  • Hydrates and improves the eye area
  • Provides a fuller and refreshed look
  • Arrives with a peace tone appearance
  • Lessens the appearances of puffy eyes and dark circles

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Does primer fill in under-eye wrinkles?

Eye bases generally help to soften minor skin blemishes. Some fill fine lines, wrinkles while others contain light-diffusing components that only hide them.

If you want to lessen under-eye wrinkles, you need to look into formulas with anti-aging ingredients. However, if you’re searching for targeted treatment for filling wrinkles, you might need a specifically designed product. Several brands have profound wrinkle-filling consequences. You’ll need an under-eye primer, including one or two essential ingredients, to get the filling effect significantly.

One of them is hyaluronic filling spheres. These filling spheres hold over 1,000 times their weight in water. When they touch the skin, these spheres increase with moisture and consequently smooth out wrinkles’ appearance. Hyaluronic spheres work to fill in by plumping up the skin with intensive hydration to fill stubborn to thick wrinkles.

Silicone is another moisture-rich ingredient that has wrinkle-smoothing abilities. The malleable substances of silicone sit in deep creases to smooth them over.

What can you use instead of an eye primer?

If you want an eyeshadow primer substitute, try one of the following.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is a wonder ingredient for your face. While providing several skin benefits, it also primes your eyelids sometimes better than several shadow primers. It provides the perfect hydration your lids prefer.

And the best part is it doesn’t add grease and stores a perfect surface for keeping the makeup throughout the day. But don’t rush; give it a few minutes to dry before applying shadows.


One function of vaseline that it works amazingly as a shadow base. Petroleum jelly moisturizes the surface and helps the eye makeup stick on the surface and remain the same for days.


A concealer also works as a substitute for eyeshadow base. But, make sure that it gives you the desired coverage. Also, set your concealer with powder for smooth shades application.

Factors need to consider finding the best eye primer for mature skin!

Mature skin has several differences from juvenile skin. While aging, skin starts to shrink, dehydrated, and get creases. And most of the time, the eye areas are the first place to experience those signs. Those wrinkles, fine lines are alert from your skin to let you know that it needs extra care. Therefore, at this moment, applying eye primers become a necessity. But before buying, several factors you need to consider.

It enriches the texture of the skin

As dehydration or dry skin lead to those aging marks around your eyes, hydrating formula is essential. Primers that provide a necessary amount of moisture and hydrate your skin will create a better skin texture. After applying a few days, the best variations will always smooth those lines and wrinkles and will give you a better eye surface.

It keeps the eye shadow in place and prevents makeup from creasing

Mature skin often contains profound lines or creases. Thus, several hours after applying shadows, the powdery texture stuck into the fine lines and wrinkles and worse your look. Here, eye primers can be your savior. These bases keep the eye shadows and liners in place. Their upholding power is super strong that even after passing 8 to 12 hours, the makeup remains safe. If your primers don’t serve you long, then you should switch the product.

Gifts fuller & refreshed eyes

Not all women are makeup fanatics. Some adore keeping their everyday look as simple as possible. Whether you want no makeup to make you look young and refreshed, you should befriend with an eye primer. Choose a solution with all the compounds to smooth the cracked areas and create a fuller and rejuvenated surface.

What are the differences between the eye primer and normal face primer?

A facial primer fills any cracks, creases, or lines in your facial surface to allow the smooth foundation application. Generally, a face primer provides a base for any makeup.

On the other hand, eye primer smoothes your eye surroundings, especially the lower area and the eyelid, before applying any makeup. The purpose is usually to even out the discoloration, moisturize the area, smooth the wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine line, etc. Eye primers make your eye makeup stay long. When you use an eye primer, it can help prevent the makeup from settling into creases or lines.


As skins start to become fragile and sensitive after 40, they need a specific formula and product line for their skincare. Sometimes you’re looking for a solution that will help to prevent makeup particles from settling into cracked lines and wrinkles. At times you desire fuller and refreshed eyes. Sometimes you want a formula that will hydrate your eye surroundings all day long. Under-eye Coverages are the solution to all of these problems.