here are best perms for black hair available now

7 Best Perms For Black Hair

Finding the best perm is not too complicated, especially when you are searching for black hair. However, since women have different types of hair, the perms need to be suitable on an individual level. Apart from straightening or conditioning hair, the products can also come with nourishing ingredients. From added argan or coconut oil, these ingredients can also protect the hair on the long-term. The following products are made using some of the best ingredients for perms.

Best 7 Perms For Black Hair:

We have researched and tested several products available now and reviewed the best of them below. Take a look to find the most suitable one for your hair:

Zotos Quantum Extra Body Acid Perm
30 Reviews
Zotos Quantum Extra Body Acid Perm
  • Quantum Firms gives you the flexibility of wrapping with water, lotion or both to create firm, resilient curls with noticeable movement
  • Quantum perms are formulated with Equalizer 3 Conditioner to balance porosity for even, predictable curl formation
  • Our advanced conditioning neutralizer is infused with Argan Oil from Morocco to add weightless shine and brilliance for manageable, healthy looking curls. No test curl or dryer heat required
Ogilvie Salon Styles Home Perm for Normal Hair with Extra Body
179 Reviews
Ogilvie Salon Styles Home Perm for Normal Hair with Extra Body
  • For Normal Hair with Extra Body
  • One Time Use/Application
  • Before & After Conditioners with Drip Guard
Iso Perm - professional option 1 perms
64 Reviews
Iso Perm - professional option 1 perms
  • Iso option 1 for normal and previously permed hair
  • Iso option 2 for every type color-treated hair
  • Iso option 3 for extra-firm curl on normal and resistant hair
Zotos Quantum Platinum Perm for One Application
22 Reviews
Zotos Quantum Platinum Perm for One Application
  • Quantum Platinum provides soft, supportive waves and defined curls.
  • Its unique Reconstructive Pre-Treatment strengthens and prepares fragile hair types
  • Quantum perms are formulated with Equalizer 3 Conditioner to balance porosity for even, predictable curl formation
Ogilvie Home Perm, Extra Body 1 application
58 Reviews
Ogilvie Home Perm, Extra Body 1 application
  • For lasting smooth curls and waves
  • Includes before and after conditioners
  • Safeguards your hair from dryness and frizzies
OGILVIE, Perm, for Normal Hair, (ea.)
90 Reviews
OGILVIE, Perm, for Normal Hair, (ea.)
  • For Normal or Hard to Wave Hair
  • One Time Use/Application
  • Heat Activated Worry Free Formula with Drip Guard
Zotos Warm & Gentle Perm
7 Reviews
Zotos Warm & Gentle Perm
  • Zotos
  • Warm & Gentle
  • Perm

These are some relaxers:

TCB Hair Relaxer For Black Hair:

The TCB Hair Relaxer uses a classic formulation. Offering perms for black hair, it is mainly known for its added nourishing effect. This is actually based on the added protein in the product. The good news is that even if used on multiple occasions, the product will not actually damage the hair on the long-term.

Another important effect of the product comes with hair manageability. Making the hair easier to brush, it also allows all types of hair to enjoy a more natural feel. Most people also find there are no side effects to using the product. Other products are known to come with burning sensations.

Special Features
  • Made with added protein and DNA
  • Relaxes and straightens hair
  • No burning sensation
  • 15oz container

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Hawaiian Silky No Base Relaxer Regular

The classic relaxer comes with proven benefits. From perms to conditioned hair, it can be used as often as needed. Its application is very easy. Starting from the back of the crown, the product can be applied directly with the fingers. After insisting on difficult areas, the product is then washed away with plenty of water. Users should ensure it actually is washed away after every application. Furthermore, using a neutralizing shampoo can rebalance the pH after application.

Special Features
  • Easy to apply
  • Works with a neutralizing shampoo
  • Comes with a money back guarantee
  • Includes protective oils


Optimum Care by SoftSheen Carson

The kit is a great start for those who want to get their own perms for black hair. It comes as one of the solutions for those who seek an all-in-one pack. It includes a protective pre-treatment, a conditioner relaxing crème, a liquid activator, a reconstruction treatment, a leave-in strengthener, and an oil moisturizer. The kit is ready to be used at home for the best results. Those with black hair can use the product for both perms and protective purposes.

Special Features
  • Comes as a kit
  • Includes hair protecting products
  • Clear ingredients list
  • Based on normal hair results

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Hawaiian Silky Hydrating Sleek No Lye Relaxer Argan Oil

Suitable for curly hair, this straightener is often used as a perm. Since it can act on various types of curls and on general normal hair, it is valuable for most women with black hair. Its main advantage is that it also comes with added argan oil. This essential oil is known for its nourishing action on hair. It is actually used across the industry to improve hair health over a longer period of time.

Special Features
  • Works with curls
  • Hydrating formulation
  • Contains argan oil
  • Added pro vitamins

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Motions Classic Formula Hair Relaxer Mild

Formulated for all types of hair, the product can also be used as a relaxer. Apart from bleached hair, it can be applied on most other types of hair. The shortest application is on color treated hair. The formulation can be applied on fine hair for up to 12 minutes. The same timeframe applies for medium hair. Coarse hair is where the product is left to act the most. It is people with coarse hair that need to leave the product act between 15 and 20 minutes.

Special Features
  • Easy application
  • Includes perm paraffin
  • Works with coarse and fine hair
  • Includes argan oil

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SoftSheen-Carson Smooth Relaxer For Kids

This kit is specifically designed for kids. Since kids with black hair can be more sensitive to these types of products, it is recommended to use the entire kit to create a lasting and non-damaging result. From pre-application products to hydration products, the kit includes everything needed. A neutralizing shampoo is also included. It is applied immediately after the relaxer to re-establish pH levels.

Special Features
  • Delicate formulation for kids
  • Available in a kit
  • Includes neutralizing shampoo
  • Recommended for all types of hair

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Africa’s Best Super No-lye Dual Conditioning Relaxer System

Sold in a basic kit, the product is recommended as a perm and hair straightener. Users have to follow the instructions from the manufacturer and use the activator with the cream relaxer. A conditioner and a neutralizing shampoo are also added to the kit. They are used to create a protective layer over the hair to stop it getting damaged in time. With a conditioner based on African herbs, the kit is recommended for those seeking quality perms for with no compromises.

Special Features
  • Available as a kit
  • Recommended for black hair
  • Includes a herbal conditioner
  • Comes with an olive oil neutralizing shampoo

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What should we consider while choosing the best perms?

Many people with black hair know the struggles of finding the right conditioner. The good news is that this can be done in most cases, even with the most stubborn hair. The idea is not to damage the hair in the process. Clearly reading the instructions is a must-do for all users, as well as having a look at the following characteristics.


The ingredients are always clearly labelled and formulated with the right balance. Apart from the ingredients which offer a great hold, users can also make the most out of their products by ensuring they come with extra nourishing ingredients. After the hair goes through a stressful process, these ingredients can actually nourish it back to a normal pH level.


All perms should come with clear instructions. Just imagine having to go through each product without actually having the right knowledge when it comes to timing or quantities. Since perms are left to act for different times on each type of hair, it is essential that users read the full instructions manual before using the product for the first time.

Reading the instructions also keeps away unwanted problems such as damaged hair or skin rashes. These reasons should be enough to enable proper information on the perm process.

Types of hair

Not all types of hair are the same. From fine to coarse hair, the needs are different when it comes to perms. All products should clearly state how the perms are used for specific types of hair. Users should also be informed on their type of hair before making the purchase or before applying the product.



The best perms are often those which offer great results while nourishing the hair. It is why it’s actually important to have a clear understanding on what makes great hair and what enables it to stay healthy in the long term. Certain natural ingredients such as essential oils can prove widely beneficial. Of course, their role is considerably reduced if the perm is only used on occasion. But for most people, a balanced formulation is the only path towards great perms and natural good-looking hair with no long-term issues.