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200+ Chinese Boy Names With Meanings

It is a well-known ritual among Chinese people to address each other by their full name. They consider it derogatory and rude to address someone by their given name alone. To express respect towards one another, they use the surname and other appropriate titles. However, this tradition does not decrease the importance of choosing a unique, trendy first name. First names are always crucial, no matter wherever you live or go. Considering uniqueness, the right meaning, and trend, we have listed 250+ names for Chinese baby boys. If you are searching for a good Chinese boy name, you will get numerous in this article. Take a look to find the most suitable one for your tiny lad.

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30 Popular Chinese Boy Names

An Peaceful
Barde Who sings ballads
Caihong Someone who is colorful like the rainbow
Chen Great personality
Cheung Fortunate man
Chung Intelligent
Dewei Highly virtuous
Dishi A high virtue
Hong One with a big heart
Hua Prosperous
Jia Good
Kang Healthy
Kuo Limitless
Lan Orchid
Li Jie Beautiful
Ling The unbreakable spirit
Mei-hui Wise and beautiful in nature
Qing yuan Deep water
Qiu Autumn
Rong Prosperity and honor of family
Ru Like a scholar
Shing Victory
Shufen Good fragrance and who is well-liked
Shui One who like water
Song Strong and powerful
Ushi Strong as an ox
Xing-fu Happy
Xing Successful
Yat-sen Festival
Zhao Excellent

33 Strong and Powerful Chinese Boy Names

Bohai Sea waves
Fu Rich and having affluent
Gang Strong
Geming A revolution
Gen Strong
Guangli Propriety bright
Gui Very valuable
Guozhi The kingdom heal
Honghui A great splendor
Huan Joy or satisfaction
Jinhai A golden sea
Junjie Handsome hero
Lei Thunder
Liang Clear
Liqin Beautiful harp
Longwei Dragon greatness
Lowei Profit and greatness
Meilin A plum grove
Mengyao Superior handsomeness
Mingli Bright propriety
Mingyu Bright jade
Nianzu Thinking of ancestors
Niu Ox
Peizhi Respectful
Peng The rock
Qiang Means strong or good
Qiqiang Strength
Tingfeng Thunderbolt peak
Weimin People’s hero
Weisheng Greatness is born
Xiaobo Little wrestler
Zhiqiang Strong Read
Zihao Son heroic

31 Unique Chinese Boy Names

Bambang A soldier
Bao To Bid
Bence Victor
Bengt Blessed
Blaike Light
Bolin Brother of Rain
Chin Variant of Jin
Guang Light
Hao Perfect
Hou Nobleman
Jiang Determined person
Jiao Long Scaled Dragon
Jie One who pure
Jig Quickly
Jing Perfect
Ju-long Powerfula
Koshing Upwards
Kueng/ Kun/ Keung Universe
Lee Healer
Li Qiang  Graceful
Li jun Reason
Manchu Pure
Ning Spirit
Qu Delightful Person
Shuo Brings Wealth
Taio Great Person
Tu Intellignet
Wang Lei King
Wang Wei Establish
Wang Yong  Eternal
Zhang Wei Extraordinary

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27 Easy to Pronounce Names for Chinese Boys

Bo Waves
Chang Thriving
Cong Very Intelligent
Fai Beginning
Feng Like a Phoenix
Hop Agreeable
Hu Vigorous
Jian Healthy
Jin Gold
Jun Truth
Kong Sky
Li jei Beautiful, reason
Li wei Great
Li Logic
Liko Protected by Buddha
Lim Forest
Long Good fortune
Ping Level-headed
Shen Deep
Shuang Bright
Wang Wish
Ye It denotes brightness
Yi Firm
Yong Brave
You It means friend
Yuan Original
Zhen Shake

96 More Chinese Boy Names

Aiguo Patriotic
Bai White
Bartolomeo Farmer’s Son
Benjimen/ Benyamin Son of the Right Hand
Bergin Lives on the Hill
Berthold Renowned Leader
Bik Strong
Bingwen Cultivated
Binyamin Ploughman
Bojing Gentle waves
Boqin Win respect
Changpu Forever Simple
Chanming Forever Bright
Chao Surpassing
Chaoxiang Expecting fortune
Cheng Accomplished
Chenglei Become great
Da Intelligent
Dai Large
Deli Virtuous
Delun An impartial person
Dingxiang Stability and fortune
Disung Truthful person
Dong Winter
Donghai Eastern Sea
Duyi Noble
Enlai Favor is coming
Fa Setting off
Fang Upright
Fuhua Fortune flourishing
Genghis Universal ruler
Guotin Firm
Guowei State preserving
Hai Sea
He Yellow River
Heng Eternal
Hongqi Red flag
Horacio Timekeeper
Huang Bright yellow
Hui Clever
Hung Great
Huojin Fire metal
Jaw-long It means like a dragon
Jianjun Building the army
Jianyu Building the Universe
Jiao-long A scaled Dragon
Le Joy
Liu Flowing
Liwei Greatness
Luo Camel
Mencius Power
Ming-hua Elite
Ming-tun Heavy
Ming Engrave
Minsheng Voice of the people
Minzhe Sensitive and wise
Park The cypress tree
QI Wondrous
Qiao Handsome person
Qingshan Celebrating the goodness
Qingsheng Celebrating the birth
Shan Mountain
Shilin Intellectual
Shirong Scholarly honor
Shoushan Longevity mountain
Shunyuan Follow the source
Siyu Thinking of the world
Sueh-yen Harmonious
Tao Great waves
Wei Greatness
Weiyuan Preserving depth
Weizhe Great sage
Wencheng Refinement accomplished
Wenyan Virtuous
Wing Glory
Xianliang Worthy brightness
Xin New
Xiu Cultivated
Yang Model
Yanlin Beijing forest
Yaochuan Honoring the river
Yongnian Eternal years
Yongzheng Forever upright
Yunru Cloud like
Yunxu Cloudy emptiness
Yusheng Jade birth
Zemin Favor to the people
Zenguang Increasing brightness
Zhang Yong Extend
Zhengzhong Upright and loyal
Zhihuan Ambitious
Zhixin A man of ambition
Zhong Loyal
Zhu Red
Zian Self peace
Zixin Self-confidence

There are plenty of names you will find on several naming sites on the internet. But, a colossal list may make you confused about which one you should pick. Therefore, it is wise to maintain neither a short nor a so long list. So we’ve included only 283 names. We also have an article on Chinese baby girl names to help you in naming your daughter.