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Best Eyelid Tapes of 2022: 10 Detailed Reviews

Eyelid tape is one of the most popular beauty kits among girls. As there are many brands & types of eyelid tape available on the market, it can be difficult for beginners to choose the best eyelid tape. We have tried different eyelid tapes and made a shortlist of the best 10 eyelid tapes that are best in quality as well as usability. We hope that this list will help you to find the perfect eyelid tape.


Best 10 Eyelid Tapes of 2022:

We have tried many brands by ourselves and reviewed the top 10 for you, where each and every brand was tested at least once. Let’s take a look at our best picks to find out the perfect one for you:

1. D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape: Editor’s Choice

D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape: Editor's Choice

These are double eyelid tapes and one of the best eyelid tapes on our list. They have super strong holding capability with medical-grade adhesive. So they will stay inside crease all day long and will not come out on water and sweat. This Japan-made ideal eyelid tape can make desired eyelid crease for you with its amazing holding capability! We have tried this on sensitive skin and there was no itchiness or allergic reaction even after four days, and even the tape did not come off after about four days. From hundreds of eyelid tapes, this has been proven to us that it’s the best and that’s why we put it on the number one. Whatever your skin type or how much stickiness you want, you can blindly go for this bestseller tape.

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2. Natural invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape Stickers: Best for droopy eyelids

Natural invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape Stickers: Best for droopy eyelids

Though it’s second on our list, we recommend it as number one for beginners. It’s very easy to apply these single side eyelid tapes and easy to put on makeup or eyeshadow. They’re almost invisible as their color is brown, closer to the skin. Its medical-grade strong adhesive helps it to stay on the eye for a day-long but it’s also easy to remove. They work well, stick well, you will know exactly where to apply them just after a few tries. These are one of the perfect tapes to lift droopy eyelids. If you are a beginner, choose it blindly. 

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3. DAISO Natural Double Eyelid Tape:

DAISO Natural Double Eyelid Tape

DAISO Natural Double Eyelid Nudy tape is one of the best products to enhance your beauty. It’s a popular product for eye beautification.

Invisibility is the most attractive feature of this product. So it’s thin and easily blends with your skin. It’s made with durable material so you can put it on for the day long. As it’s a slim-type single-sided tape, it’s pretty much easy to use. This eye lifter uses the best kind of adhesive to avoid reaction with the user’s skin. Even it doesn’t cause any skin reaction to sensitive skin.

After use, you can easily remove it with any kind of eye makeup remover. Don’t hesitate to use it in a rainy day because it’s waterproof too. You can apply any kind of makeup to it without any difficulty. If you have monolid eyes you can try this double eyelid tape. Hopefully, you will love it after using it.

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4. Hailicare natural waterproof eye tape:

Hailicare natural waterproof eye tape

These Double eyelid tapes are perfect to make thin eyelids clearly visible. The manufacturer used strong medical-use breathable adhesive here which makes the tapes not easy to fall off. The most important thing with these eyelid tapes that it includes 50 pairs slim and 50 pairs wide tapes that can give you more freedom when using them.

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5. Breathable Fiber Single Side Eyelid Tape:

Breathable Fiber Single Side Eyelid Tape

These One-side eyelid tapes are made of the medical-grade breathable adhesive strip. These are completely waterproof and suitable for almost all skin color. We have seen women with hooded, droopy, or mono-eyelids to enhance the beauty of their eyes.

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6. Ultra Invisible Fiber One Side Eyelid Tape for droopy eyes:

Ultra Invisible Fiber One Side Eyelid Tape for droopy eyes

These double eyelid tapes are made of medical-use strong adhesive, breathable & waterproof fiber, which can stay all day long. They can create deep and natural curve without impeding blood circulation on the skin.

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7. Ultra Invisible Fiber Lace Eyelid Lift By Beauty Logic:

Ultra Invisible Fiber Lace Eyelid Lift By Beauty Logic

They are the only brand which offers 4 different sizes to make your choice flexible. They are invisible enough, you don’t have worry about those awkward moments when your friends spot your tape.

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8. Eye Magic Eye Lift Kit:

Eye Magic Eye Lift Kit

These tapes are designed to lift droopy, sagging eyelids to a youthful shape quickly and easily. They are thin, transparent & made of hypoallergenic material. Its medical grade adhesive makes it enough stable that its one single application lasts all day.

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9. Ultra Invisible Two-sided Sticky Eyelid Tape:

Ultra Invisible Two-sided Sticky Eyelid Tape

The pointed ends of these double eyelid tapes will allow your eyelid to form a natural crease at the ends instead of puckered. Besides, they will stay in place all day and night with your regular activities. I wish if they were a little bit wider, but you can go for it if you’re searching for a less wider.

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10. Invisible Single Side Mono-eyelid Tape Sticker:

Invisible Single Side Mono-eyelid Tape Sticker

These double eyelid tapes are pretty much comfortable and easy to use. Especially if you have droopy eyes and you want to make yourself look younger, then you can go for it.

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Here are some single side, some double-sided, or even some waterproof eyelid tapes. We have covered all types to make your choice easier, you can find here eyelid tapes for hooded, droopy or small eyes. Hope you have got a suitable tape for you or your women.