find here the best primer for textured skin

Best Primer for Textured Skin

Every woman loves to maintain flawless and dazzling skin. They used to explore plants and flowers to nourish their body, skin, and hair in the past. As time passed by, people started to invent too many skincare products so as makeup items. While numerous makeup items are essential for females, makeup primer has become one top choice for them to maintain their skin glaze for hours.

Amateurs or novices in makeup products may have a curiosity on mind about ‘what a makeup primer truly is!’ Makeup primer is the basic need to use before applying foundation drips or some other makeup essentials on your face to give a fresh look and maintain it upon hours. When you want a full-face party makeup or a simple but polished look, a makeup primer is necessary.

Before buying or using primers, one needs to discover her skin type, priorities, and skin desires. Sometimes, peer groups’ review may not help you if the primer’s ingredients do not adjust to your skin necessities. We reviewed some of the excellent products that claim to fulfill significant skin desires. Optimistically, it will help you to make the decision that you won’t ever regret.

1. bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer

bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer

Too much dust, polluted air, and the impact of changing weather often create a bad influence on your skin. While skin safety is the priority, you need some healthy facial products.

bareMinerals primer with a silicone-supported waterless formula can be a perfect primer for textured skin. The primer’s consistency is light, velvety, and smooth. It even covers most dry areas and the unevenness due to rosacea.

It is a non-toxic skincare item, doesn’t contain phenoxyethanol, and safe to apply even on sensitive skin. This item fights with so many skin problems like oiliness, dryness, shallow lines, uneven facial surface, etc. Its ingredients formulate a pore-free facial area and gift your skin a fresh look.

Plant extracts, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, are the principal constituent of this product. Vitamin E substances ensure skin’s firmness, and Vitamin C protects the skin from UV- cause breakages. Its antioxidant and no-preservative formula nourishes the skin from the inside and keeps it away from unnecessary damages.
This invention is trouble-free and will keep your makeup in place for at least 8 hours.

Special Features
  • Battle against serious skin issues
  • Ensures a long-last fresh look
  • Protects the surface from harmful UV damages
  • Do not irritate the skin at all.

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2. NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler Primer

NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler Primer

NYX Professional Makeup comes with this innovative primer that works as a pore filler and flourishes matt look on oily skin. Women who have been suffering from visible pores and acne-prone skin may use this product. It doesn’t cause any irritation or breakouts. Instead, it does a fantastic job in filling and smoothing out the facial texture. This pore filler primer can also help you in disguising stubborn acne scars. A tiny drop goes a long way.

With Vitamin E’s nourishment, this NYX primer claims to lessen the pore emergence, reduce excessive shine from the face, and make the skin ready for makeup. This primer is a must-wear item on your skin before using makeup like foundation, powder, and concealer. Therefore, one can hide her visible facial pores and smoothen the ashen, radish, or pale arena of the surface.

Several makeup item producers use their products on animals in the experiment process if it has any side effects. We want to clarify that this one is PETA certified as they do not test any of their products on animals.

Special Features
  • Reduces extra shine from the greasy face
  • Ensures smoothness, faultless base
  • Requires a small amount to ensure the perfect base.

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3. TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer

TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer

Large visible pores and uneven skin surfaces are a nightmare no one wants to face in reality. Still, these happen in real life, and we start to find the solution to survive. TOUCH IN SOL initiated such products named Pore Blem Primer that serve as a pore corrector and make the skin ideal and glazing. It is a product for both people who love to use makeup and those who do not.

The lotion-like texture spreads promptly, dries fast, leaving no weird residue, sinks right in the skin, and transmits a superior soft smoothness.

The green tea extracts recipe energizes the skin, fights against UV damages, and provides an anti-aging rescue. This No Pore Blem Primer assures a perfect skin color and long-lasting makeup wear.

The soluble collagen level within this liquid improves the skin’s humidity level and flexibility. It produces an indistinguishable coat that performs as a blockade to harmful elements. Applying it after using moisturizer may help you get a flawless finish.

Special Features
  • Lotion-like consistency that leaves no residue on the surface
  • Smoothes the uneven skin area
  • Fights against harmful UV rays
  • So light and delicate as a long-time facial wear
  • Collagen protein to moisturize the skin

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4. Benefit the POREfessional Face Primer

Benefit the POREfessional Face Primer

These days, dermatologists claim that most of the patients suffer from severe skin pore problems. Pores contain holes in the facial surface through which dirt, harmful environmental elements, and unsafe gases penetrate the skin and create serious damage. People with severe skin pore or stoma problems often search for such products to minimize their pore so that their skin gets protection. For their concern, POREfessional face primer by Benefit comes with an effective formula.

This product can lessen the pore emergence, crinkles, and inappropriate lines on skin and create a velvety surface. Users have the choice to apply it over the makeup or under it.

It is a lightweight tube that easily fits within your purse, clutches. The texture is suitable for every skin kind. Its semi-transparent formula using Vitamin E as an ingredient keeps the skin protected and blocks dangerous objects from entering inside the skin.

It often conceals large pores, and a small tube is enough for regular use for a year.

Special Features
  • Promptly reduces skin pores.
  • Applicable for both bare skin and over makeup
  • Flatters every skin and tone types
  • Blocks environmental aggressors to enter the skin

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5. Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer

For people who suffer from the oily facial surface and pore-prone skin, this Step 1 equalizer primer by Makeup For Ever promises to give them a matte look and minimize the pore emergence. This one contains a thick consistency but provides a smooth finishing.

This primer includes lightweight formula and magnesium-aluminum-silicate, which absorbs excess oil and eliminates unnecessary shine from the face.

We need to clarify that this primer is not for applying all over the face if you have combination skin. You may use it only on the oily surface, especially on your T-zone, but don’t apply it in the dry part. This primer is not healthy for dry skin because its oil-absorbing matte texture may make your face uncomfortably dried.

The mild aroma of Cinnamon also ensures a feel-good experience. It is not too glossy, yet the smooth look will make you love it.

Special Features
  • Ensures an oil-free matte look.
  • Hides skin imperfection, hydrates, and nourishes
  • Absorbs excess oil, eliminates unwanted shine.
  • Assures a smoothen surface

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6. Smashbox Photo Finish Minimize Pores Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Minimize Pores Primer

Smashbox’s Photo finish pore primer trims down the pore-emergences up to eight hours. As the oily surface is the main reason for pore appearance, this product is an oil-free mattifier that reduces blemishes right away.

It is the ideal formula for oily skin and oily facial surfaces of combination skin. This odorless, tinted primer has a smooth consistency that makes softer skin and instantly creates furnished skin. It will not block pores or grounds outbreaks. It’s waterproof, features a soft-slither surface, and works as a perfect base before applying makeup.

This makeup base is one of the best primers. It hides and smooths acne scars and enlarged pores. It keeps makeup away from breaking down and looking shiny for at least 5 to 6 hours.

Special Features
  • Silky-smooth, trouble-free-blend texture
  • Light, pore-filler, aroma free
  • Conceals and levels large facial scars
  • It ensures an unblemished look (5 to 6 hours minimum)
  • Free from harmful chemicals

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How Primers can Help to Make Textured Skin Smoother

Using a primer can be your shield in a battle if you have greasy or dry skin or have an uneven skin nature. How? Hopefully, the following details will help you to understand a little better.

Two types of primers are in trend nowadays; Silicone-based and water-based. Generally, people with too many large skin pores and lines use silicone primers to get a soft, smooth finishing. Silicone’s water-absorbing formula helps in maintaining skin hydration and protection for long. Alternatively, plenty of users bothered by their greasy skin pattern want a natural hydrated look for hours. Water-based primers are a fortunate invention for them. Its water-based flimsy gesture moisturizes the skin, keeps the look natural, and boosts your confidence.

For people who suffer from skin dryness, moisturizing primers are now accessible in the market. These primers have the aptitude to save your skin from waterlessness, aging, bad skin condition, the deadly force of sunlight, and so on. So, these primers guarantee both your skin glaze and hydration from the inside.

Due to dust and pollution, your nourished skin surface sometimes starts to feel imperfect and pale. Every now and often, acne, pimple, uneven tones of your skin may hamper your mood. In that case, sparkling particles used in primers may help your textured surface a little bit smoother.

In case of too much oil or radiance, matte primers lessen unwanted shines and manage skin balance. Some primers exist with a tinted formula which is the therapy of uneven skin complexion.

Factors You Need to Consider before Purchasing a Primer:

Not everyone considers makeup primers as their everyday essentials. Still, on special days everyone tries their level best to look appealing. For those occasions, primers are a must facial wear.

Having textured skin, you may face trouble before buying any skincare or makeup products. Anyway, there are some issues you always need to keep in mind before purchasing a primer.


Plenty of primers are available in the market, which causes skin rashes, creates pimples and other skin problems. Some of them give you an instant spectacular look but damages your facial glamour for the long run. Thus, dermatologists always suggest carefully checking the ingredients in any makeup or beauty product.

Your skin type

Generally, there are four kinds of skin types. Oily skin produces extra grease all the time, whether dry skin does not make the necessary amount of oil your skin needs. Standard skin holders have nourished skin with a balanced portion of every essential element on the skin. People with combination skin have a mixed skin type. Their T zones are more oily compared to the cheek area.

To choose a makeup primer, you need to know the category of your skin first. Like; if your skin produces extra oil all the time, a matte primer can be the elegant choice. On the other hand, primers with hydrating formula will help you if your skin suffers from dryness. Some particular products are available in the market for combination skin holders to balance both the greasy and dried parts of your skin.

No matter how much brand value the primer has, how many good reviews it has been getting, if it does not suit your skin type, investing in it will probably be a disaster.

Side- effects

Sometimes people face skin sensitivity towards some ingredients. Like, you can have healthy skin, yet there can be some ingredients that do not suit your skin. Awareness regarding those items is a necessity. Read the ingredients used in a primer before buying it. Otherwise, it may increase your problem instead of trim it down.


Best makeup primer brands claim to lessen your skin barriers and gift you a flawless shiny look. It has the capacity to long last your makeup as well as increase the glaze of your skin when you prefer a simple look. Therefore choosing the ideal one is one difficult decision.

Hopefully, this article will make your difficult choice a little bit easy and make your Primer experience a cherished one.