popular Chinese girl names

Top Chinese Girl Names

Do you have close Chinese family ties either by blood or marriage? Well, one of the greatest ways to uphold this side of your kid’s ancestry is by giving them native baby names.
Traditionally, parents would engage an astrologer to help determine the perfect baby name following elements of Chinese philosophy, not only for the country China, for other countries too. For the modern-day mom and dad expecting a girl, you can choose a female Chinese baby name without literally going back to the roots. We have presented all of them in English to make them easy to pronounce, but it doesn’t mean that their pronunciation in basic Chinese is difficult.
Our A to Z baby name list contains a trove of typical Chinese baby girl names by popularity to help with your selection. Here, have a look at this trendy collection for baby girl name ideas.

1. Ai
An all-time trending baby girl name, Ai translates to full of love and affection.
2. An
An is a short and sweet baby name perfect for shaping a peacemaker. It means peace.
3. Bao
Having a child is like finding treasure and that is the exact meaning of Bao, treasure.
4. Bingqing
Binging is a unique yet fantastic two-syllable girl’s name. It translates to crystal clear like ice.
5. Biyu
Are you into gemstones? Biyu is an excellent choice. It means Jasper.
6. Caihong
Caihong is colorful like a rainbow in the sky. It depicts vibrance, enthusiasm and inspiration. Cai would be a cute nickname if you like.
7. Chih-nii
Fast-rising the baby name popularity chart is the name Chih-nii who is the goddess of spinners, weaving and clouds.
8. Chin
Unsure of your baby’s gender? Chin is gender-neutral. It means golden.
9. Chow
Do you love summer? Well, Chow, also spelled as Zhou, Chou or Djou is classic and cute meaning summertime.
10. Chun
Expecting a girl this spring? Try the name Chun which translates to Spring and watch her blossom.
11. Dandan
Dandan is a fun and playful baby girl name that translates to red cinnabar.
12. Daxia
Daxia is successful, overcomes hurdles, motivates and is celebrated. This girl’s name means hero.
13. Daiyu
Daiyu is a lovely baby name meaning black jade, the stone of protection.
14. Diu
Diu is a great girl name for a mellow child. In Chinese it means down to earth and practical.
15. Dongmei
An uncommon but dazzling baby girl name, Dongmei is younger sister, east or winter plum.
16. Fenfang
Fenfang is a mesmerizing version of the more common name Fang. It means herbal fragrance.
17. Fung
If you love birds, you’ll like the cute 4 letter name Fung meaning a bird.
18. Genji
How precious is your child? Show it by giving her the baby girl name Genji. It translates to as valuable as gold.
19. Guan-yin
Spiritual folks will love the name Guan-yin, the goddess of mercy.
20. Hien
Do you want qualities of perseverance from your child? Hien means enduring.
21. Hong
For parents looking for good luck charm names, Hong would be ideal. It means red as a sign of good fortune. Hong also means to expand or increase.
22. Hu
Who said girls can’t be strong and fierce? Hu meaning tiger is a perfect choice for a brave girl. You can also try Huo which means fire.
23. Huan
For a child that brings joy and satisfaction, try Huan. It means happiness and contentment.
24. Huian
Huian translates to obliging and quiet suggesting a responsible calm and collected child.
25. Huiling
Huiling is a fashionable and sweet-sounding baby girl name meaning wise and tingling.
26. Hwei-ru
Hwei-ru is a gorgeous name that brings forth wisdom and intellect. Translated in English it means wise and intelligent.
27. Jia
The baby girl name Jia is sweet and stands for everything good. It means beautiful, upright or auspicious.
28. Jiao
Jiao is a perfect feminine Chinese name that translates to delicate, tender and fascinating.
29. Jia-li
A modern variation of the name Jia, Jia-li means fine and beautiful.
30. Jie
Cleanliness is next to godliness and so is this adorable name. Jie is clean and pure.
31. Jin
Jin is gold. This popular girl’s name is super cool and timeless.
32. Jinghua
Inspired by nature, the baby girl name Jinghua is the leek flower.
33. Jingjing
A fun baby girl name choice, Jingjing means bright or clear as a crystal. Don’t you just love the jing sound?
34. Ju
A brief name with flower freshness, Ju means daisy.
35. Juan
Juan is an all-time favorite meaning graciousness.
36. Kui
Kui is a short, sweet and easy to remember letter K baby girl name meaning sunflower.
37. Lan
Lan is an Orchid. It is a simple and classic name inspired by the beauty of the flower.
38. Lanying
Lanying is an enchanting name for a girl. It translates to blue quartz or glitter, such a spectacle.
39. Lei
Lei is a traditional but sweet girl name that translates to a flower bud.
40. Liena
The baby name Liena sounds as pretty as it means; as beautiful as a Lotus.
41. Lihua
If you wish your baby girl beauty and elegance then go for Lihua. It means exactly that.
42. Lijuan
Lijuan has a feminine appeal in its meaning. The Chinese baby girl name translates to beautiful and soft.
43. Liling
Liling is a symbol of beauty and freshness. It literally means a dewy white Jasmine flower.
44. Ling
Though traditional, the Chinese name Ling never goes out of style. Ling means spiritual, wise and sharp.
45. Li-wei
Li-wei is the Chinese version of the name Rose. It is the English translation for a beautiful rose flower.
46. Li-qin
The name Li-qin is associated with a sweet melody. It means beautiful stringed musical instrument.
47. Liu
Liu is traditionally a 3 letter surname but modern folks associate it with super actress Liu Wen. It means a willow tree.
48. Ma
Ma is Horse, a symbol of strength. It is an ideal first name which can be combined with short middle names for example Ma-Ya.
49. Mayleen
Mayleen is a chic and modern Chinese name for baby girl meaning radiant and beautiful.
50. Mei
Brief and beautiful, Mei is a red gem. This along with below 4 names are for those who are searching names with mei.
51. Meifeng
Associated with the element of wind, Meifeng is a beautiful wind.
52. Meili
Meili is an excellent name choice for beautiful Chinese girls. It means stunning and graceful.
53. Meixiu
Another name that bears the awesomeness of femininity is Meixiu. It translates to elegant beauty.
54. Meizhen
Pearls are classic, beautiful, and timeless and so is the name Meizhen which means beautiful pearl.
55. Mey
Mey is quite popular as a baby girl’s name. It means attractive and gorgeous.
56. Mingzhu
For lovers of rare baby names, Mingzhu is not that common, yet it means something stunning; a sparkling pearl.
57. Mulan
Mulan is a legendary Chinese female warrior and a disney princess character too. The name is fit for a modern baby girl.
58. Na
Na is a neat and cute one syllable baby girl name meaning elegant or rich.
59. Ning
Hoping to raise a peaceful child? Try the Chinese girl name Ning which equates calm and tranquility.
60. Niu
Another rare but cute Chinese girl name is Niu which means feminine or girl.
61. Nuan
Let your baby girl enchant the world with love by choosing the name Nuan meaning loving or affectionate.
62. Nuwa
Looking for a spiritual baby girl name? Try Nuwa, the mother goddess.
63. O-huang
Chinese baby names starting with letter O are a rare gem, and so is the unique name O-huang which translates to beauty. Another meaning is the month of August.
64. Peizhi
Want to invoke obedience and respect? Then give you girl the name Peizhi which means respectful.
65. Qiang
Baby girl names starting with letter Q are always hot and so is Qiang which translates to a red rose.
66. Qiao
The name Qiao can shape a child into reaching life ambitions. It literally means elevated, aspiring or skillful in Chinese.
67. Qing
Qing is a pretty and cool name for a Chinese baby girl meaning the colour sky blue.
68. Qingling
For years of good fortune, name your daughter Qingling which means lucky years.
69. Qingyang
A daughter warms up the heart and Qingyang is a perfect name for that feeling. It means my heart’s sunshine.
70. Qiu
Expecting a girl child this fall? Name her Qiu which means autumn to match her birth season.
71. Rong
Rong is a deep and meaningful historical non- gendered baby name meaning glory and honor. She might just bring you that.
72. Ruolan
Another floral-inspired trendy girl name is Ruolan which means in the likeness of an orchid.
73. Shan
The baby name Shan is pretty simple if you like simplicity. It means virtuous, fair and mild.
74. Shu
Shu is a hot baby girl name with a humble meaning; warm, sentimental and pure at heart.
75. Shuang
Shuang refers to a lively, joyous, vibrant or cheerful demeanor.
76. Shuchun
Shuchun is a unique name for affirming your baby girl’s cuteness. It means pure beauty.
77. Song
This is a gender-neutral Chinese classic name. Song means pine tree.
78. Ting
The name Ting means enduring. Another translation is slim and graceful. Both of which are excellent traits.
79. Ushi
Ushi is a unisex baby name associated with an ox or as strong as an Ox.
80. Wei
You may like the name Wei for your darling girl which translates to something valuable and precious.
81. Wen
Wen is the perfect name for a young lady. It means warm, graceful and refined.
82. Wenqian
If you want to shape your girl towards modesty and ladylikeness, consider naming her Wenqian which means refined.
83. Xia
You would not believe how much beauty such a small name carries. Xia translates to the red tint of clouds when the sun is rising or setting on the horizon.
84. Xiang
Xiang is a top Chinese name for girls. It refers to a pleasant fragrance or incense.
85. Xiaojian
Xiaojian is a baby girl name in favor of wellness. It symbolizes good health.
86. Xiaolian
Xiaolian is a traditional name meaning the merciful or compassionate one.
87. Xiaoxing
Love experimenting with names? Xiaoxing is bold with a beautiful meaning; blessed with intelligence.
88. Xiu
Xiu means good, charming and beautiful and is fit for a fine baby girl.
89. Xue
The ethnic meaning of this cool female Chinese baby name is snow
90. Ya
Can’t get enough of short names? Ya is a worthy addition meaning someone educated, refined and graceful.
91. Yang
Yang has been a historic favorite girl name for ages. Translated to English it is the sun.
92. Ying
Ying is another historical name which can be twin baby names with Yang or stand on its own. Ying can mean clever or eagle.
93. Yow
The baby girl name Yow is as chic as it sounds. In Chinese it means feminine.
94. Yuanjun
Are you into spiritual names? Yuanjun might be perfect, meaning the ruler of the Yuan river.
95. Yue
Another astral baby girl name is Yue. It means moon.
96. Yue-You
A bubbly baby girl deserves this name. Yue-you in Chinese is cheerful and social.
97. Yun
Another Chinese baby girl name starting with letter Y is Yun. When translated to English it is clouds.
98. Zhaohui
Zhaohui is a rare yet exotic baby name that means wisdom.
99. Zhenzhen
Zhenzhen is the name of the season meaning very valuable or precious.
100. Zi
Small with a deep meaning, Zi translates to elegant or graceful.


Clearly, girl names of Chinese origin are sweet, feminine and meaningful. There’s everything from the beauty and wonder of nature to virtues and special gifts. With such versatility, you are sure to find that one Chinese baby name fit for your little angel. Good luck!