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5 Best Sippy Cups For Breastfeeding Babies in 2022

While kids start to grow up, they need to get used to an open-mouth cup, providing proper flow, positioning, and sensory input, which will help them to learn how to drink independently. Sippy cups are the perfect choice for making this process easier. Pediatricians urge parents to choose a cup or mug formula between the 6 to 18 months aging period.

Among varieties of options, picking the spill-proof, soft spout is quite challenging. While kids’ comfort is the issue, a better flow is mandatory. Also, sippy cups that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean save parents’ time and energy. Keeping all these features in mind, choosing the best one is time-consuming. Not anymore, especially when you have an article with all the information about some best sippy cups for breastfed babies. Read ahead to know more.


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Latch transition cup

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OXO transitions

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nuk learner

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muchkin miracle 360

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Best 5 Sippy Cups for Breastfeeding Babies:

6 to 12 months is a transition stage for your baby. At this time, they can grip stuff but can’t hold for minutes, so they drop a lot. Therefore, if you’re looking to add a sippy cup to move the kid away from breastfeeding, getting a leak-proof sippy cup is essential. Also, the handles require to be removable, and your kid also needs a cup that’s gentle on teeth gum.

Putting all these features in mind, here is our pick for the five best sippy cups for breastfeeding babies.

Latch transition Cup by Munchkin

Muchkin’s Latch transition sippy cup arrives with an innovative, flexible spout design for babies from 4 months and up. While transitioning from breast to cup, kids often refuse to drink. Thus Muchkin made this product with accordion-style where silicone spout moves with the baby when they drink. So, they will not feel much change.

The latch spout arrives with slow flow compared to other sippy cups available in the market. Thus, it is the perfect choice for babies of 4 to 10 months. Several customers declared that they spent hundreds on too expensive bottles and nothing worked until they purchased it.

If the child doesn’t want to drink from it at first, the colorful and exciting design will make her play with and mouth it automatically after some time. There is an anti-colic valve inside, which breaks up the bubbles and reduces gas and fussiness after feedings.

The easy-grip handles are detachable, and the cup is spillproof. However, the Latch may leak if babies try to play with the spout like any soft-spouted sippy cup. But the leak is minor compared to the other soft-spout models.

This product is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. You can easily disassemble them for effective cleaning and assemble them again.

Special Features
  • The soft and flexible silicone spout moves with the baby
  • Prevents air bubble to reduce gas
  • Handles are easily detachable
  • Ideal for 4+ month babies

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NUK Learner Sippy Cup

NUK Learner’s sippy cup introduced an ideal sippy cup for 6+ month babies with a no-spill promise. The soft silicone spout made for delicate gums provides dental-friendly options for the kids. While breastfed babies often deny accepting a new drinking option, the cute animated designs may often attract them to play with it, then chew the spout enthusiastically.

The removable handle option will allow you to take the handles off if you think she will end up chewing the handle rather than drinking out of the top. Most of the clients admired the design and shared that the nipple is perfect for their junior to enjoy the drink in a slow-motion.

The 100% silicone-made spout is soft and textured than other models. It is tender on the baby’s gum, teeth, and palate. The plastic quality is excellent and will help babies easily accept other sippies or drinking cups. The removable handles and a cover helps to keep the product clean when not in use.
This BPA-free, dishwasher-safe product is easy to assemble after a profound cleansing. In case you don’t have a dishwasher, it is also safe to handwash. You may scrub the itty bitty parts with a toothbrush.

Special Features
  • Arrives with easy-grip, spill-proof, anti-slip solution
  • Dishwasher safe, Easy to clean
  • Ensures easy flow and gentle on teeth gum
  • Ideal for 6+ month babies

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OXO Transitions Straw Cup

While you don’t appreciate a traditional sippy cup and searching for something great for 9+ months’ babies’ oral development, the OXO Transitions straw cup is an ideal choice. Its rotating lid option maintains a clean straw and also avoids leaking. There is a volume marking on the zar to track how much the baby consume in every feeding.

The straw is soft and will not cause any injury. The easy-grip settings will allow the kid to handle it on his own. Parents admire this product more than the other options, especially for the no-leaking facility. Pediatricians often suggest a cup with a straw for breastfed babies who refuse to accept any other bottle options. Therefore, purchasing this one may help.

This sippy cup is easy to suck, and kids will habituate with it after 2 to three feeding. It is effortless to clean. As the straw part is very narrow, a straw cleaner will make the cleaning process easy. The lid is long-lasting. One can easily use the same one for six months and more.

Special Features
  • Introduces a rotating lid to keep the straw clean
  • Facilitates leak-proof drinking
  • Removable handles provide a comfortable grip
  • Long-lasting and easy to clean

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ZoLi BOT Straw Sippy Cup

Several straw cup solutions arrive with a stiff straw, where ZoLi BOT comes with a flexible soft straw weighted at the bottom. The manufacturer used SILIFLEX straw technology with a weighted ball design that helps the liquid move with the straw. It enables the baby to gulp the last drop of his beverages no matter which angle he turns the cup.

The straw cup is big, contains handles, and completely leak-proof. Several parents affirmed that it didn’t leak even when their kid threw it in the ground.

This product is non-toxic, BPA, Phthalate-free, and completely dishwasher safe. Though the cleaning process is a little complicated, you may wash it on a dishwasher. If you want to clean it by hand, keep the lid shut, fill the cup with super hot soapy water, and shake the cup. Flip the top back and pushed the soapy water. Repeat the process with hot soap-free water. However, avoid putting it in a microwave. Otherwise, the carbonated beverages will get spoil.

ZoLi BOT Straw Sippy Cup offers a variety of colors to the customers. You might get a replacement straw and brush cleaner set as well.

Special Features
  • Soft, flexible straw to comfort the baby
  • The cup is extensive and contains handles
  • Dishwasher safe, also suitable for hand wash
  • Available in several colors

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Philips Avent Natural Trainer Sippy Cup

Though several parents love their baby’s response with a sippy cup, many of them still think constantly chewing a straw and the process of a straw cup is not suitable for kids’ oral health. Here comes Philips Avent Natural Trainer Sippy Cup. It is a great transition cup, especially for those who are still on the bottle or breastfeeding.

It comes with two nipples, one in shape as the nipple, and the other is a miracle 360 sippy cup. You may introduce the junior with the bottle nipple to teach how to hold and tip the cup. The nipple is secure at the top to prevent any spills. Once the baby masters the technique, then swap the nipple with the sippy cup for better flow. In this way, babies become easily adjust between bottle and sippy cups. Both the nipples are very soft.

You may wash it in a dishwasher. This product is easy to assemble. The BPA-free formula does not initiate any side effects.

Special Features
  • Facilitates transition from breastfeeding to bottle to sippy cup
  • Arrives with two nipple facilities
  • Suitable for 4+months babies
  • BPA-free, dishwasher safe product

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Which One is the Best Sippy Cup to Transition to Cup or Mug?

According to Pediatricians, parents need to familiarize their 12+ months babies with a cup or mug from a milk bottle. While going through massive research, you will found that Munchkin Miracle 360 sippy cup is the best for this transition.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup


These sippy cups are incredible for getting your little one to switch from a milk bottle. Numerous parents approved that it is 95% spillproof, and the build quality is superb. While handling sippy cups, little ones often throw cups, knock them to the ground. But there is no chance of physical damage while the product is Munchkin Miracle 360 sippy cup. These sippies are great even without the lid on, as they will make your kid accustomed to a natural cup.

The flow rate is quite fast. After filling the warm milk and closing the lid, make sure to press down on the heart tab. This way pushes out the air, preventing leaks.

The cleansing process is also easy. You have to clean the cup, the heart-tab-silicone-rim, and the white part at the top. For deep cleaning, take the plastic-colored topper off and put it in the dishwasher or hand wash. You can use a fork to discharge the rubber washer from the white lid portion, clean under the area, and put it back on. It will not take more than 1 minute.

Special Features
  • Kids may use this even after toddler years
  • 360 degrees drinking edge to prevent leak
  • Automatically sealed option
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe

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How to transition a breastfed baby from breastfeeding to a sippy cup easily?

It’s not always simple to make a breastfed baby feel comfortable with a sippy cup. It needs time, tactics, and motivation.

1. A lightweight sippy cup that’s light to grab

A lightweight sippy cup makes the transition process a lot easier. Choose one specially made for little hands that arrive with easy-grip handles and silicone spout. Smart sippies are those which are leak-free and ensure comfortable drinking.

2. Let him play

For a kid, everything around him is a toy. The kid may drop the cup on the floor more often and want you to pick it up for him. Though it is frustrating sometimes, it’s all part of getting used to something new. After bringing used to throwing and picking games, introduce him to the tactics for drinking, and hopefully, he will catch on.

3. Offer cup first

When your baby is hungry, keep him away from breastfeeding. Instead, try to make him drink from a sippy cup. Due to the hunger, he will drink from it and get familiar with it.

4. Carry him with the same cuddle

Apply the same position you use when breastfeeding the baby. The same closeness will make him feel secure and accept the sippy cup more easily.

It will take time for a breastfed child to get comfortable with having a drink from a sippy cup. He may refuse for unlimited times, but you have to keep patience and hang in there.

Can you feed formula in a sippy cup?

Yes! You can feed formula in a sippy cup. The transformation to a sippy cup can start after your child becomes six months old. Using sippy cups encourages good oral health and inhibits speech issues. However, you should not continue to feed formula to your baby after 18 months. Otherwise, they risk dental and speech problems.

What if Your Baby Refuses a Sippy Cup?

When the little one turns his head away, that’s the sign that he doesn’t want more even though he hasn’t had much. And it’s a signal for you to put the sippy cup away until another meal. By the age of two, he will accept a cup anyway.

Speak to your child’s pediatrician if he continuously refuses a cup for months. A good doctor may help you make the transition, refer you to some process, or introduce another expert who can help you.


The diversity of sippy cups available in the market can easily make parents confused. Therefore, we broke down the information and details they need to make their decision-making process smoother. We investigated pediatricians’ and dentists’ recommendations to ensure top-rated sippy cups aligned with child wellness. We also searched for a potent, simple, reliable sippy cup formula for use at home, in the car, or at the park. Before purchasing a sippy cup, examine the features of these six sippy cups we’ve mentioned above and make a choice.