these are best play mat for kids on hardwood floors

Best Play Mat For Hardwood Floors

Play mats ensure the comforts every baby on hardwood floors. But with the right design and materials, the best play mat also makes a friendly zone in which kids love to play as like their own space. Since laying around on hardwood floors is not comfortable, kids can benefit from below mats for their own playtime. We have tested around 30 play mats from the market and made this short list of 7 best play mats for hardwood floors. Take a look to find the best one for your baby:


1. Gupamiga Baby Folding Play Mat

This folding mat is one of the most versatile parents can hope for. It serves its purpose at home but due to its folding design, it can also be a top traveling option. For some parents, this means that it comes with practicality which might even save them money.

Apart from its friendly design, the mat also comes with waterproof materials. This protects hardwood floors from spillage or other accidents. At the same time, this is actually based on its entire extra-large surface which allows kids to play freely with all of their favorite toys.

Cleaning the mat is not complicated. Parents can easily clean it using wet wipes. A good sanitized should also be used to ensure the mat remains clean and safe for kids to play on as long as they want.

Special Features
  • Made with an extra-large design
  • Easy to clean with wipes and sanitizer
  • Folding design perfect for travel
  • Waterproof guarantee

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2. Hape Foldable Play Mat

Using soft PE foam, the play mat offers one of the most comfortable options for kids to play on. It works on hardwood floors and even tile due to its insulating properties. At the same time, as its made out of foam, it actually prevents water damage to the floor. Its waterproof construction means babies can play with their milk or tea on the mat.

The double-sided mat offers great practicality. It comes with a foldable design. Parents get to be inspired by its simple design which means it can simply be tucked away when not in use. It also means it can actually be squeezed in luggage while traveling.

Special Features
  • Soft foam materials
  • Designed to encourage developmental skills
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Included carry case

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3. Folding Kids Play Mat

This friendly mat can be the noise-reducing option kids can rely on. Made from XPE foam, it creates a perfectly safe space for kids of all ages to play. Since it’s comfortable and inviting, it also stimulates kids to play and turn around on their tummies. Parents can use it as an educational mat as well as a result.

Its surface is non-slip. This keeps the mat in place. Even when placed on slippery materials such as hardwood floors, the play mat actually impresses with its simple and efficient materials which keep it in place.

Water spills are dealt with directly as well. The mat can be among the leading options when it comes to ease of cleaning. All spills can be wiped off which means kids can play freely without fear of various spills.

Special Features
  • Made from XPE foam
  • 5in foam thickness
  • Water-resistant design
  • Reversible design

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4. Yay Mats Stylish Extra Large Baby Play Mat Soft Playmat

This practical play mat has been designed by an attentive mum. It comes with a puzzle-style construction. It means it handles well when it comes to durability and practicality. Parents can install it simply where it’s needed.

Even if it comes with a one-sided design, the play mat is among the most interesting solutions for mums seeking stability. The back of the mat is known for its non-slip design. That’s why it may well be one of the options to place on any type of hard surfaces such as wooden floors or even tiles. It can be assembled fast and parents can also put it back into storage easily as it comes with a 6-piece design.

At 5 X 4 feet, the mat is among the best when it comes to the perfect size for the baby and a few select toys. The best part is that the mat can also be used outdoors. On sunny days when kids are wearing summer outfits, they can still play on the mat as it’s skin-friendly. After a long day in the park, the mat can be cleaned with wipes in minutes.

Special Features
  • Durable foam design
  • Puzzle-style construction
  • Waterproof construction

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5. V-mix Baby Play Mat For Hard Floor

Made with premium materials such as 20mm sponge and a soft velvet cover, the mat is perfect for various activities around the house. Available in various widths with 200cm length, the mat is perfect for babies to play on. It largest versions are also adult-friendly. It means this versatile mat can also transform into a yoga mat for parents to do their poses on.

Available in multiple plain colors, the mat can suit most homes. Interestingly, its coral velvet cover can also be vacuum cleaned for the mat to be in perfect shape at all times. Most importantly, all of the chosen materials are actually free from allergens. So even if babies spend all day on the matt, it’s completely safe for them to do so.

Special Features
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Can be used as a play mat or a yoga mat
  • Free from allergens

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6. Skip Hop Playspot Foam Play Mat

The tile-style play mat uses multiple pieces to inspire a unique play area for children. Made with over 40 foam pieces which need to be put together, the play mat is large enough for most babies. At the same time, it can also be disassembled and easily put into storage under a bed. Even if it comes with a puzzle-style design, the mat comes with waterproof construction.

Special Features
  • Made with over 40 foam pieces
  • Uses white and gray tile
  • Waterproof construction
  • Thick and fit for hardwood floors

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7. Baby’s Best Non-Toxic Play Mat

With 20 14X14in eco-friendly pieces, the mat is easy to assemble. It comes with EVA foam which is one of the most valuable types of foam for extra cushioning. As a result, it fits for all babies ages 0+. With an interesting pattern design, the mat also stands out with its modern aesthetics.

Special Features
  • Eco-friendly
  • Extra-thickness for hardwood floors
  • 1-year full satisfaction warranty

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How to choose the best play mat for hardwood floors?

To choose the best play mat for hardwood floors, parents need to keep an eye of a few characteristics like below if they want a successful purchase:


From XPE foam to EVA foam or even to textile materials, there are a few options to consider. Since hardwood surfaces are uncomfortable, parents are advised to purchase a thick foam mat for proper comfort levels.


Some play mats can easily be placed into storage based on a folding design. Others can be considered for their outdoor functionality. A practical play mat is often worth the investment for its durability.


Water leaks can happen at all times. Parents who want to ensure mat durability or who simply want to protect hardwood floors need to choose a waterproofed play mat.



With many inspiring designs, babies can make the most of their playtime amazing. Regardless of their age, a comfortable play mat can create a safe space for them to play on. Without having to deal with the lower hardwood temperatures, play mats can prove comfortable for the entire duration of the day.