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Best Under Eye Primer

What is the point of doing a smokey eye when it betrays you in the mid-way, creates an automatic smokey under-eye? No, smokey under-eyes are less in fashion, more into hiding. It’s not every other eye primers that saves our eye makeup from creasing or hide our wrinkles under eyes. But some of them really are aware of their jobs.

Concealers are a must for us, night bloomers. But, the hollow portion of the eye doesn’t like the concealer often, so it displaces, making it look like a badly washed sunscreen. Researching on the misfortune, we found some treasures that our stubborn eyes exactly needed.

Do you really need an eye primer?

Or should I say, do you want your concealer/eye shadow to show its real game? Eye primer is more like an “eye savior” that moisturizes and keeps your makeup locked in its place. Got wrinkles? Get eye primer. Want bright, full eyes? Get eye primer. Hate that puffy eye? You know what I’m about to say. An eye primer, of course.

Even for a natural look, to brighten, to reduce puffiness, eye primer is a great help. I, personally, use eye primers a lot, I’ve even tried some of them on the list. Works great on my skin, even my hollow eyes don’t get much shadowed. If you have dark circles around your eyes, I think, an eye primer can do its job on you. There are many eye primers that don’t make you wait for drying, those come in great help in emergency situations.

All I’m going to say, a bit of eye primer does a lot of help.

What can you use if you don’t have an eye primer?

Can’t find your eye primer or do you need an emergency one? Don’t worry, we got alternative for that too. A holy grail for all, Aloe Vera gel, works great both as an eye primer and a cream. It soothes the dry part and helps your concealer to stick. Also, it’s skincare too. Another pro is clear gloss, very helpful for sticking concealer which dries out. Foundation with powder, even moisturizer works cool under your eyes. All you have to do is to keep you under-eyes moisturized so your makeup wouldn’t crack. But these are just alternatives and you cannot expect best results from it unlike an eye primer, which both hydrates under-eye skin and also gives your eye makeup a smooth application.

Best 7 under eye primers of 2022 :

It’s not easy to find a perfect under-eye primer as the texture of our under eye skin differs. But, here we found 7 ready-to-go holy grail under-eye primers, just for you.

Elizabeth Mott — Thank me later eye primer :

Elizabeth Mott — Thank me later eye primer

This cruelty-free eye primer is just what your perfect eye makeup needs. Not only that it’s kind towards animals, but Elizabeth Mott made sure it is gentle on skin too. It changes your makeup game as soon as you apply it. Holding your eye shadows/liner in place, helping it to blend or preventing it from creasing, it does it all. It absorbs excess oil, giving it a non-greasy feeling for smooth application. Just when you thought you couldn’t get more pigment from that shadow, this eye primer proves you wrong. It brightens the area where it is applied, a must for under eye primers. Which is why, concealers blend so easily and also doesn’t crease at all due to its ability to lock concealer where it’s applied. Dries quickly, paraben-free, lightweight, feels non-greasy, a definite must have. Also, it is waterproof, so you can say it’s an all-rounder.

Special Features
  • Water-resistant on skin
  • Absorbs excess oil, non-greasy
  • Lightweight and long lasting

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SmashBox Photo finish Hydrating under-eye primer :

SmashBox Photo finish Hydrating under-eye primer

SmashBox really smashed the under-eye primer game with that hydrating primer. So, when you say, ‘I want my makeup to take care of my skin’, this is what you should think of. The smooth formula hydrates the dryness of eyes, giving it a lift, makes it bright and ready for further ado. The primer comes in a tube and is very easy to apply. Although you might want to use it precisely as it happens to get lifted while combining with foundation on pore areas. All you have to do is, squeeze the tube, take a small amount of primer on your fingertip and apply gently on your cornered areas first. Then gently spread the product and cover all the areas of your under -ye where you would usually apply concealer. It is very lightweight and after applying, it makes your under-eye area a complete canvas for smooth application of concealer. One very interesting thing about this is, it is one of those “date-after-work” product, where, it locks the product in its place for a long time. A must-have for our busy ladies!

Special Features
  • Hydrates the under-eye area and preparers it
  • Locks makeup in it’s place, very long lasting
  • Glides smoothly and creates an even surface for further application.

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Becca Anti-fatigue Under Eye Primer by Becca for Women :

Becca Anti-fatigue Under Eye Primer by Becca for Women

We all know, Becca, more or less from their super hit highlighters and elegant packaging. But here is what we’re missing out ; their under-eye primer.

The primer comes out in compact so there’s a little product. But those little product goes a long way. The primer is in mint color which gives you the refreshing vibe and a cooling sensation when applied. Compact may look tough to use, but trust me, it is not. The formula is so smooth, it comes right on your finger when you swirl into it. What caught my eyes are the ingredients. There is matcha green tea, caffeine, cucumber in it. We’re already aware that caffeine reduces puffiness. Cucumber is daily even in our skin routine. The combination of those ingredients works wonder on skin. It blurs out the area, lightens the area, reduces puffiness and creates a smooth, even skin, hides fine lines/wrinkles, blurs out the area for smooth makeup application. This balm is very soothing to the eyes and the vitamin E, present there, nourishes the skin. Never expected more from Becca, a keeper.

Special Features
  • Reduces puffiness, cools the area
  • Hydrates the under-eye skin
  • Brightens instantly, nourishes
  • Best ingredients for wrinkles, fine lines

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L’Oréal Paris Magic Perfecting Base Face Primer :

L'Oréal Paris Magic Perfecting Base Face Primer

Surprised to see a face primer in our list? Yes, it is that good. Face or eyes, it outsmarts both. It glides smoothly throughout the entire face, gives you a matte finish and an even canvas to make up how you like. One of its cool effect is : it is sticky so your makeup is literally stuck to it (gives a matte finish though). The primer helps your foundation to build a beautiful texture as it minimizes pores. Now, for under eyes, it is very lightweight, so it glides easily. Since it comes in a small pot, you can expect a lot of products despite the price. It smooths curved, uneven tone of the eyes, silky formula and manageable. The application of this is very typical. You just have to open the lid, dip and curve your finger and use it. Always start applying from the corner to the open side, so you can understand both the texture of your skin and the primer. You may use it carefully as it gives a matte finish, so I’d suggest it for those who have oily or combination skin. Dry skin girls can also use this on the area which produces excess oil. If you like Tarte’s Smoothing primer, you should definitely give it a go.

Special Features
  • Glides smoothly giving a silky texture
  • Can be applied on both under-eyes and face
  • Light weight, easy to use

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e.l.f Cosmetics Hydrating Under Eye Primer :

e.l.f Cosmetics Hydrating Under Eye Primer

e.l.f is always a life savior when it comes to budget. We can always rely on e.l.f to give us the best on a budget, which even outsmarts high-ends! So, this globally loved brand also launched a primer, for under-eye. Just like we’d expect from e.l.f, it’s makeup+skincare. Like the name says, it hydrates the under-eye area and it’s bottle includes a pump which makes it very easy to manage the quantity needed for every application. The peachy silky texture consists of Shea, green tea extract, aloe, essential vitamins and Ginkgo biloba. This primer almost does the work of an eye cream. It makes the eyes look fuller and brighter. So, when you apply it, it totally hides your tiredness under your eyes and makes you look more awaken. Due to its color, it neutralizes the dark circles and preparers the skin for the concealer. The appearance of your wrinkles and fine lines are perfectly hidden with this, personally assured.

Special Features
  • Reduces puffiness and hydrates the area
  • Hides fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prevents creasing or cracking
  • The ingredients helps to brighten the area

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Bellaterra Cosmetics Eyeshadow primer :

Bellaterra Cosmetics Eyeshadow primer

Though Bella Terra might go a little off budget, but it is worth every surplus penny. Originally, it’s formula is made to be applied on eyelids or under brow area, it works great under eyes too. On eyelids, it brings out a neat look of eyeshadow, keeping it long-lasting. It comes with a pot and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about washing your face after a long schedule of work to another. It works great for natural eye look too. Now, for under-eyes, it does something that none of the other primers did : hiding veins. That’s pretty impressive to me as all my veins are visible and it’s very hard to cover them. But this primer is taking its job seriously. Not that it only cover my veins, but also correct redness and hide my dark circles. Also, it’s glowy, so it’s super easy to put concealer on top of it and other finishing touches. One another thing, you don’t need to wait for it to dry, you can apply concealer / eye shadow right after you apply it. So again, cheer to our busy ladies.

Special Features
  • Hides hyper pigmentation
  • Hides veins, redness & wrinkles
  • Great on both eye and eyelids

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It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-aging Waterproof Concealer :

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-aging Waterproof Concealer

Who doesn’t love It Cosmetics? Especially after they released their under-eye full coverage concealer? What’s crazy is, it’s waterproof. It’s very simple to use. Actually it’s much of a hassle-free one from the list, since you don’t have to apply concealer, it is a full-coverage concealer itself. Even though it’s a full coverage concealer, it doesn’t even crease or crack. That too, on your under-eye dry areas. That’s crazy, I know. It definitely hides the wrinkles and hyper pigmentation under eyes which makes you look like more awaken and younger (since it’s anti-aging, so obviously). It comes in a tube so it’s completely manageable. For more effective result, don’t forget to use moisturizer under your eyes and eye corners. It gives your eyes a natural finish without any creasing or cracking. So when packet said, “It’s your 8 hours of sleep in a tube”, we believed.

Special Features
  • No extra prep needed
  • Very long lasting and a time savior
  • Gives more awaken and young look
  • No creasing or cracking, best for dry skin

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What factors you need to consider finding the best under eye primer :

Under eye primers come in different shapes and forms, so it’s easy to get confused. Every under-eye primer has its own unique characteristics to make you choose. But, that character won’t matter if you don’t need it. So first, you need to know you under-eye skin type.

  • If you ask me, my under-eye area is dry on the area near cheekbones but, slightly oily in my eye corners and surrounding areas. So I’d choose an eye primer that is both hydrating and non-greasy.
  • Check your under-eye condition. Is it puffy or is it to dry? Since our eyes are very sensitive, it’s areas are too. So, you have to choose wisely. If your eyes are puffy, choose an eye primer which has caffeine and if it’s dry, choose something soothing or Hydrating like the e.l.f or Becca one.
  • Check for redness, sensitive areas, swelling etc. See the ingredients carefully. If you’re allergic to even one of them, avoid using it.
  • Skin type changes during different seasons. Be careful of that too. Look for natural ingredients in makeup, the less the chemicals, the less risk remains.
  • Look for anti-aging factors, hyper pigmentation hider, eye primers that does crack or crease. See if they’re long-lasting or not or if they get better/worse eventually after applied. Look out for under primer that locks makeup in its place since it’s very easy to mess up makeup under eyes.

Are these under eye primers worthy?

Well, if you love glamorous or even natural looking makeup and if you love the look that looks like you’ve excelled the eye makeup game, then, yes, it’s worthy. As it keeps your makeup in its place, you can slay all day long with your glamorous/natural makeup. We owe all that to our beloved under-eye primers.


To be honest, eye primer is a must in my makeup routine since I’m a night owl. For every day ready-to-go look or for glamorous night, I’m up for it always. It is like what ‘It Cosmetics’ taught me, “It’s eye savior in a tube”.