remedies of breastfeeding shoulder pain

Causes and Remedies of Breastfeeding Shoulder Pain

Firstly we want to let you know that you are not the only mom who is suffering from shoulder or neck or back pain while breastfeeding. This is a quite common problem among American moms. About 10% of moms stop breastfeeding their baby for neck or shoulder pain. But that’s not a wise decision. Why? Keep reading.

Stop breastfeeding is not a solution to your back pain as the reason is not breastfeeding. The main reason is positions set up for breastfeeding, as it requires a lot of times in one position. So you need to focus on the position or finding the other reasons, not in stop breastfeeding. Be 100% committed to breastfeeding, there is nothing better for a baby like that.


Common areas and reasons for musculoskeletal pain among breastfeeding moms?

Musculoskeletal pain mainly developed in their neck, shoulders, arms, upper arm, wrist and lower back. Sometimes these pains are related to physiological changes and sometimes related to nursing.  Internal physiologic changes resultant tendency to sit, walk or nurse in around back position. Sometimes ligament laxity is liable for pains in women after pregnancy.

You may be astonished to know that Sleep deprivation and Stress can lead to pain. How? When moms are stressed, their breast milk supply decreases, so it takes more time to feed their baby in one position which leads to back and shoulder pain.

How to get rid of shoulder or neck pain while nursing?

From the above discussion you already know the most common reasons for shoulder and neck pains during nursing, try to maintain your nursing period according to that.

Make sure that you do some regular movement as like before pregnant, a little exercise or walk can reduce the tendency of pain. Take a look at the video, it will help you to alleviate muscular aches and pain caused by breast-feeding. You can also contact with a physiotherapist.

Breastfeeding in itself is actually very natural and calming. Don’t worry about anything while (baby is getting enough or not, why he’s hungry again etc) breastfeeding, keep stress 100 miles away from you. It will help you to establish a good milk supply. So it will take less time to feed your baby.

Don’t wait until your baby is hungry and starts crying. It stresses more if moms hearing her baby cry. Feed her on a regular basis.

Don’t think about breastmilk leakage or sour breast, it’s a common problem among breastfeeding moms. Make sure that you are using a right nursing pad

Use a back support while feeding. Don’t bend down; use something to rise up your baby in your breast level. I would like to suggest you to find the best breastfeeding pillow for you from which you will get back support too.

Take some time for prayers; it may help you to keep your mind fresh.

Make sure that you do some regular movement as like before pregnant, a little exercise or walk can reduce the tendency of pain.

Finally, If above tips not work, please consult with a doctor. Don’t take any painkiller (like NSAIDs)