how to choose best nursing sports bra

Best Nursing Sports Bra Reviews

Nursing is a demanding period in any woman’s life. As like other moms you may want to lead an active lifestyle during nursing as before. Some of the nursing bras can ensure this period is as smooth as possible supporting an active lifestyle. Unlike regular bras, nursing sports bras are made to offer support with practicality and comfort. There is various material used to create these bras and each new mum has her favorite releases. From the ease of access to durability or material choice, mums can consider the characteristics of their favorite nursing sports bras.

Best 10 Nursing Sports Bra of 2022

Since there are many types of nursing sports bras mums can consider, we prefer to choose one of the popular choices below. These bras have been tried and tested for their reliability by more than 40 women. We have reviewed the top 10 nursing sports bra from them. Take a look at below reviews to find the best one for you:

Hofish 3-Pack Seamless Clip Down Deep V Neck Push Up Nursing Bra

Hofish 3-Pack Seamless Clip Down Deep V Neck Push Up Nursing Bra

This nursing sports bra impresses with its design and practicality. Above everything else, mums love that it comes with 1.5 times stretchiness. It means that it can accommodate a large cup size specific to nursing and that it can actually handle its own when it comes to comfort.

Of course, its stretchy profile is actually given by its materials. With 92% nylon and added spandex, it’s no wonder it feels so stretchy. Most importantly, it maintains these properties throughout the nursing period. When it comes to durability, mums can also rely on the 3-pack to change the nursing bra when needed.

Another important feature comes with the one-hand access design. It is where it is actually considerably different to a regular bra. The best part is the one-hand access allows mum to hold the baby with the other hand or simply attend to any other task.

Special Features
  • Made with 1.5 times stretchiness
  • Combines nylon and spandex
  • Designed for one-hand access
  • Seamless with removable foam cups

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Syrokan Racerback High Impact Sports Bra

Syrokan Racerback High Impact Sports Bra

This nursing sports bra is always up for any activity. Syrokan’s design knows that active mums have the best time when it comes to their sports. As they may be busy otherwise, new mums try to make the most out of their free time to get back in shape.

For this reason, the sports bra uses mesh insertions in key areas. This material is known for its improved breathability which maintains a comfort level for longer. At the same time, the bra also includes polyamide and a large percentage of spandex. This means it is actually very stretchy and that it can be one of the options to consider for all cup sizes.

Another interesting design characteristic comes with the front adjustability. Since readjusting the bra during sports is very probable, its good to know mums can easily do this themselves from the front. With such versatility, the bra can be considered for sports such as basketball, tennis or even boxing.

Special Features
  • Made with 28% spandex
  • Concealed hook and loop closure
  • Straps adjustable in the front
  • Mesh inserts at sides

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Kindred Bravely Sublime Support Low Impact Nursing & Maternity Sports Bra

Kindred Bravely Sublime Support Low Impact Nursing & Maternity Sports Bra

This adjustable bra is one of the top designs when it comes to low impact activities. It comes with top-level practicality based on comfortable materials. Mums can use the bra for activities such as yoga, hiking or walking.

Made for one-hand access, this stretchy bra allows mum the easiest access for feeding. At the same time, the bra is reinforced with stretchy straps which ensure it stays in place during most types of activities.

The bra also comes with convenient clips in the front. They are known for immediate control by mums themselves as they allow higher and lower adjustability.  With the two-color selection, mums can find their own favorite for the sports outfit of the day.

Special Features
  • Made with stretchy straps
  • Allows one-hand feeding
  • Made for low impact sports such as yoga
  • Designed for mums by mums

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Syrokan Women’s High Impact Front Closure Racerback Full Support Sports Bra

Syrokan Women's High Impact Front Closure Racerback Full Support Sports Bra

As far as polyamide sporting bras go, Syrokan knows the material is highly dependable when it comes to sports. At the same time, it represents a good foundation for the various type of activities. From running to cycling, it can fully support the comfort mums need.

The sporting bra also impresses with its simplicity and practicality. There is a full front zipper design in place to ensure mums can jump in it without losing any time. The sports bra also features adjustable cross straps on the back. With proper support and customizable adjustability, the bra is perfect both for sports and for nursing.

Special Features
  • Front zip design
  • Adjustable cross back straps
  • Wire-free manufacturing

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Women Seamless Nursing Support Maternity Sleep Bra

Women Seamless Nursing Support Maternity Sleep Bra

Made for sleeping, this comfortable nursing bra is also used for light sporting activities such as yoga or stretching. With the front release, the bra is perfect for nursing. Its adjustability impresses both from the front and from the back of the shoulder straps.

Most importantly, the nursing bra comes with no wires. This means mums stretching on a yoga mattress won’t feel any discomfort. The same principle applies to other activities. As expected, the bra also comes with breathable materials. Even if it covers a larger skin area than a regular bra, this doesn’t mean it actually has to sacrifice the comfort it comes with.

Special Features
  • Made with no support wires
  • Breathable materials perfect for sport
  • Adjustable fastener
  • Removable molded foam cups

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Bravado! Designs Women’s Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra

Bravado! Designs Women's Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra

Made with a combination of nylon, polyester, and spandex, this nursing bra impresses with its quality. It is actually made to support all sporting activities. For this reason, it manages to offer a breathability level which stops bacteria development.

The fabric is able to handle 4-way stretch. From nursing to joining a Pilates class, the nursing bra can handle any activity. The bra also ships with removable foam inserts. These inserts are discreet and they can easily be inserted for better comfort. Of course, the bra can also be worn around the house as it comes with no support wires.

Special Features
  • Made from nylon, polyester, and spandex
  • Handles 4-way stretch
  • Silver Breeze technology against bacteria
  • Seamless and wire-free design

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Syrokan Women’s Bounce Control Wirefree High Impact Maximum Support Sports Bra

Syrokan Women's Bounce Control Wirefree High Impact Maximum Support Sports Bra

This nursing bra impresses with its practicality. It is one of the few designs which include wide shoulder straps. These straps are known for their pressure-reducing capacity, especially when coupled with any type of intense activity. Jumping rope or jogging can now come with reduced discomfort.

Made from polyamide and 15% spandex, the bra maintains these qualities of stretchiness. It can be considered for daily activities around the house as well. With mesh panels, it also comes with breathability which allows it to be worn for hours and hours.

Special Features
  • Made with 85% polyamide and 15% spandex
  • Offers shock control with large shoulder straps
  • Added mesh panels for improved breathability
  • Two-layer stretch design

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Cake Lingerie Nursing Bra with Underwire

Cake Lingerie Nursing Bra with Underwire

This complex sports bra is recommended for its combination of materials. It comes with polyester and elastane on the outside while cotton is used on the inside for extra comfort. Mesh polyester materials are also added for improved air circulation.

It is available in all sizes. Nursing mums also need to know the bra comes with adjustable back straps for the ultimate comfort. From daily tasks around the house such as washing clothes to actually going out to a gym class, this sporting bra impresses with its complex behavior.

Special Features
  • Cup side lining made from cotton
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Smooth molded cups design
  • Racerback conversion functionality

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Wacoal Women’s Nursing Wire-Free Bra

Wacoal Women's Nursing Wire-Free Bra

Using nylon and spandex, the nursing bra is made for the ultimate active nursing mum. Based on a reduced bounce fabric, the nursing bra is perfect for those mums who like active sports such as HIIT.

With one-hand nursing clips, it also serves for extra practicality. Nursing mums can make the most of its design simply by ensuring they don’t need to switch between an active bra and a nursing bra. With a moisture-wicking inner lining, the bra can be worn for the entire day if needed.

Special Features
  • Designed with a hook and eye closure
  • Hand wash for perfect durability
  • Moisture-wicking inner lining
  • One-hand nursing clips

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La Leche League International 4102 Sports Nursing Bra

La Leche League International 4102 Sports Nursing Bra

With one-hand nursing buckles, the sporting bra is perfect for active mums. It has an athletic design which means it can work with any type of sporting outfits, even when doing cardiovascular exercises. Available in multiple colors, the nursing bra is made from polyester, cotton, and spandex. Furthermore, it manages to offer a stretchy profile which follows the shape of the body, perfect for any sports. Based on polyester, cotton, and spandex, the sports nursing bra is perfect for indoor and outdoor training.

Special Features
  • One-hand nursing buckles
  • Designed with an athletic profile
  • Stretchy spandex design
  • Made with waffle mesh inserts

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How to choose the best nursing sports bra?

Choosing a good nursing sports bra is now mandatory for new active moms. Even a few years ago, having access to such bras was not the norm. This now means that new mums can make the most of their active lifestyle and even start working out to get back in shape.

  • Materials

The materials of a bra have a direct impact on its feel and performance. As seen above, these materials are very different from case to case. It is important to recognize that multiple materials can be used at times. Furthermore, mums also need to realize that the materials of the bra are used strategically. Soft materials are used on the inside for comfort while breathable materials can be added outside. Mesh materials are also increasing in popularity due to their non-restrictive airflow profile.

  • Practicality

The practicality of a sporting nurse bra can only go as far as the activity itself. For example, some nursing bras are only recommended for light activities such as yoga. Other nursing sporting bras are actually made for intense physical activities such as running. Depending on the activity on the mind, mothers can choose the nursing bra which works best for them.

  • Design

The design of a nursing sporting bra also needs to be fit for new mums. Nursing is not easy with a regular bra. This is why stretchy materials and one-hand access are now the norms for these bras.

Having some type of adjustability is recommended as well. Some bras come with at least one hook and loop adjustable system. Others offer more complex adjustability more suited for active mums. Cross shoulder straps are also useful for this purpose. Furthermore, having the ability to choose better sporting bras also include choosing between various shoulder strap widths. Extra support can be achieved with wide shoulder straps. They can take some of the pressure off the shoulders during most sports.


Your nursing sports bra should be the one which typically offers improved functionality or practicality. Why spend more when a versatile bra can suit nursing moms? At the same time, materials such as spandex are now known for their versatile profile. They have made their way into nursing sports bras as well.

Unlike many other types of bras, polyester mesh designs are also starting to be seen more and more. This is why the nursing bras which are fit for sports purposes are actually more breathable now. This also means people can consider them for activities such as sports as they keep moisture and bacteria away.

Nursing mums also need to consider the sporting bras which are actually suited to their active outfits. Gone are the days where bras were not available in multiple colors. This is also one of the ways new mums can feel better. Simply choosing a preferred color can go far for most mums, especially when part of a comfortable and breathable general outfit.