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10 Best Nightlights for Nursery in 2020

The best nightlight for nursery ensures babies are sleeping in a comfortable environment. With friendly lights and relaxing music, these lights are now more complex than ever before. Apart from the classic lights with various figurine projections on the wall, nightlights with speakers are also available. Furthermore, smart technologies are also integrated into a number of nightlights for the nursery. These products usually integrate some type of smartphone-based controls.

The 10 best nightlights for nursery

All parents are anxious to get their hands on everything their baby needs. Luckily, there are many great options to consider. Many of these products are also durable so they can last for years, even if used every night.

Project Nursery Sight & Sound Sleep Soother Projector

The friendly nightlight is recommended for its easy figurine projections on the ceiling. But the projector also does a great job with music integration. It comes with Bluetooth integration. Parents can stream endless songs directly from the smartphones. One of the interesting features of the nightlight is that it remembers the latest volume settings. So after it is turned back on, it will play music at the same volume it last did.

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Cloud b Twilight Turtle Plush Nightlight Projector

The friendly turtle is one of the most popular options for nurseries. It comes with a few different colors to change its appearance. The nightlight projects stars on walls, creating a unique environment which is friendly and relaxing. It comes with an auto shut-off function. After 45 minutes, it will power off on its own, making sure parents don’t need to wake up and to this themselves.

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Luna Square 2 Baby Nursery Night Light

With intelligent controls, the nightlight can be a modern option for many nurseries. It has adjustable brightness which can simulate the various times of the day. It encourages better sleep and the best part is that it does this by actually simplifying the life of the parents. It is controlled via a smartphone. Automatic pairing is enabled. Whenever parents gets home, their smartphone is already connected to the nursery light. With on and off controls from the mobile device, parents don’t need to get out of bed to control the nightlight neither.

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Baby Nursery Night Light with Dimmable Touch Control

The compact nightlight is recommended for a minimalistic approach. Smaller nurseries don’t have the space for complex lights. But even in such a small design, the nightlight is powerful. It is controlled by touch, which means adjustability is very easy. Furthermore, the nightlight comes with various LED lights. Its simplicity continues with its charging. It can be connected to a laptop for USB charging.

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RTSU Bedside Lamp

The nightlight comes with warm light which is perfect for nurseries. Compact in design, it is controlled by a simple touch. The intensity of the light can be adjusted as needed. It is also powered by a rechargeable 500mAh battery. The charging is made via USB so parents can save money on disposable batteries.

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White Noise Machine for Baby

The portable nightlight is perfect for many babies. It is portable and it can even lay in the bed next to the children. It comes with adjustable lights which are guaranteed to relax the baby. The nightlight is also paired with Bluetooth technologies. It means that it can stream endless songs for the kids to fall asleep. An adjustable timer is also available with the light.

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AnanBros Remote Control Star Projector

The start projector is one of the old-school nightlights for nurseries. It comes with plenty of starry shapes to be projected on the walls and on the ceiling of the nursery. Parents can change the way these stars rotate and fully control the nightlight with the help of a remote control. Even the time function can be controlled from a distance.

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Pandawill Table Light White Art Light

pandawill table light for nursery

Parents who are concerned about the design of the nursery can find this nightlight interesting. It has a minimalistic design and it comes as one of the integrated option to improve the way the room looks. It can be placed on furniture and even on the floor.  The nightlight is based on durable LED lights.

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Kistra Star Night Lights for Kids

Galaxies and stars are not too far with the Kistra Star nightlight. The rotation cosmos can be one of the interesting choices for the nursery. All the stars rotate in the room which means the product is a classic in the way it performs. There is also an integrated timer. After 45 minutes, the nightlight turns off automatically. Even more, it is also easy to use for the long-term as it comes with rechargeable batteries. Just as the best designs in its class, the nightlight is actually charged via a USB connector.

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LumiPets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light

The portable light can be one of the friendlies options for babies and kids. It is one of the few squeezing lights on the list. It can actually be safely played with. After squeezing, the light comes back to its friendly pet shape. It is powered by rechargeable batteries. But the best part is that the quality nightlight is also covered by a lifetime warranty.

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These nightlights (including these for toddlers)can be leading choices for parents who want to ensure the kids fall asleep as quickly and as relaxed as possible. They have different characteristics and strengths. For example, some lights are also able to play music, which can be relaxing in most situations. Other nightlights are portable which means kids can take them in any room of the house they decide to sleep in.

But above all, these night lights are safe. Manu of them goes through rigorous testing, such as the squeezing nightlights. Parents can also rest assured knowing these lights don’t overheat as most of them use LED technology. Furthermore, most of them also come with an auto shut-off function which means there are not risk as they complete their task in 45 minutes.