best nightlight for toddler afraid of the dark

Best Nightlight for Toddler Afraid of The Dark

A nightlight can be one of the most recommended products to use for your toddler’s resting time. Since many parents know the struggle to stay up with their toddlers who are too afraid to sleep alone, a nightlight can be one of the best solutions. At the same time, not all nightlights are the same. The shapes and lights are different from design to design. Some nightlights even come with sounds or music to make the experience more pleasant for toddlers. In the long-term, using nightlights has different effects on toddlers. Therefore, parents should try to process the thought that the light is not mandatory to go to sleep; it is just an accessory for a better night’s rest.

Powered by batteries, nightlights can also represent mobile solutions that you can use in different bedroom areas. You can direct the intensity of the light and its angle as well. As you don’t want the nightlight to be too intense, you can also adjust it if it comes with an adjustable intensity button. Adding some advanced functions such as an automatic timer to switch the light off can be a great option. Some of the following Nightlight options incorporate most of these characteristics.


WHATOOK Unicorn Night Light 

This cordless night light comes in a unique unicorn pattern. When it comes to overall functionality, it is among the most fruitful designs. This light is free from cables. You can dangle it on a wall and avoid tripping during the night.

Powered by two regular AA batteries, this light is perfect for parents who want to replace the classic corded light. There are ten small LED lights inside the unicorn shape, which offer a constant beam. There are eight lights to expect. Red, green, blue, purple, white, rose red, yellow, and orange can offer a friendly illumination type. Each bulb switches between the colors, offering a spectrum of pleasant light specifically designed for the toddler’s room.

The durability, as well as the price affordability of this night light, is also impressive. Made from ABS plastic, the night light can last for years. Since LED lights are well-known for their long-life performance as they don’t get heated, the casing is durable.

In terms of functionality, you can hang the night light on the wall in several positions. But some parents place it on the table or a dresser as the light offers sufficient room illumination even when a tabletop blocks its bottom part.

Special Features
  • Unique unicorn design
  • It comes with multiple LED lights.
  • Illuminates in different colors
  • Made from durable plastic
  • It uses 2 AA batteries.

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MICCKE LED Eco-Friendly Silicone Night Light

In the shape of a friendly cat, this LED nightlight provides one of the most exciting designs for your toddler. Its current operation recommends it for the modern standards. For example, to change the light or adjust it, you need to pat the light. The same goes if you want to turn it on or off. Made with USB charging, it is one of the most respected solutions when it comes to functionality. Arrives with 1200mAH lithium battery support and usage up to 15 hours with one full charge, this LED light delivers the perfect lighting. Modern parents do not have time to change and operate batteries. It is why you have to work with patience when it comes to some nightlights. But Miccke’s design is different as it allows you to charge it during the day at your laptop while you are working.

But the main appeal of the nightlight comes with its cute shape and operation. It is interesting for toddlers to see how a simple pat can change the light and its modes. Your toddler can even set the preferences if you do not have the patience to do so.

Special Features
  • Made in a friendly shape
  • With 1200mAH lithium battery support
  • 15 hours of constant service with one full charge
  • Adjustable colors
  • USB charging

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Aurora Northern LED Night Light for Baby Bedroom

With eight projection modes and a realistic aurora borealis appeal, the nightlight can be one of the most recommended options for most toddlers. The light it emits can have a tremendous calming effect before going to bed. It also comes with a built-in speaker, you can play your toddler’s favorite track, or you can use your MP3 files for the most impressive experience. Simultaneously, you can turn off the audio when not needed for full control over the nightlight.

Powered by batteries, the nightlight can also connect to your smartphone to play the music you can stream online. The auto shut-off function is also one of the products that do not need the parent’s constant attention. It switches off in a few minutes, which is enough for your toddler to fall asleep. The nightlight is one of the most recommended solutions for wall and ceiling projections with the tilt function.

Special Features
  • Distinct aurora borealis lights
  • It offers a built-in speaker.
  • Auto switch-off functions
  • One-year exchange warranty!

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Turtle Green Nightlight Star Projector

The Turtle nightlight is one of the fascinating options on the market. It comes with a fun turtle shape which kids get to love. But even with this design, it still manages to project the light on the walls and the ceiling. But the star lights all of its body create a pleasing surrounding. All the stars on the wall can be among the most impressive shapes for the little ones.

While better control is your priority, the automatic timer that can extend up to 45 minutes of use is one wise choice. When it comes to lighting from the floors, furniture, or even from the bed, it performs the best. You can transform the light’s color and enjoy the same decoration in several colors such as red, yellow, and blue.

Special Features
  • Distinct turtle shape
  • Illuminated shell
  • Starlight projections

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White SmartDer Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

This compact lamp is known for its soft LED light, which is friendly to the eye. Apart from offering reliable illumination, the desk lamp also offers an adjustable design. Its design comes with an adjustable neck that allows it to illuminate specific areas of the room.

Its compact design allows parents to place the nightlight in any area of the toddler’s room. If it’s sufficiently charged, it can offer a few hours of reliable illumination, and you can charge it via USB on a regular computer. With bright, medium, and dim settings, the touch-controlled nightlight can offer one of the most reliable bedroom decorations. It can efficiently serve you up to 5 hours constant with fully charged batteries.

Special Features
  • Made with an intriguing design
  • 3-level brightness adjustments
  • Flexible lamp neck

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Timer Remote Dinosaur Night Light for Kids

This unique dinosaur-shaped night light is among the most original designs parents can consider for their kids. It is an excellent gift for your kiddo. It comes with seven colors to choose from, and it means a viable option for fully automated controls.

With tap controls and an included remote control, parents can adjust the nightlight as needed. But the light also impresses with its design. Based on a small power bank, it manages to offer one of the best solutions when it comes to durability as well. Manufacturers used ABS plastic to create its durable casing. When it comes to power, the light uses 3 AA batteries which need to be purchased separately.

Special Features
  • Unique dinosaur lamp
  • It comes with remote control.
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • Included smart touch functions

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What to Look for in the Best Nightlight for a Toddler?

When you plan to purchase your first nightlight, it is essential to choose the one that will be best for your toddler’s room. Simultaneously, you can select solutions that you can take on the bed or keep away whenever needed. Some nightlights come with music-playing capabilities. By checking all the functions, you need to choose the ideal one for your kid.

Self-standing nightlights vs. in-bed nightlights

Many parents are unsure about which options to choose when it comes to the functionality of the nightlight. Most solutions available in the market provide project lights on the walls for a better nightstand. But if you prefer the nightlights that you can carry on the bed, these are available too.

There is no clear winner in these two designs. However, if your child often comes to your bed during nighttime, you should prefer an adjustable bed nightlight. But if you want to create an attractive space for your child and a room defined by comfort, the self-standing nightlight is highly recommended. It is also essential to know that you can choose the different solutions in-between, such as hanging options from a higher point.

Built-in speakers vs. no speakers

There is often a debate among parents when it comes to playing music before bedtime. But there is research evidence to show that the right music even has a positive effect on the brain.

If you select a design with a built-in speaker, you can ensure that the music you choose is the correct type of music. It needs to be relaxing.

The speakers saw in the best nightlights also need to have adjustable volume. It is why you have to ensure that you do not play the music too loud to keep your child awake. But at the same time, you might not want to play any music some nights. It is why you can choose a design that can shut the speaker off completely. If you select a nightlight that comes with remote control, select a pattern that allows you to control the music volume.


The adjustability differs from function to function. There are adjustable lights, modes, and even adjustable speeds for the moving shapes. It is why you have to look at the options which allow you maximum adjustability, as this defines the best nightlight for toddlers who are afraid of the dark.


Regardless of the design you plan to choose; its safety should be the priority. It is why you need to select the completely safe options. A few patterns are entirely unsafe, such as those that do not come with an automatic off-timer. But most leading choices are made to shut off automatically within the hour.


Many types of nightlights are open for your toddler in the market. They can vary from each other in terms of projection and operation. However, products with similar functions are also available. Most parents need to look for relaxing solutions, but you also can choose the solutions that are easy to use. A nightlight that is complicated to operate is less likely to be used often. Besides the lights that need to be appealing, the operation of the product is also essential. With classic buttons or added remote control activation, you can choose the solution that becomes stimulated in seconds and which makes your toddler excited about going to bed.