best nightlight for toddler afraid of the dark

Best Nightlight for Toddler Afraid of The Dark

A nightlight can be one of the most recommended products to use for your toddler’s resting time. Since many parents know the struggle of having to stay up with their toddlers who are too afraid to sleep alone, a nightlight can be one of the best solutions. At the same time, not all nightlights are the same. The shapes and lights which come out are different from design to design. Some nightlights even come with sounds or music to make the experience more pleasant for toddlers. In the long-term, using nightlights make have different effects on toddlers, but as long as they are aware that the light is not mandatory to go to sleep it can be one of the adjuvants for a better night’s rest.

Powered by batteries, nightlights can also represent mobile solutions that can be used in different areas of the bedroom. It means that you can control the intensity of the light and its angle as well. As you don’t want the nightlight to be too intense, you can also adjust it if it comes with an intensity adjustable button. Adding some advanced functions such as an automatic timer to switch the light off can be of great use as well. Some of the following options incorporate all of these characteristics:


WHATOOK Colorful Unicorn Light : For Unicorn Lovers

This cordless night light comes in a unique unicorn design. It is among the most fruitful designs when it comes to overall functionality. It allows parents to offer their children a friendly LED light. Since it can be hanged on a wall, this light is actually free from cables and it can avoid tripping during the night.

Powered by two regular AA batteries, this light is perfect for parents who want to replace the classic corded light. There are 10 small LED lights inside the unicorn shape which offer constant light. There are 8 lights to expect. Red, green, blue, purple, white, rose red, yellow and orange can offer a friendly type of illumination. Each bulb switches between the colors offering a spectrum of friendly light specifically designed for the toddler’s room.

The durability of the night light is also impressive for its affordable price. Made from ABS plastic, the night light can last for years. Since LED lights are known for their long-life performance as they don’t get warm, the casing is durable as well.

In terms of functionality, the night light can be added on the wall as it comes with a design which allows it to be hanged in various positions. But some parents simply place it on the table or on a dresser as the light offers sufficient room illumination even when its bottom part is blocked by a tabletop.

Special Features
  • Unique unicorn design
  • Comes with multiple LED lights
  • Illuminates in different colors
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Uses 2 AA batteries

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Miccke LED Night Light

Made in the shape of a friendly cat, the LED nightlight is one of the most desired solutions for toddlers. Its modern operation recommends it for the current standards. For example, to change the light or to adjust it you simply need to pat the light. The same goes if you want to turn it on or off. Made with USB charging, it is one of the most respected solutions when it comes to functionality. Modern parents do not have time to change and operate batteries. It is why you have to work with patience when it comes to some nightlights. But Miccke’s design is different as it allows you to charge it during the day at your laptop while you are working.

But the main appeal of the nightlight comes with its funny shape and operation. It is interesting for toddlers to see how a simple pat can change the light and its modes. It is why you need to have the right attention when it comes to better intensity and your toddler can even set the preferences if you do not have the patience to do so.

Special Features
  • Made in a friendly shape
  • Tap functions
  • Adjustable colors
  • USB charging

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Soaiy Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp

With 8 projections modes and a distinct aurora borealis appeal, the nightlight can be one of the most recommended options for most toddlers. It is not the most modern solution but the light it emits can have a calming effect which is great before going to bed. It also comes with a built-in speaker which is recommended when it comes to a fuller experience. You can play your toddler’s favorite track or you can use your own MP3 files for the most impressive experience. At the same time, the audio can be turned off when not needed for full control over the nightlight.

Powered by batteries, the nightlight can also connect to your smartphone to play the music you are able to stream online. With auto shut-off function, it is also one of the products which do not need the constant attention of the parent. It switches off in a few minutes which is enough for your toddler to fall asleep. With the tilt function, the nightlight is one of the most recommended solutions for wall and ceiling projections.

Special Features
  • Distinct aurora borealis lights
  • Auto switch-off functions
  • One year exchange warranty!

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Cloud b Twilight Turtle

The Turtle nightlight is one of the most interesting options on the market. It comes with a fun turtle shape which kids get to love. But even with this design, it still manages to project the light on the walls and on the ceiling. But at the same time, it is one of the leading options when it comes to star lights. All the stars on the wall can be among the most impressive shapes for the little ones.

With an automatic timer which can extend up to 45 minutes of use, it is one of the recommended options when it comes to better control. Even more, it allows you to have a great performance when it comes to lighting from the floors, from the furniture or even from the bed. Of course, the lights can also be easily changed. With different colors to choose from such as red, yellow and blue, the stars you get to see can be different every night.

Special Features
  • Distinct turtle shape
  • Illuminated shell
  • Starlight projections

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SmartDer LED Desk Lamp

This compact lamp is known for its mild LED light which is friendly to the eye. Apart from offering reliable illumination, the desk lamp also offers an adjustable design. Based on its design, it actually comes with an adjustable neck which allows it to offer illumination in specific areas of the room.

Its compact design allows parents to place the nightlight in any area of the toddler’s room. If it’s sufficiently charged, it can offer a few hours of reliable illumination. The best part is that the light can be charged via USB on a regular computer. But depending on its settings, its battery life can be extended. With bright, medium and dim settings, the touch-controlled nightlight can offer one of the most reliable solutions for bedroom illumination. Up to 5 hours of illumination can be attained with fully charged batteries.

Special Features
  • Made with an intriguing design
  • 3-level brightness adjustments
  • Flexible lamp neck

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Easuntec Dinosaur Night Light

This unique dinosaur-shaped night light is among the most original designs parents can consider for their kids. It represents one of the top solutions when seeking a great gift as a result. The light is packed with features. It comes with 7 colors to choose from and it represents a viable option when it comes to fully automated controls.

With tap controls and an included remote control, parents can simply adjust the nightlight as needed. But the light also impresses with its design. Based on a small power bank, it manages to offer one of the best solutions when it comes to durability as well. ABS plastic is used to create its durable casing. When it comes to power, the light uses 3 AA batteries which need to be purchased separately.

Special Features
  • Unique dinosaur lamp
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • Included smart touch functions

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Greadio Night Lights for Kids

This friendly light is perfect for the nursery. It comes in a unique shape which toddlers will love. From reading bedtime stories to actually illuminating the room mildly during the night, the nightlight is capable to offer 256 RGB colors which kids will love.

Made with ABS plastic and breakage-resistant silicone, the lamp is perfect for durability. Kids can touch it safely as it is free from lead or other chemicals. The silicone part of the lamp is actually touch-sensitive. Users can simply tap it to turn it on and tap it again to turn it off. The same tapping action is used to select the light’s brightness level. Tap controls the intensity of the light and it makes it more suitable in certain scenarios. Strong light is needed when reading while dim light is needed just before going to bed.

With a wide range of RGB colors, the nightlight automatically switches these colors to offer a friendly sleeping environment. The result is that kids actually don’t feel afraid to go to sleep alone and they feel more relaxed falling asleep faster.

Special Features
  • Made with a friendly design
  • Offers 256 RGB colors
  • Recommended for tap control

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Tecboss Baby Night Light

tecboss baby night light

This nursery light comes with an included motion sensor. It is powered by batteries and this means it can be taken in bed by kids during the night. It is perfectly safe to do so as it comes with durable materials. The night light is made from ABS plastic. This tough plastic is known for its resilience and popularity as it is also used on console controllers.

The night light offers constant and non-flickering LED light. This light is actually warm and it doesn’t hurt the eye of toddlers. Based on battery power, this light can work for different periods depending on its intensity. On its highest intensity, the light has sufficient power to work for 8 hours. On its dimmest level, the night light can even work for up to 300 hours. After the battery is drained, parents can easily recharge it using USB connectivity.

But the night light also impresses with its controls and functionality. It can even be used for breastfeeding during the night. All mums need to do is to actually touch it to switch the light on. Touch controls are enabled. Even toddlers can touch the friendly-looking light without any problems. The energy-efficient light is a combination of a toddler-friendly design and a long-lasting night light for eye-friendly illumination.

Special Features
  • Made with eye-friendly LED lights
  • Baby-safe ABS and PP materials
  • Touch-enabled controls
  • Included motion sensor

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Multicolor Star Projector Night Lights For Kids

Projecting stars on its surrounding environment, the nightlight is one of the most interesting designs for the comfort of your boy or girl. It comes with a simple and efficient design made with attention. It even comes with an automatic auto shut-off timer that you can adjust yourself. At the same time, it represents one of the most interesting solutions when you want to use the starts as a way to calm your toddler with a bedtime story. With different color options, it comes with starts projected on walls and the ceiling and it can be one of the most recommended solutions if you are a fan of classic nightlights.

Made to create the ideal sleep environment, it represents one of the most interesting solutions, especially in the conditions in which it works best when the room is completely dark. Since it comes with small and large stars, you will need a dark room to see the entire beauty of the lights. With the auto timer, you can also set the amount of time for it to project before going into its own sleep mode.

Special Features
  • Recommended for star shapes
  • Lights come in different colors
  • Works with multiple colors

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Kinderglo Portable Fun and Safe Rechargeable Night Light

With a design which allows it to sit close to your toddler, it is one of the nightlights which work best when it comes to proximity. It has different lights to choose from such as blue or green and it is one of the solutions which come with a comfortable light in the proximity of your child. If you are worried about safety, you need to know it is also safe to touch.

It also comes with an easy operation. Based on a single button, the nightlight offers one of the best solutions when it comes to improved practicality. But even with all the buttons in the world, your child will still fall asleep. It is why it also comes with the auto shut-off function which can be expanded up to 30 minutes. The switch-off is not instant. The nightlight actually dims the light and it represents a solution for gradual switch off which is recommended when you are unsure if your toddler will actually fall asleep anytime soon. As a solution which can be operated by kids themselves, it can be practical as well as they can carry it with them when they go to bed.

Special Features
  • Can be operated by toddlers
  • Made with a single button
  • Safe to be in bed

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GO HAND Ocean Wave Projector Night Light Aurora Lamp

The GO HAND Ocean Wave Projector Night Light Aurora Lamp is one of the recommended designs when you want to have the ultimate control. For this reason, the manufacturer made it with a remote control. At the same time, this allows you to control it without getting out of bed. It gives you the freedom to adjust or to turn off the nightlight when needed or when your toddler is asleep. Not all nightlights come with remote controls and not all of them are actually capable to offer changes of light mode from the remote control. Even more, it is also made with added music functionality. With your toddler’s favorite music playing, you can experience going to bed earlier and falling asleep faster as it can be one of the moments of the day to look forward to.

With 12 lights and 7 lighting modes, the nightlight is one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to adjustability. While some alternatives only offer a single color, having the ability to choose from 12 different colors can allow you to choose a different light every night to keep your toddler interested in the device and to look forward towards going to bed. With simple touch buttons, you can also adjust the intensity of the light and you can select your own favorite tracks as well. So you have two ways to interact with the nightlight which makes it one of the leading options in its class.

Special Features
  • Made with 12 lights
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Recommended for versatility

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Motion Sensor Night Light Warm White

As one of the most compact designs on the market, you would think that the Warm White is one of the products which are not the best for your toddler. But it comes with a few tricks which make it one of the most appealing solutions in this segment. It comes with a voice activated sensor which allows it to be better connected to the room and to the atmosphere than many other alternatives.

Placed in the wall socket, it represents a solution which is easy to use and which allows a great performance, especially when it comes to light adjustments. With small adjustments similar to a rainbow, it represents one of the most interesting options to work with. Even more, it is a solution to consider when you want to ensure the leading option in terms of capabilities for a compact design. It also doesn’t require any batteries and this can make it a long-term solution. With a single button operation, it is also practical to use and you will not have to spend too much time setting it up every night.

Special Features
  • Compact design
  • Simple operation
  • Voice-activated sensor

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KBAYBO Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector Mood Light

With one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to practicality, the nightlight is one of the recommended options for full control and adjustability. With advanced functionalities which allow you to simply set your light and music, it works well for all toddlers. For example, you can simply change the light mode by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds. But you will not be interacting with the nightlight for too long as it comes with its own included remote control. The adjustability you need can be worked from the remote control. Without having to get out of bed, you have the ability to choose the options which work best for you and which are truly made for the ultimate comfort.

You can choose one of the 12 lights when you want to change the atmosphere in the room. These lights can be further adjusted with 7 modes which allow you to rotate the projections every night. If you have a toddler which gets easily bored, it can be one of the nightlights to use in the conditions in which it comes with total adjustability. With a TF card slot, it also comes as one of the solutions which can play the favorite toddler tracks every night, at least until it comes to the end of the cycle where it automatically shuts off.

Special Features
  • 12 lights to choose from
  • Made with a remote control
  • Distinct ocean waves projections

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Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

The Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight is one of the leading options when it comes to compact designs. Made for small hands, it represents one of the best solutions to work with, especially when it comes to toddlers. Unlike other night lights, it comes with a design which allows you to take it to bed before going to sleep. But the compact design is enough for a natural glow light which comes with a calming effect.

Shaped as an owl, it is also friendlier to toddlers than many other alternatives which simply look like night lamps. Made with other advanced functions such as an automatic timer, it is one of the leading solutions for those who are actively seeking to improve their own comfort as the parents don’t need to get out of bed to turn the nightlight off. With LED lights, it is also one of the durable solutions to use. This is why the manufacturer also covers the light with a warranty for up to two years. As long as you use quality batteries, you should be able to use the nightlight for long periods of time.

Special Features
  • Made with LED lights
  • Compact design
  • Made for small hands

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ANTEQI Star Light Projector

As one of the most versatile HD nightlight, the light projector is one of the leading options when it comes to functionality. It even comes with a hanging strap which is great when it comes to adding the capacity to project the lights from different angles. With a full set of adjustment buttons, the light projector is among the solutions which are also easy to use. You can easily change the lights with a button. But you can also use the definite time adjustments for full control.

Protected by plastic, the light projector is one of the most recommended options if you allow your toddler to sleep in different rooms. It is why you can set it in different locations or even hang it from a higher point for more interesting projections.

Special Features
  • Easy to adjust
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Can be hung from the ceiling

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What to look for in the best nightlight for a toddler?

When you plan to purchase your first nightlight, it is important to choose the solution which works for the type of room your toddler has. At the same time, you can choose solutions which are kept away from the bed or which can be taken into the bed. Some nightlights come with music-playing capabilities and this is why you need to see which works best for you.

Self-standing nightlights vs in-bed nightlights

Many parents are unsure about which options to choose when it comes to the functionality of the nightlight. If most solutions in which project lights on the walls are made to be sat on a nightstand, there are alternatives that can be taken into bed as well. They do not project lights as the lights inside it are made for proximity.

There is no clear winner in these two designs. However, if your child often comes to your bed during nighttime, a solution that can be placed on the bed is recommended. But if you want to create an attractive space for your child and a room defined by comfort, the self-standing nightlight is highly recommended. Even more, it is also important to know that you can choose the different solutions in-between, such as those which can be hanged from a higher point.

Built-in speakers vs no speakers

There is often a debate among parents when it comes to playing music before bedtime. But there is research evidence to show that the right music even has a positive effect on the brain. You have the ability to choose the right solution for your child. If you choose a design with a built-in speaker, you can at least ensure that the music you choose is the right type of music. It needs to be relaxing.

The speakers saw in the best nightlights also need to have adjustable volume. It is why you have to ensure that you do not play the music too loud as to keep your child awake. But at the same time, you might not want to play any music some nights. It is why you have the ability to choose a design that can shut the speaker off completely. If you are choosing a nightlight that comes with remote control, you are advised to choose a design that allows you to control the volume of the music as well.


The adjustability of the nightlight is one of the areas you need to look for. There are adjustable lights, modes and even adjustable speeds for the moving shapes. It is why you have to look at the options which allow you maximum adjustability as this defines the best nightlight for toddlers who are afraid of the dark.


Regardless of the design, you plan to choose, its safety is primordial. It is why you need to choose the options which are completely safe. There are a few designs that are completely unsafe, such as those which do not come with an automatic off timer. But most leading options are made to shut off automatically within the hour.



There are many types of solutions that you can use as a nightlight for your toddler. All of them are different in the lights which they project and the way in which they are operated. Some of them cannot be compared while others come with a similar operation. Most parents need to look for relaxing solutions but you also have the opportunity to choose the solutions which are easy to use. A nightlight that is complicated to operate is less likely to be used often. It is why besides the lights which need to be appealing, the operation of the product is also important. With classic buttons or added remote control activation, you can choose the solution which can be activated in seconds and which really makes your toddler excited about going to bed.