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Best Infant Life Vest in 2020

The safety of infants during water-based activities is crucial. Many parents think that their kids should learn about proper safety measures until later in their lives. But this is far from the truth. Infants can get used to water-based safety equipment early in their lives. It is also recommended to allow the infants to get used to these activities early in their development as it allows them to get more comfortable with water-based activities. Among the multitude of safety equipment which can be used, a proper life jacket is at the top of the list for all infants. But with all the available options on the market, parents can even feel overwhelmed. This is why you can choose one of the following options for your own family:

Best 10 Infant Life Vests of 2020:

There are so many brands and models of life vests for baby. We have practically used and tested all these and made this list for you as you can find the best infant life vest easily:

1. Stohlquist Toddler Life Jacket Coast Guard Approved Life Vest for Infants

Stohlquist Toddler Coast Guard Approved Infant Life Jacket

Made for infants between 8 and 30lbs, the life jacket is among the safe and comfortable options. Designed with a headrest and extra buckles for safety, it is one of the jackets which can be successfully used for better safety and which can also come with good comfort levels. The vest abides by US and Canadian regulation and it is also one of the comfortable options to use. Made with a combination of nylon outer and Oxford liners, it is also one of the durable solutions to consider. Since time is of the essence, the life jacket is also quick to mount. With the help of a front zipper and safety buckles, it is easy to mount and it has two front mounting systems and a double neck collar for head support.

  • Made with a front zipper
  • Designed with a front safety buckle
  • Comes with an adjustable crotch harness
  • Double neck collar included

  • Front zipper can touch the chin




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2. O’Neill Infant Superlite USCG Life Vest

ONeill Infant Superlite Life Vest

With three front buckles, the jacket is among the safest options in its class. Its minimalistic design recommends it for infants of up to 30lbs. This also means that the jacket comes with comfortable and durable materials to work with. Combining nylon and polyester, the jacket is among the leading options in its class. Furthermore, it represents a viable solution for those who need the adjustable crotch harness. Its compact design has a couple of main advantages. It allows for full arms movement and it also allows for a great comfort while seating.

  • Made with three front buckles
  • Recommended for infants of up to 30lbs
  • Durable nylon outer construction
  • Compact design for better freedom of movement

  • Bulky for some infants




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3. Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket

Stearns Puddle Jumper Child Life Jacket

Made with a versatile design which can serve all types of water-based activity, the life jacket comes with a minimalistic design which is recommended for good freedom of movement. With a design which abides by the US Coast Guard regulation, it is safe while also coming with cartoon characters to make it friendlier for your infants. It is designed specifically for infants between 30 and 50 lbs and it represents one of the viable options when it comes to in-water stability as well. Made with adjustable buckles, the life jacket offers one of the most interesting solutions for efficient lockdown as well. With an interior which is made from woven polyester, it can be comfortable for hours at a time.

  • Made with nylon and woven polyester
  • Comes with adjustable buckles
  • Recommended for infants up to 50lbs
  • Approved by the US Coast Guard

  • Armbands can be improved




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4. Airhead Infant Nylon Life Vest

Airhead Infant Nylon Life Vest

Designed with one of the largest headrests in its class, the life jacket is among the recommended options to consider for your infant. Made with three strong front buckles and an additionally adjustable crotch buckle, the vest is among the recommended options when it comes to improved overall comfort, especially when combined with safety measures. With a fit for infants of up to 30lbs, the jacket is also made with durable materials such as the UV-resistant polyester. This means that you can now enjoy water-based activities together with your kids outdoors as well. But the vest also goes further in terms of comfort. This is why it was made with an extra-thick foam collar as well.

  • Recommended for infants of up to 30lbs
  • Made with multiple safety buckles
  • Designed with extra foam in the collar
  • UV-protected design

  • No printed cartoons




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5. Stearns Infant Puddle Jumper Hydroprene Fish Print Life Jacket

Stearns Puddle Jumper Hydroprene Fish Infant Life Jacket

As one of the solutions which are made for the ultimate fit, the jacket can be a recommended solution for your infant’s water-based activities. Unlike adults, infants have a hard time keeping their head up and this is why proper support is often recommended. It is also why they need to improve support, especially in the water. The good news is that the jacket comes with an extra-large headrest which can be one of its most attractive features. But it also comes with some rare features such as the two buckles which go around the feet of the infant. With such a fixed design, the vest is safer and it is also approved by US regulation. Made with comfortable flotation foam and with attractively printed cartoons, the jacket is also one of the friendly options in the class.

  • Made with two leg straps
  • Extra-large headrest
  • Printed cartoons design
  • US Coast Guard approved

  • Can be tight around the neck




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6. Full Throttle Infant/Child Nylon Vest

Full Throttle Infant Life Vest

As one of the simple and efficient designs, the vest can be one of the options if you have multiple kids to take care of. It is quick to mount. The jacket is made with just a front buckle and a crotch buckle for this purpose. Furthermore, it also comes with a large headrest which is important for infants. If you are having trouble explaining the safety features of the vest to your infants, the added cartoon prints can also come as a major plus as they can prove friendlier. But the main advantage of the vest remains its simplicity, even if some parents feel more comfortable with multiple safety buckles.

  • Minimalistic design
  • Made with a large headrest
  • Kid-friendly design

  • Some parents might favor multiple buckles designs



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7. Stearns Puddle Jumper Infant Hydroprene Life Jacket

Stearns Puddle Jumper Infant Hydroprene Life Jacket

As one of the design of the vest for infants, it is made with safety characteristics such as the two leg straps. The straps prove useful in the conditions in which infants can easily slip out of them. The vest also comes with a rescue handle situated at the top of the vest. This allows you to quickly pull the infant out of the water in case of an emergency. With comfortable materials, an oversized headrest and a US Coast Guard approved the design, the vest can be among the options to consider when you seek up to date designs.

  • Made with two leg straps
  • Designed with a rescue handle
  • Offer a supportive headrest

  • Not the most innovative design



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8. Full Throttle Infant Baby-Safe Vest

Full Throttle Infant Baby Safe Vest

The life jacket comes with a specialized design which is recommended for infants under 30lbs. It is made for proper head and body support with two front buckles, one at chest level and another at legs level. With the help of the oversized headrest, the vest is also comfortable and it is paired with buckles which are elastic as well. With your infant secured at waist level, it is also one of the vests which are made for proper lockdown. Its efficient design is also patented by the US Coast Guard for the extra reassurance that parents need when it comes to water-based activities.

  • Compact and easy to fit
  • Designed with an elastic leg strap
  • Fits all infants up to 30lbs

  • Leg section can be improved



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9. Speedo Infant Personal Life Jacket


Speedo Infant Personal Life Jacket

After decades of design innovation, Speedo now develops safety gear for infants. The Personal Life Jacket for children is among the interesting choices when it comes to fit and safety. With an upper and lower front buckle, it is easy to secure into place. Even more, it also comes with the much-needed crotch buckle which ensures the infant is secured against slipping inside the vest. With a nylon shell construction, the vest is also among the durable options which can be used even a few times per week.

  • Upper and lower front buckles
  • Nylon shell construction
  • Specialized neck pillow design

  • Available in two colors only



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10. Stearns Hydro Infant Blue

Stearns Hydro Infant Life Vest

The vest is made to be easy to handle. It comes with one of the most comfortable designs in its class and an oversized headrest which offers plenty of comfort and support. With 1” webbed straps and soft PE foam, the design of the vest abides by the US Coast Guard’s recommendations. It is made specifically for infants under 30 which means that its primary role is that of head and body support.

  • Made with comfortable PE foam
  • Recommended for infants up to 30lbs
  • Uses securing straps for feet

  • Favors infants on their back



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How to choose the best life vest for an infant?

Making the right choice with an infant’s life jacket is a matter of safety. This is why you should always take the decision seriously. While even the approved designs can fail, it is important to always keep your kids under supervision. The right vest is the one which abides by the standards of:


The fitting of life jackets is the most important. This is why you need to look at the options which allow a good overall performance, especially in the conditions in which kids grow fast. Most life jackets for infants are made to support sizes of up to 30 or up to 50lbs. Each product comes with the clear specification for size and weight. Even in these conditions, you still need to ensure that the fit is right, around the neck, waist and leg areas. It is the fit which ultimately determines the efficiency of the vest.


The safety of the vest is influenced by different design aspects and other variables. This is why it is crucial to only consider the solutions which come with plenty of buckles. Adding a front zipper can also be one of the design characteristics which further improve the safety of the jacket. Leg straps are also important, especially in the conditions in which you want to avoid in-jacket slippage.

The safety of the life jacket is also influenced by its materials. It is here that you have the ability to choose the solutions which are UV-protected and the solutions which are also made for the ultimate comfort when it comes to inner materials of the vest.


The support of the vest is one of the main differentiators between infants’ and kids’ life jackets. Since infants cannot hold their heads high with ease, the head support of the jacket is primordial. With soft materials and oversized designs, the head supports need to be able to maintain its functionality regardless of the position of the head.


There are various materials which are used to make infant life vests. From nylon to foam, you are able to choose wise solutions which are both safe and comfortable. Beyond the simplicity of the design which is used one at the pool, you might even consider investing more in a jacket which is used multiple times per week. One of the areas which you need to pay close attention to comes with the leg straps which, in some cases, can cause skin irritation due to high friction. It is also important to consider the durability of the buckles, especially if your chosen vest doesn’t come with a securing zipper as well.


Staying active with your infants is one of the best ways to keep them healthy. It is also why you need to ensure that you have all the safety gear needed at this crucial age. With a design which favors the safety and the comfort of the infants, the best life jacket needs to be dependable, even if it will be outgrown in a few months.