the best playhouse for toddler

10 Best Playhouses For Toddlers

Spending more time in imaginative play during early childhood makes children intellectually grow faster, increases their concentration, and strengthens the memory. A playhouse provides the children a space of their own. In the disguise of playhouses, kids get a blank canvas to start developing their make-believe scenarios. They can participate in several role-playing games, create settings like a market, school, hospital, kitchen according to their imagination.

Throughout the whole make-believe play, they get the social training that increases their communication ability, competency, logical reasoning skills, creativity, and better literacy skills.

A playhouse can be a great solution to keep the kids amused. Since there are many indoor and outdoor playhouses, you can pick the best one in terms of your choice and budget. Not all playhouses are the same as their design, functionality, and size vary. That’s why you need to know that a playhouse can be different because it allows the kids to play with it. The smaller one can be a solution for one or two toddlers, while the larger designs can be a solution for up to 4-5 kids.

It is also true that playhouses are typically realistic as they mimic real homes with functionalities such as windows, doors, or porches. But it is also essential to set a budget. For example, wooden playhouses demand more investments compared to the playhouses made from plastics.

Best 10 Playhouses for Toddlers:

Either plastic or a wooden one, parents often get confused between these two. Both are good if the manufacturer provides the material with high quality. As plastic houses are more comfortable to move and clean, extra durable, and withstand rough play, this option is more feasible for the little ones. Wooden houses are a better option for older and growing kids. However, your purchase decision also depends on how prankish your kid and his peer group are.

We have tried to cover all the renowned brands and all the types and made the ten best playhouses for toddlers. Take a look before you make a purchase.

1. Backyard Discovery Timberlake All Cedar Wood Playhouse

Backyard Discovery Timberlake All Cedar Wood Playhouse

It is one of the best wooden playhouses to welcome your kid’s whole gang warmly. It contains a well-settled roof with expansive windows. Therefore, sunny breezes can smoothly go through—the existence of flower pot holders, a cute half-door, and a snack window add extra charm to it. Let us remind you there is no inclusion of flowers in the package. The snack window will help parents to serve cool drinks or light foods from time to time. There is a kitchen with an artificial stove and a phone to develop their verbal skills through make-believe scenarios. So, having a Timberlake Cedar Wood playhouse will ensure everything to make your child feel he has his secure place.

The good news for the parents is it takes less than an hour to assemble this panelized house. Before buying any toy or play items, parents become more conscious about its safety. That’s why the Backyard Discovery manufacturer included Safe-T-Fuse locking nuts that do not let the house loosening over time. The maker used High strength steel brackets to combine all the significant components and powder coating to provide maximum protection from the elements. The application of 100% cedarwood in the swing sets and pergolas and non-toxic wood stain ensure its longevity. The high-quality plastic materials are UV defiant and resist mold and decay.

Special Features
  • Made from cedarwood
  • Panelized solution joined with safe T-fuse locking nuts.
  • Fully functional front door and expansive windows
  • Accessorized with flower shelves and kitchen
  • High strength steel bracket to assemble all the elements

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2. Step2 Happy Home Cottage & Grill Kids Playhouse

Step2 Happy Home Cottage & Grill Kids Playhouse

The pink playhouse is one of the most attractive solutions for girls. It represents a simple solution with a charming design that is easy to install. Because of plastic materials, this house is easy to clean when needed. The plastic is indestructible, so it will never fall apart. The exterior includes a working doorbell, a Dutch-style door, and a letterbox. The interior arrives with a kitchen, sink, fireplace, wall clock, and a phone!

Simultaneously, it combines playful colors such as pink for an improved appeal, especially for girls. You can install it inside the house, and on sunny days you can even consider installing outdoors as well.

The vast space inside the house is sufficient for your kid and her friends.

The open concept will provide adequate ventilation. An open concept playhouse also helps parents keep an eye on the children more cautiously than the houses with windows. It is simple to assemble, will not take more than one hour, looks great, strong enough for toddler play.

Special Features
  • An open concept design with a Dutch-style door
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Suitable for both the indoor and outdoor play
  • Features a pretend kitchen, sink, wallclock, phone, and fireplace

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3. Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

This playtime Patio will present an open-pavilion style with the sunshade. Therefore, it is perfect for your outdoor fun in the sun and large enough for multiple kids to play together at once. It comes with all you need so that your toddlers can enjoy an authentic outdoor experience. With a pretend kitchen and grill area, it comes with plenty of playing possibilities. It even has functional front doors, perfectly outlined according to toddlers’ height.

The well-proportioned natural stone around the primary foundation with the neutral color palette creates an attractive design. Children can play and interact from both the inside and the outside. That’s why it represents one of the most exciting solutions while so many kids are playing together. At the same time, it allows the parents to keep an eye on the toddlers.

You can also purchase an additional pack of accessories with extra toys for more playing possibilities. It is a well-designed house perfect for 2 to 6 years. A kitchen space with a sink and a dish set will give the children an ideal sketch of an actual kitchen. With so many accessories within one playhouse will let them act out according to their imaginary scenarios and develop their communication and language skills!

Special Features
  • Open pavilion-style design with extra canopy for sunny days
  • Easy to assemble
  • The spacious interior offers enough space.
  • Features a full kitchen settings
  • Provides sand and water play area with several accessories
  • Offers a Snack table with a dish set

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4. Backyard Discovery Deluxe Cedar Mansion Wooden Playhouse

 Backyard Discovery Deluxe Cedar Mansion Wooden Playhouse

This Cedar Mansion playhouse is one of the most stylish options to consider. It comes with an elegant design, totally exceptional from your child’s regular toys. The wooden appeal ensures better durability, and various panels make the installation process quick and comfortable. There is a side door which makes entry and departure more fun for the youngsters.

It comes with a veranda surrounded by a railing, and there is an Adirondack chair as well. A snack bench in the front window, a dual stove, a sink, and plenty of spaces inside the house made it suitable for many children. Therefore, too many accessories might take you longer to install compared to other solutions on the market.

This playhouse has a wooden floor inside, a front bell, a play carriage light, and a long flower box that will make the exterior design spectacular. Keep in mind that the addition of Flowers is not within this package.
With beautiful windows similar to real windows in design, Kids will love the Deluxe Cedar Mansion for years to come!

Special Features
  • Made from cedarwood
  • Designed with a porch surrounded by a railing
  • Includes an imaginative kitchen and an Adirondack chair
  • Adds both a front and back door for easy entrance and escape

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5. American Plastic Toy My First Playhouse

American Plastic Toy My First Playhouse

The durable plastic application within this simple design made the playhouse one of the leading options for longevity. It is light to carry, inexpensive, and cute, ideal for toddlers who can begin playing immediately. It does not come with too many accessories. Still, the multiple interactive features, like, doorbell, tabletop, and mailbox will help your toddlers to use their imagination while playing with it.

It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. The 36 inches doorways will perfectly suit 2 to 4 years. This design also comes with a single-window and three open sides for the parents’ to give a watchful eye to the kids.

The plastic panels will help to install the house quickly. In case you discover any rough edges after buying one, sand them off before handing them to your kiddo.

Special Features
  • Minimalistic design, easy to install, and carry
  • Suitable for both the indoor and outdoor play
  • Includes interactive options like doorbell and mailbox
  • Arrives with imaginative window

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6. KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse

KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse

The Modern Outdoor Playhouse by Kidkraft is undoubtedly a fancy house where your kids will have a ton of fun. The whole exterior and interior design will give the kids a feeling of exploring a real home. The hip tiles on the roof and plenty of extra seating make this house a one-of-a-kind design.

Your toddlers will love the ability to use the pretend grill, which comes with a removable lid, a kitchen menu board, and a dummy sink. It also includes a real mailbox, a curtain on the windows, and a snack table. Made with large doors, it represents one of the cabin-like playhouses which toddlers love.

The maker made this house with reinforced wooden panels, so weathering can not misshape the product. While it is not recommended for adults to sit on the chairs of the picnic table, it can support all toddlers’ weight.

It has no open spaces, surrounded by wooden panels. So if you are that type of parent who loves to keep a watchful eye on your children all the time, it might not be the best solution for you. But suppose you are looking for a durable playhouse that is easy to work with and allows you great functionality and durability beyond the classic playhouse. In that case, it can be a solution to consider. It represents a modern solution, every accessory possible within it, and more durable than the average alternative playhouse.

Special Features
  • Numerous dummy accessories within one playhouse
  • Made with reinforced wood
  • Free from weathering and warping
  • A cabin-like house includes a grill with a removable lid.

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7. Step2 Charming Cottage Kids Playhouse

Step2 Charming Cottage Kids Playhouse

This playhouse comes with a full set of accessories. It represents a solution that is easy to work on and allows toddlers to play both inside and outside. Simultaneously, it comes with various accomplices like a fireplace with a sitting edge, mantle with artwork, piled stone, and faux wood finishing. These accessories also pretend kitchen sink with a swiveling faucet, molded-in storage, and skylight that create more fun in this make-believe game. The molded-in storage helps kids have a cozy shelf space to keep their small toys and books. As with most similar designs, it also comes with a realistic doorbell. However, many parents can see this as a minor disadvantage as it can get tiresome to continuously hear the doorbell.

Manufacturers used plastic panels to make the installation process easy. You first need to install the walls of the playhouse and allow them to come together safely. Then, install the roof of the playhouse, which also acts as the panel that keeps the playhouse’s walls together. Since it is a large design, you might even need some help to install it. Among all the exciting solutions on the market, this playhouse represents one of the most convenient solutions.

Special Features
  • Includes some delightful features like fireplace, kitchen sink, and molded in-storage
  • It comes with a real doorbell.
  • Made with plastic panels
  • Easy installation process

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8. The WonderFold – Keter Easy to Fold Children’s Folding Playhouse

The WonderFold – Keter Easy to Fold Children’s Folding Playhouse

The house assures effortless installation; it takes 10 minutes maximum to build one. It arrives with just two pieces: the walls and the roof. Several locking positions hold it together and make it sturdy. It provides a perfect size for toddlers or preschoolers but can easily fit kids of several ages. You can set it in your house during the winter and in the yard during the summer.

The folding design allows parents to transport it easily. Simultaneously, as it maintains a simple profile, it represents one of the most impressive solutions for better durability.

The design includes doorways and open windows that allow the kids to play both inside and outside. It uses simple panels that are quick to install. It is easily portable and will allow you to enjoy an excellent experience for your toddlers while away from home as well. It folds into a suitcase design, and you can take it to different locations such as kids’ parties, beach resorts, or some of your relatives’ houses.

Special Features
  • Innovative folding design, easily portable
  • Includes doorways and open windows
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Quick and easy fixing
  • Requires no tool to assemble

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9. Cedar Summit Greystone Cottage Toddler Playhouse

Cedar Summit Greystone Cottage Toddler Playhouse

Your kids a real home’s vibe while playing in this house made with wood and plastic. It represents a solution for many toddlers, and it puts their imagination to work with plenty of accessories. It offers one of the most recommended solutions in terms of size. So, when you need to allow multiple toddlers inside the playhouse, it will ease the situation. There is a pretend telephone, doorbell, a stove, a sink with a swiveling faucet, a wall clock, and a red flag. Inside the playhouse, these accessories will let the children enjoy their own spaces with full freedom. They will also find dummy pots and pans, making the playhouse the right entertainment center for boys and girls.

Installing the playhouse will take longer as it comes with an impressive size. With the sidewalls and front door installed, you will need to add the roof panels, which also come with windows, a chimney. The playhouse might take longer to install, but it represents one of the best solutions for its durability.

Special Features
  • It comes with a pretend kitchen with pots and pans.
  • Designed with a doorbell, a telephone, and a wall clock
  • It can easily accommodate multiple toddlers.

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10. Palplay Colorful Fun House

Palplay Colorful Fun House

While presenting the features of this colorful house by Palplay, let us acknowledge that the spacious and firm playhouse will entertain your children with hours of fun and imagination. The makers of Palplay used the highest quality raw materials. These materials are UV-resistant and provide both indoor and outdoor playing facilities.

This kids’ playhouse allows enough space for several kids to play at the same time. You can even fit an original table and some chairs inside if your kids want to do arts and crafts in the comfort of their own home.

The design also includes a door mail slot where kids can post and receive letters for real. There is a balcony, linked windows that open and shut, one open window, and one door that offers adequate ventilation. The House of Fun is perfectly safe to play. The lively pink & purple combination ensures a perfect gift for pink lovers. Palplay highly recommends this design for two to four age groups.

Special Features
  • Made with the highest quality raw materials
  • Spacious and sturdy, it resembles a real house.
  • Provides vast space for several kids to play comfortably
  • Includes an open design, a balcony, and hinged windows

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What to look for while searching for a playhouse?

There are a few simple guidelines you need to follow before purchasing a playhouse. Since every design is different, it needs to be attractive to your children. But at the same time, no one likes a complex setting. Therefore, the playhouse needs to offer a safe solution and easy installation.


As your beloved junior will stay a quality time there, safety should be the topmost priority while buying a playhouse. That’s why you have to stay focused on the designs which are the safest. With panel construction, you can enjoy one of the best solutions in terms of safety. But most playhouses also come with roofs. You need to ensure that the longevity of the roof to avoid accidents.

The safety of the playhouse also needs to be monitored in time. You need to pay special attention to each of the parts and areas of the house. Carefully check if it has any sharp corners, particularly at the peak points. The materials, especially the plastics, should be sunlight friendly; otherwise, excessive sun exposure may melt it down. Examine if there is any crack on doors and windows. Be wary about space and gaps.

If you have been thinking about buying a wooden house, make sure that the lumbers are thoroughly dried and well painted. If there is any peeling or chipped paint, your kid may accidentally swallow some.

Ease of installation

Many playhouses indeed come with an installation option available, but most of them are a bit costly. So if you don’t have the luxury to buy an assembled wooden playhouse, you should go for the home assembly option. Buy the one with an easy installation process, as you can’t spend a whole day or more than that to fix it.


A small playhouse having multiple toddlers within it isn’t a convenient place for children. One of the best tips for parents who want to use large playhouses is to choose outdoors’ designs. So you will have the possibility to select the options that work best for you and provide an adequate safety level.

Playhouses that are larger in capacity can even come with added accessories, including extra space. There are various designs, which include pretending picnic tables or extra chairs.

However, the largest is not always the best. You need to ensure you have enough space to store all the playhouse elements. A few manufacturers started focusing on foldable designs. Some are available in a suitcase-style format for carrying easily when necessary.


The accessories of the playhouse are essential as well. Accessories such as pretend kitchen with utensils and fake doorbells can make the day for kids.
Some playhouses come with no accessories at all. Several brands allow parents to purchase additional accessories if needed. In many cases, the accessories kids get to play with can engage their creativity. That is why you need to look for options that can be fun and allow your toddler to experience the play based on their imagination.


You should always invest in durable toys and playhouses to ensure maximum safety. Durable playhouses last for years; you can store and further utilize them. In the case of wooden playhouses, keep them away from moisture and storage them in basements.

Wooden playhouses also deliver a pleasant appearance. You need to ensure you are not leaving them outside in the rainy seasons or during the winter. Unstable weather often damages wooden particles. You need to focus on the right steps to preserve the wooden playhouses in good condition.


For storage purposes, plastic playhouses are the best. You can easily clean them with any detergent or only with water. They are easy to carry if you want to change the place or store them.

The design of the playhouse also plays a significant role if you want to save them for later. If you already have many toys and kids’ objects to store, wooden playhouses can feel like an extra burden. But if you are looking for a lightweight solution that is easy to carry, you should go for plastic alternatives.


The best outdoor playhouse is often the one that comes with two points of entry, two or more windows, and even an added porch. Houses that provide wide spaces, kitchen utensils, a flower garden, and many more objects will help youngsters become more creative and functional.

How to Build a Simple Playhouse?

If you want a permanent escape place for your angels, then you can build one by yourself. Although there are tons of playhouses on sale, making one on your own will give you the freedom to create what you want and with your desired style and size. Let your child cooperate with you in the whole process. It will boost a healthy parent-child relationship.

Choose the design

You can choose between a collapse playhouse or a stationary one. Then, collect the material according to the design you would like to follow. If you’re planning to relocate soon, buy a kit that you can assemble and disassemble with little effort. Create one that is lightweight for storage and ensures easy transportation.


Before building a playhouse for your kids, consider the space in your room. Will it be spacious enough to accommodate the kit? Will it be big enough to give your kids the freedom to play? To fix all of this, use measuring tape to pick a comfortable area inside or outside your home.

Maximum parents build a house to shift both indoors and outdoors to give kids the freedom to play during winter and summer months.

Determine the Total Cost

The cost of playhouse kits differs from one manufacturer to another. The material you need and the size are some factors that will affect the expenses. The supplies needed for building one might cost between $450 and $500. But you can also get cheaper materials.

Necessary Materials for Building the Playhouse

Once you decide on the design and the size of the playhouse, gather all the required materials. If you want a stationary playhouse, you’ll need screws, truss brackets, lumber, nails, plywood, and much more. These kits come with the instructional manual to guide you and make your work easy. Determine if you need extra supplies, from where to get them. Don’t forget to purchase the required measuring tape, a hammer saw, a pencil sawhorses, and a screwdriver.

Build the Playhouse

After gathering all the materials needed, the last task is building a modern playhouse for your kids. Ensure you generate a strong foundation to support the structure. If you want an elevated one, you can use wood blocks to raise the foundation. Then, lay the bond boards on the woodblocks, attach them, construct the wall and a roof. You can add accessories to give the playhouse a personal touch.

Make your kids comfortable and enjoy their childhood by constructing a playhouse for them. With the steps mentioned above, we are sure you will be in a position to build a durable, classy, and long-lasting one.


You need to have your own set of standards for all of the toys your children have. While choosing the best playhouse, ensure that it is fun for your toddlers, explore their behavioral and social abilities within a safe environment. It will help you create a cohesive plan for their toys. In this era of technology and video gaming, let your kids live in playhouses to generate their symbolic thinking skills at a higher level.