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Best Tarte Mascara

Tarte is a brand name that beauty experts now love and trust. Launched only twenty years earlier, this brand soon gained immense popularity by committing towards the high-quality. Natural components in their products, free of artificial dyes, fragrances, and chemicals, also made them out of the box. As a consequence, many eco-conscious clients gather for their products, particularly when looking for mascara options. We use mascara to enhance the beauty of one of the most sensitive places on our faces. Our eyes are the most thin-skinned part of the body. And when you’re applying something around the eye areas, it’s vital to know what’s in the products.
So, read on to find out more about Tarte mascara preferences. It will facilitate you in deciding which one is the exact fit for you.


Best 6 Tarte mascaras of 2022

The collection of these mascara brands is magnificent. You will get confused while choosing among the wide varieties. So, to make your confusion a little less, we are discussing six top compilations. We hope that it will help you to stick to a decision.

Tarte Cosmetics 4-in-1 Natural Mascara

Tarte Cosmetics 4-in-1 Natural Mascara

Tarte Cosmetics are providing four facilities within one beauty product. It boosts lash volume with lengthening, curling, and conditioning. The assurance of increasing lash volume is 424%. It is a vegan solution that curls and detaches every eyelash. It contains a 360-degree magni-lash wand that generates a defined look.

Tarte Cosmetics Lights Camera Lashes contains Rice bran, Olive esters, Vitamin C, Provitamin B5, Carnauba, etc. Rice Bran is a natural wax that helps to increase the length of the lashes. Carnauba wax ensures a smooth mascara application. What is Carnauba wax? It is an emollient made from carnauba palm trees. In the formulation, Provitamin B5 works to hydrate and improve the lash appearance.

We all know that Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, protects the surface from free radicals. In terms of conditioning, treating, and protecting eyelashes, Olive Esters help the formula so well. There are mineral pigments to soothe and soften the lash lines.

If you use a contact lens, use this product without a doubt. It is an Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested brand that is safe for contact lens users.

Special Features
  • Curls & detaches every lash
  • Generates natural voluminous lashes
  • Olive esters to condition and nourish
  • Vitamin C to fight with free radicals
  • Provitamin B5 for proper hydration

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Tarte Maneater Magnetic Volumptuous Mascara

Tarte Maneater Magnetic Volumptuous Mascara

Tarte Maneater Magnetic is a lightweight triple-black formula that volumizes lengthens and curls your eyelashes within minutes. This mascara contains a soft-flex brush that features over 500 bendable bristles. These bristles twist and coat eye tresses with intense pigment. This triple-black formula boosts lash growth and styles them.

Maneater Magnetic contains Jojoba and Carnauba wax. Jojoba is a natural soothing and conditioning compound. Thus it hydrates the lashes, protects them from falling, and strengthens from the inside. Carnauba wax generates from the leaves of the carnauba palm. Due to having soothing properties, Carnauba wax ensures a smooth application, including lengthening and volumizing advantages.

A custom-molded brush has triple black liquid surroundings. Start to apply from the near lash line and pull towards the top. Use the fanned bristles to coat the inner and outer corners. Twice coating will enhance the volume and drama.

Special Features
  • Volumizes and lengthens eyelashes
  • Curls and coats with even, intense pigment
  • Jojoba to hydrate, soothe and protect
  • Carnauba wax for smooth application

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Tarte Cosmetics Clay Mascara

Tarte Cosmetics Clay Mascara

The first and only smart mascara made by amazonian clay. It is a unique makeup item that delivers the benefit and volume that your eye tresses desire. Some people suffer from the dry lash problem. Their eye tresses become parched and create lash fall. In these cases, Tarte Cosmetics Clay Mascara helps to lengthen and condition the eyelash area. It repairs and refills the dry and breakable eye hairs.

This mascara works the whole time from applying to removing. It helps the lashes to enact, become healthier, and more reliable. Thus, lash loss becomes less, and the health your eye line hair improves.

Amazonian clay is famous for harmonizing, nourishing, hydrating, repairing, and refilling. It offers you more voluminous eye tresses, prevents the lash loss, and boosts the whole eye look immensely.

Special Features
  • Lengthens and conditions the eye tresses
  • Repairs and replenishes the dry lashes
  • Prevents lash loss and encourages lash health

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Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara

Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara

The pigment of the mascara is intense. It provides your eyelashes a pitch-black pigment. Because of this pigment, your lashes become long bold, and the eyes grow wide. The brush contains widely spaced bristles, which help significantly to separate every single hair. The wand is short and does not plug or create any inconvenience.

The lash paint preserves enough water and liquid paraffin in their formula. So, the surface gets enough hydration and does not face itching. The method also contains Glycerical acid to ensure a soft and smooth application. Stearic acid helps to protect the skin against water loss. So, whenever you are using Tarte Tartiest, do not tense about dehydration or parchedness.

Let your lashes dry after the first application. When the first coat becomes dry, apply the second one. It will offer additional volume and glaze to your tresses. So, make your eyes pop with this eye makeup with no bank-breaking.

Special Features
  • Evenly colors each lash
  • Delivers pitch-black pigment
  • Widely spaced bristles
  • Separates and lengthens every single lash

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Tarte Big Ego Vegan Mascara

Tarte Big Ego Vegan Mascara

The main ingredients of this Big Ego Vegan mascara are Babassu, Glycerin, and Panthenol. Panthenol has Vitamin B5 properties that contain antioxidant and soothing possessions. Babassu nurtures the lash hairs where Glycerin helps to hydrate and moisturize.

It is ultra-black vegan mascara that boosts the curves of your lash lines. The wide bristles and the black pigment generate a broad eye look and last it for up to 16 hours.

The process of this makeup production is cruelty-free. Tarte does not believe in making the clients beautiful by irritating or killing animals. This product is also free of parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, mineral oil, and triclosan. If you are hesitating to use beauty products because of irritation and itchiness, you can try this.

Special Features
  • Nourishes and conditions the eye tresses
  • Offers perfect volume to your lashes
  • Contains twisted bristles with double fibers
  • Provides the utmost pigment
  • Cruelty-free, vegan product
  • Free of harmful constituents

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Tarte athleisure essentials

Tarte athleisure essentials

Prepared for the active young women whose every day lie in her gym bag. This set gives you a hydrated, shimmering skin tone and natural color on the eye tresses. The kits gift your lips to carry yourself high from work out to dinner date.

Company adresseses the product as gym bag grabs essentials. Whenever you prepare a gym bag, remembering your makeup essentials and putting it in the kit is time-consuming. So, this product arrived in the market. These athleisure essentials contain four makeup essentials like wipes, mascara, moisturizer, and lipstick.

The mascara is sweat proof. So, the black-brown pigment of the liquid sustains for long. The moisturizer with highlighting capacity increases the glaze of the skin tone. The lip rescue ensures the lip nourishment. There are waterproof eye makeup remover wipes. Therefore, you can clean your eyes anytime.

These athleisure essentials are a vegan product. You get the lifted lash look, hydrated and brightening complexion within one formula. Thus, getting four facilities within one purchase, add limited-edition gym bag grabs athleisure essentials in your cart.

Special Features
  • Sweatproof mascara with black-brown pigment
  • Four essentials within one bag
  • Lifts the lash look & gifts the dewy lips
  • Hydrates the complexion
  • None of the products are harsh, itchy or comedogenic

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How do you apply Tarte mascara?

Do you desire to have eyelashes that are longer, thicker, and more volumizing? For any kind of lash augmentation, volumizing, lengthening choose mascaras from Tarte cosmetics. They deliver faster growth lashes with their waterproof solution. The size of the wand and the bristle of the brushes help to maintain the defined look. When discussing numerous benefits, you also desire to know how to use them.

The dark black pigmented sticky liquid will always take your lashes into another level. The combination of the method and the costumed engineered molded brush help a lot. The brush is dual-sided. One side is softer than the other. Initiate your application using the shorter softer side to set down the mineral-rich formula on your lashes. If you’re not sure, let your finger touch the brush and feel which side is more delicate. Next, spin the wand. Use the longer plus harder side, which acts like a lash comb to lengthen and detach every lash. Once you finish the whole application, you’ll see the increase in volume and changed eye look.


Is Tarte mascara all-natural?

Tarte is a brand found by Maureen Kelly in 2000. They have a massive collection of mascaras in gorgeous covering and tons of varieties. And they’re one of the most versatile organic makeup brands that can beat other companies’ collection.

Hearing on such success about a beauty product brand, consumers assume that the ingredients of Tarte are all-natural. But that does not true. It indeed contains so many natural ingredients. Still, a certain number of artificial ingredients also exist. Aartificial does not mean they are harmful. Those ingredients subsist in the formula to make the product more potent.

So far, Tarte mascaras are cruelty-free eye makeup products. They are noncomedogenic, non-allergic, and free of any harmful ingredients, e.g., parabens, synthetic fragrances. It also formulated without mineral oils and sulfates. You will not find any gluten. Therefore, if you are scared of unnecessary itchiness or allergies, you may choose the product being fearless.


Is bareMinerals better than Tarte?

Both the bareMinerals and Tarte create positive changes to your looks. However, each of them serves different purposes. Products of Bareminerals are a little matte and suits well on an oily surface. But Tarte contains more shimmer and moisturizing ingredients, especially the mascaras. Aqua, water, or other skin hydrating ingredients exist in Tarte mascaras. So, eye curls do not become dry and stay hydrated and moisturized for hours. In this manner, your eyes do not face unnecessary lashes fall and remain wide.

As well, Tarte achieved more brand recognition than bareMinerals. It is free of cruelty, paraben, gluten, and other harmful ingredients. Therefore, it is better if customers prefer Tarte before bareMinerals.


What factors do you need to consider finding the best Tarte mascara for you?

Tarte cosmetics have a huge demand in the market for their hydrating capacities and superior product quality. But still, you need to consider the following factors while choosing Tarte mascara.

Separates every single lash

Bristles of a mascara wand are one significant ingredient to maintain your defined lash look. Choose wide spaced, twisted bristles over anything. It will enter into the gap between each lash hair. These bristles of a brush work as lash comb, detaches every lash ideally. Thus, instantly your eye tresses become longer, structured and bold.

Nourished with fruitful ingredients

Water, aqua, antioxidants, mineral pigments, olive asters, rice bran wax, carnauba wax are some compounds an ideal mascara formula needs. Among them, some of the ingredients help to hydrate the hairs on the lash line. Other ingredients condition, protect, and nourish the tresses. Antioxidants protect your lashes from free radicals; mineral pigments confirm the safe yet deep coloring. Rice bran wax lengthens the lash appearance.

Waterproof, sweatproof

No one wants an eye makeup application that will effect by sweating or watering the face. If sweating hampers your look, then you will look unattractive and messy. Therefore, to make the mascara look long-lasting and sustaining up to sixteen hours, you need to choose one with waterproof, sweatproof efficiency.


There are several mascara brands. Still, for several reasons, Tarte became the market leader and gained too much popularity. For an instant voluminous look, defined lash surface, and deep hydration, no brand can beat this trade name.