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Top 170+ Cute Nicknames For Girls

Now those old days not exist when parents go only for formal names. As per our research on social media like facebook and twitter, we found that most of the parents now want to find a cute nickname for their babies along with the formal name. Whatever the meaning is, they want to find a trendy, cute and short nickname. For those parents who are searching for cute nicknames for girls, we arranged a shortlist for them. There are many articles on the internet on cute girl nicknames but most of them are for girlfriends, not for baby girls. So take a look our article and try to find a trendy and cute nickname for your baby girl.

A to Z list of Cute Nicknames For Girls:

  1. Ada: Derived from ‘Aded’ which means ‘Nobility’
  2. Adley: This word is from Hebrew, Means Judicious
  3. Ahuva: Its’ also from Hebrew, means ‘Dearly loved’
  4. Ailia: Irish word means light.
  5. Aisha: An Arabic word, means ‘prosperous’
  6. Alia: An Arabic feminine form of ‘Ali’, also derived from Hebrew language ‘Allia’. A popular singer name as well as the name of a famous Bollywood actress ‘Alia Bhatt‘.
  7. Alice: Means ‘nobility’
  8. Amie: From French, means ‘beloved’
  9. Andy: Female version of ‘Andrew’
  10. Angel
  11. Angeleto: From ‘Angel’
  12. Any
  13. Anina: Means ‘Favour’ in Hebrew
  14. Anna: Favour as above
  15. Aqua: Water, specially light-bluish sea water.
  16. Ara: A Biblical nickname, means cursing
  17. Aria
  18. Asa: Hebrew meaning physician and Bengali meaning ‘hope’
  19. Aurora: Sleeping beauty
  20. Ava: The redness of the sky during sunset in Bengali
  21. Aya: Arabic meaning ‘verse’ and Japanese meaning ‘Beautiful’
  22. Azza: Quranic word means ‘young female gazelle’
  23. Bea: Doesn’t have any specific meaning but you will find thousands of girls with this name all over the world
  24. Becca: Means ‘Servant of God’
  25. Billie: A feminine nickname, short form of ‘Wilhelmina’
  26. Blue
  27. Bree: It means ‘hill’ in the Irish language
  28. Brownie: A small chocolate cake or a small beautiful girl like angel
  29. Camilla: Latin word means noble
  30. Cammie: Also derived from ‘Camilla’
  31. Canan: Turkish word means ‘beloved’
  32. Carrie: A popular baby name in English region, also include other spelling like Kerry, Carri, Kerri, Cerry, and Karrie
  33. Cassie: Means a small town girl
  34. Cathy: Derived from Greek, means ‘pure’
  35. Chris: Also derived from Greek, means ‘’carrier of Christ
  36. Cinderella: Nothing to introduce with this beautiful name, we all know about this.
  37. Cindy: Means ‘woman from Mount Kynthos’, derived from ‘Cynthia’
  38. Clara: Means bright or clear
  39. Cleo: Means ‘pride’
  40. Connie: Irish word means ‘wise’
  41. Cora: goddess of fertility
  42. Cynthia: woman from Mount Kynthos
  43. Dahlia: A Flower
  44. Daisy: Another flower
  45. Dee: Means ‘black’ or ‘goddess’
  46. Delia: Derived from Dalia or Dahlia flower
  47. Dimple: Cheeks on face when one smiles
  48. Dolly: From Doll
  49. Dora: Derived from Theodora which means gift
  50. Dot: A round spot
  51. Dove: A beautiful bird
  52. Drea: This Greek word means ‘Courageous’
  53. Dree: Derived from Andrew, means strong
  54. Drew: This one is also derived from Andrew, means strong
  55. Ece: Turkish word means ‘Queen’
  56. Eddie: Means wealthy friendship
  57. Edie: Means wealthy
  58. Ege: Means ‘Oak Grove’
  59. Eliza: Means ‘oath of God’
  60. Ellie: Means light
  61. Eme: German word means ‘Universal’
  62. Emma: Same as Eme
  63. Esha: Indian word means desire or pleasure
  64. Eve: The first female of the world,
  65. Evie: Same as Eve
  66. Florrie: Derived from Latin, means ‘goddes of flower’
  67. Frankie: French word means ‘Diminutive of Frances’
  68. Franny: Latin word means ‘free one’
  69. Fritzie: Means ‘Tranquil leader’
  70. Genie: A spirit of Arabian folklore
  71. Gerry: Means ruling spear
  72. Ginny: Ginger flower in Latin
  73. Glory: high renown or honor
  74. Gracie: Derived from grace
  75. Greta: Means ‘pearl’ in Sweden
  76. Gwen: Means ‘white or holy in Welsh’
  77. Honey
  78. Ivy: A woody plant with dark green leaves
  79. Izzi: Feminine version of Italian surname Izzo
  80. Jamie: Means supplanter in Hebrew
  81. Jan: Means ‘Gracious God’ in Dutch
  82. Jaz: Fragrant Flower
  83. Jiya: Means Heart, Derived from the Hindi language
  84. Josie: Means ‘Jehovah increases’
  85. Jules: French word means ‘youthful’
  86. Juliet: Also means ‘youthful’, but we all know this in a different way. From famous Romeo-Juliet.
  87. Jusan: It means Thirteen in Japanese language
  88. Kat: An evergreen shrub of Arabian and African region
  89. Kate: Latin word means ‘Pure’
  90. Kathy: Meaning same as Kate
  91. Kay: Means perfect girl
  92. Kelly: Meaning ‘warrior or fighter’
  93. Kiah: Means ‘start’
  94. Kyra: From Greek, means ‘Lord’
  95. Lacey: Very happy or gorgeous
  96. Lil: Derived from little, a little nickname
  97. Lilac: A shrub of olive family
  98. Lilly: A flower
  99. Liv: It means life.
  100. Livia: Same as Liv
  101. Lottie: French word means tiny and feminine.
  102. Loudy
  103. Maggie: Means ‘pearl in Greek’
  104. Maisie: Also means pearl, but in ‘Scottish’
  105. Mamie: Doesn’t have a specific meaning, but this is a popular name in the UK
  106. Mandy: Means worthy of being loved
  107. Maple
  108. Mia
  109. Mili: Means ‘thousand’ in the metric system.
  110. Millie: From mili
  111. Mim: An Arabian letter
  112. Mimi: Means chocklate in Bengali, also name of a pet of Mariyam
  113. Minnie: Means ‘girl of the sea’
  114. Mithi: Means ‘Truthful’
  115. Mitzi: In Latin, Mitzi used as a with for baby
  116. Molly: A freshwater fish
  117. Nan
  118. Nayan: Means ‘eye’ in Bengali
  119. Nell: Means bright
  120. Nellie: Same as Nell
  121. Nessa: Greek word means pure
  122. Neven: It means ‘everlasting flower’
  123. Nirin: Thai word means ‘Eternal’
  124. Nolon: Means ‘well adjusted’
  125. Noon
  126. Noori: Derived from Noor, which means ‘light’ in Arabic
  127. Otto: Means ‘Fortune’
  128. Pansy: A flower
  129. Pearl
  130. Penny
  131. Peony: It means ‘romance’ in Greek
  132. Polly: Hebrew name means ‘wish for baby’
  133. Poppy: A herbaceous plant with flowers
  134. Precious
  135. Primrose: A common flowering plant of yellow color
  136. Princesa: Means ‘princess’
  137. Princess
  138. Pru: Means ‘good judgment’
  139. Queenie: Derived from ‘Queen’
  140. Rapunzel: Famous Disney character of ‘Tangled’, a girl with magical hair
  141. Ricki: A unisex name means ‘strict ruler’
  142. Ronnie: Ruler
  143. Rose
  144. Sadie: Means princess
  145. Sally: Means ‘set out’
  146. Sam: Hebrew meaning ‘bright sun’
  147. Sandy: Covered in sand
  148. Sigal: Means ‘saint’ in Hebrew
  149. Snow
  150. Sukey: Means ‘Gracefull lily’
  151. Shine
  152. Sweetie
  153. Tay: A river in Scotland
  154. Teba
  155. Tess: Harvester
  156. Tessa: Same as Tess
  157. Tessie: Same as above
  158. Tillie: Means ‘Battle mighty’
  159. Tina: Follower of Christ’
  160. Toby: Means ‘praise of Gods
  161. Tony: Means ‘Highly praiseworthy’
  162. Tori: Means ‘Boat’ in Bengali
  163. Treasure
  164. Trina: Scandinavian nickname means pure
  165. Trixie: Latin word means ‘brings joy or happy’
  166. Trudy: Universal strength
  167. Tulip: A beautiful flower
  168. Umber: Shade
  169. Vinnie: It means ‘conqueror’
  170. Viv: It means ‘alive’
  171. Xena: Greek word means ‘welcoming’
  172. Zane: Gift from God
  173. Zinnia: A flower

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