Cornstarch for Diaper Rash Treatment

Dealing with diaper rashes is one of the worst parts of being a mom. That red-looking bottom part of your child forces you to feel yourself a horrible parent. Diaper rashes especially grow in warm and moist places like dirty diaper area. It indicates that you are not changing your kid’s diaper from time to time or not using the right cream to protect his skin from irritation. Diaper rashes can also result from some foods or products, too tight diapers, or sensitive skin. However, most of the time, it’s from moisture from the closed dirty diaper, especially when the baby got diarrhea. Here we are discussing some home remedies, significantly cornstarch for diaper dermatitis.

What causes diaper rashes?

  • Diaper rashes generally occur when you don’t change the diapers of your child from time to time.
  • For the presence of chemicals in the diaper and baby wipes
  • Because of bacterial diarrhea
  • Yeast infection

Home remedies for diaper rashes:

Many ingredients can help reduce diaper rashes like vinegar, baking soda, petroleum jelly, oatmeal, and coconut oil. Among all the ingredients, cornstarch (You can use the one from Johnson’s) works the best. In this section, we will discuss the process of treating diaper dermatitis by using cornstarch.

Cornstarch for diaper rash treatment:

It is an old treatment procedure to get rid of diaper rash. Cornstarch helps to keep the skin dry and reduce friction, which can prevent diaper rashes. However, there are also some problems as it heals.

Why use cornstarch?

The combination of moisture and bacteria with friction causes diaper rash, one of the most common rashes in babies. In past days, doctors suggested using baby powder, which was an excellent solution to the baby rash. But Baby powder containing talcum can get into the baby’s lungs and cause the respiratory problem. For this side effect of talcum powder, some doctors are against using baby powder. They suggest some other home remedies, including cornstarch. Cornstarch works fast and effectively than other home remedies; maximum doctors recommend using cornstarch for diaper rashes.

How to use cornstarch for diaper rashes:

There are different methods of using cornstarch for diaper rashes, some of them are:

  • You can apply cornstarch directly on your baby’s skin as talcum powder. Take a clean cloth and soak it in a cup of warm water. Squeeze out the extra moisture and clean your baby’s bottom with it. Let your baby’s skin dry and slowly sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons cornstarch. Wait for five minutes, and then make your baby wear a new diaper. You can apply this process 2-3 times a day.cornstarch for diaper rash
  • You can use two tablespoons of cornstarch by mixing it with one tablespoon of petroleum jelly. Mix it well and make a thick cream. Apply the cream to the affected area. After 10 to 15 minutes, wipe out the cream by using a warm wet cloth. You can apply this mixture twice a day.
  • Another way of using cornstarch is by mixing it with coconut oil and vitamin E. First, make a paste with ½ cup of cornstarch, ½ cup coconut oil, and a vitamin e cap. Then apply the paste to the affected area and keep it for 10 minutes. Finally, wash the skin with warm water and let the area dry before make your baby wearing a new diaper.

Negative impacts of using cornstarch:

  • If the reason behind those rashes is the growth of yeast, then using cornstarch can be a threat to your baby. Cornstarch is a great food source for the yeast, so it can even worsen the situation. Yeast diaper rash is very common in babies. If your baby has noticeable red dots on the rashes, especially on the border, that’s the most common sign of yeast diaper rash.
  • Treat with zinc oxide is the most common suggestion by doctors. But we will not recommend you not to use zinc oxide without a doctor’s prescription. Please consult with a pediatrician if you see the sign of infection by yeast.