list of cute nicknames for girls

Top 170+ Cute Nicknames For Girls

Those old days do not exist anymore, where parents used to pick only formal names for their child. Among many Asian countries, a nickname beside a formal name is their tradition. But nowadays it has become a popular trend around the globe. As per our research on social media like Facebook and Twitter, most parents now want to find a cute nickname for their babies beside a formal name. Whatever the meaning is, they want to find a trendy, cute, and short name. For those parents who are searching for cute nicknames for girls, we arranged a shortlist for them. So take a look at this article and try to find a trendy and cute nickname for your baby girl.

A to Z list of Cute Nicknames For Girls:

  1. Ada: Derived from the Germanic element Adel, Ada means nobility.
  2. Adley: This word is from Hebrew, and it means Judicious.
  3. Ahuva: Its’ also a Hebrew word that symbolizes someone who is dearly loved.
  4. Ailia: It is an Irish word that signifies light.
  5. Aisha: By origin, it is an Arabic word. The meaning of Alisha is prosperous.
  6. Aiza: It is an Arabic-originated name that indicates nobility.
  7. Alia: An Arabic feminine form of the name Ali also, derived from the Hebrew word Allia.
  8. Alice: Alice is the modern version of the Old Frech name Alis. It signifies nobility.
  9. Amie: It is a French word that means beloved.
  10. Andy: Female version of the Scottish name Andrew
  11. Angel
  12. Angelito: Little angel
  13. Any
  14. Anina: Favour
  15. Anna: Favour 
  16. Aqua: Water/ Sea Blue
  17. Ara: Ara is an Arabic word, and it means ‘brings rain.’
  18. Aria
  19. Arwa: Originated from the Arabic dialect, Arwa indicates a Mountain deer.
  20. Arya: Noble
  21. Asa: According to Hebrew Language, Asa means a physician, and According to the Bengali dialect, It symbolizes hope.
  22. Aurora: Sleeping beauty
  23. Ava: The redness of the sky during sunset is known as Ava in the Bengali language.
  24. Aya: In Arab, Aya means ‘verse,’ and In Japan, it denotes beauty.
  25. Bea: The diminutive form of the name Beatrice and Bea means bringer of happiness.
  26. Becca: Servant of God
  27. Billie: A German name and the short variation of the name Wilhelmina.
  28. Blue
  29. Bree: Bree is an Irish name that symbolizes strength.
  30. Brownie: Gift of God
  31. Camilla: Arrived from the Arabic name Jamila, Camilla means beauty.
  32. Cammie: Cammie is an English-derived name, and it signifies someone perfect.
  33. Canan: Canan is a Turkish word that means beloved.
  34. Carrie: A popular baby name in the English region, and has several variations like Kerry, Carri, Kerri, and Karrie.
  35. Cassie: A small-town girl
  36. Cathy: Pure
  37. Chris: By origin, Chris is an English word, and it signifies the person who is the carrier of Christ.
  38. Cinderella
  39. Cindy: It symbolizes a woman from Mount Kynthos’. It is a short variation of the Greek name Kynthia.
  40. Clara: Bright or clear
  41. Cleo: Pride
  42. Connie: It is an Irish word that signifies a wise person.
  43. Cora: Goddess of fertility
  44. Cynthia: Women from Mount Kynthos
  45. Dahlia: A Flower
  46. Daisy: Another flower
  47. Dee: Black/Goddess’
  48. Delia: Derived from the Dalia or Dahlia flower
  49. Dimple: Happy
  50. Dolly: Doll
  51. Dora: Dora is a diminutive form of the name Theodora which means gift.
  52. Dot: A round spot
  53. Dove: A beautiful bird
  54. Drea: Courageous 
  55. Dree: Derived from the Greek word Andrew, Dree means strong.
  56. Drew: Strong/ Muscular
  57. Ece: It is a Turkish name that means Queen.
  58. Eddie: Wealthy friendship
  59. Edie: Wealthy
  60. Ege: Oak Grove
  61. Eliza: Oath of God’
  62. Ellie: Light
  63. Eme: Eme is a German word, and it signifies a person with great strength.
  64. Emma: Universal
  65. Esha: Esha is an Indian word that indicates desire or pleasure.
  66. Eve: Eve was the first female in the world,
  67. Evie
  68. Florrie: Latin word that denotes flower
  69. Frankie: Frenchman
  70. Franny: Freeman
  71. Fritzie: A Gentle governor
  72. Genie: Wellborn
  73. Gerry: Feminine variation of the name Gerald
  74. Ginny: Ginger flower in Latin
  75. Glory: High renowned or honored
  76. Gracie: Derived from the word grace
  77. Greta: Pearl
  78. Gwen: White or holy according to the Welsh language
  79. Honey
  80. Ivy: A woody plant with dark green leaves
  81. Izzi: Feminine variant of the Italian surname Izzo
  82. Jamie: The name Jamie shares both Hebrew and Scottish origin. It means supplanter.
  83. Jan: God is Kind 
  84. Jaz: Fragrant Flower
  85. Jiya: It is a Hindi word that symbolizes a spirit or soul.
  86. Josie: Josie is a diminutive form of the name Josephine. It is also the feminine form of the French male name Joseph. Josie means Almighty will increase.
  87. Jules: Youthful
  88. Juliet: Juliet shares both French and English origin. It means youthful.
  89. Juan: A Chinese word to symbolize grace
  90. Kat: Pure
  91. Kate: Latin word that indicates the purity
  92. Kathy: Sacred
  93. Kay: An ideal girl
  94. Kelly: Warrior/Fighter’
  95. Kiah: Start
  96. Kyra: Peaceful/Bizarre
  97. Lacey: Very happy or gorgeous
  98. Lil: Flower lily
  99. Lilac: Persian word that signifies a bluish plant or color
  100. Lilly: A flower
  101. Liv: It means life.
  102. Livia: Life
  103. Lottie: It is the diminutive form of the French feminine word Charlotte that means womanly.
  104. Loudy
  105. Maggie: Pearl
  106. Maisie: Maisie is the Scottish variation of the word pearl.
  107. Mamie: A mini form of the Greek name Margaret, Mamie means pearl.
  108. Mandy: Loveable
  109. Maple
  110. Mia
  111. Mili: Originated from the German and Hebrew languages, Mili is a common nickname in Indian and Bengali households.
  112. Millie: Industrious
  113. Mim: Revolution
  114. Mimi: Mimi is an established short form of Marilyn, Mira, Maria, and Noemi.
  115. Minnie: Intelligence
  116. Mithi: Truthful
  117. Mitzi: A German word
  118. Molly: A freshwater fish
  119. Nan: Grace
  120. Nayan: Bengali variation of the word ‘eye.’ 
  121. Nell: Bright
  122. Nellie: Sunlight
  123. Nessa: Pure
  124. Neven: According to Croatian dialect, Neven means eternal. But as a Latin word, Neven signifies virtue or morality.
  125. Nirin: It is a Thai word that means everlasting.
  126. Nolon: Blessings of Almighty
  127. Noon: Sunshine
  128. Noori: Noori is an Arabic word and the variant of the name Noor. It means light.
  129. Otto: Fortune
  130. Pansy: A flower
  131. Pearl: A precious bead
  132. Penny
  133. Peony: It means ‘romance’ in Greek.
  134. Polly: Star of the Sea
  135. Poppy: Red Flower
  136. Precious
  137. Primrose: First rose
  138. Princesa: Princess
  139. Princess
  140. Pru: Ideal judgment
  141. Queenie
  142. Rapunzel: It is a famous Disney character in the animated movie Tangled. There, Rupanzer was a girl with magical long hair.
  143. Ricki: Powerful
  144. Rose: A flower, also the main female protagonist of the oscar-winning movie ‘Titanic.’
  145. Sadie: Princess
  146. Sally: Princess
  147. Sam: Short form of the name Samantha
  148. Sandy: Covered in sand
  149. Sigal: It means saint in Hebrew
  150. Snow
  151. Sukey: Lily
  152. Shine
  153. Sweetie
  154. Tay: It is the seven longest rivers in the United Kingdom. Tay is also the abbreviated form of the English word tailor.
  155. Teba: Blessings of humanity
  156. Tess: Harvester
  157. Tessa: To accumulate
  158. Tessie
  159. Tillie: Tillie is the variant of the Old German name Matilda. It symbolizes a person who shows courage and strength on the battlefield.
  160. Tina: Follower of Christ’
  161. Toby: Praise of the Almighty
  162. Tony:  Highly praiseworthy
  163. Tori: Tori means Boat in Bengali
  164. Treasure: Asset
  165. Trina: It is a Scandinavian nickname that means pure.
  166. Trixie: Bringer of happiness
  167. Trudy: Universal strength
  168. Tulip: A beautiful flower
  169. Umber: Shade
  170. Vinnie: Conqueror
  171. Viv: It means alive.
  172. Xena: Xena is an ancient Greek word that indicates a stranger.
  173. Zane: Almighty is kind
  174. Zinnia: A flower


While picking a formal name, parents become more concerned about their daughters’ image as a person in front of others. But in the disguise of a nickname, Parents may name their children what they feel about them. Therefore, short names or nicknames have become a popular choice worldwide.