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Do I Need Nursing Tops?

When you become pregnant, you get lost in the beautiful world of motherhood as you try to figure out what you need to buy for the one who is yet to come. But you get a dilemma about what to buy for yourself. While concerning several maternity clothes, many women can’t decide if they should purchase nursing tops or not. We think it is worth buying.

While nursing your baby, having a top designed explicitly for breastfeeding is bliss. It will secure your privacy in public places, in front of visitors, and ensure your comfort while feeding your baby. During pregnancy, the rib cage and hips of a women’s body expand to accommodate the baby. As a result, you gain some weight. That’s why most of the nursing tops design to flatter your post-natal figure and adjust to your new shape.

Are Nursing Tops Necessary?

Nursing tops are not compulsory, but they are worth buying. As a mom, you will attain both comfort and style within one dress.

The best thing about nursing clothes is making the breastfeeding process easy, comfortable, and invisible to others. It also saves you from awkwardness in public places.

Furthermore, tops for nursing are appropriate for use at home when friends or relatives are around. You can also still look good and classy even after nursing.

Advantages of Nursing Tops

During pregnancy and lactating period, women want to have comfort. That’s why most of them pay close attention to nursing tops. The application of high-quality materials ensures its durability. Let’s take a look at some advantages.

  • Nursing tops are similar to regular tops, only that they have small slits hidden behind the folds and are invisible. There are other models designed with a detachable cup. It allows you to choose what you like most.
  • The breastfeeding tops allow you to breastfeed the baby at the first demand. It also helps in breast-pumping anywhere.
  • Notably, nursing tops support the breast preventing the occurrence of stretching marks.
  • With a nursing top, you can breastfeed the baby anywhere without feeling shy or disturbing people. And, you will not have to search for a mother’s room wherever you go.
  • The fabric used protects you from allergies.

Buying Nursing Tops

When it comes to buying a nursing top, you need to know about several features. We have also listed some good nursing tanks available on the market right now. Take a look at these factors before purchase:

1. Design – the breastfeeding tops come in four unique designs

  • Lift: The tops enable you to easily lift the entire layer as you push down the inner layer to allow you to access the breast.
  • Move aside: You can move the front wrap to the left or to the right to get easy access for breastfeeding.
  • Pull-down: As its name suggests, you will be required to pull down the neckline and lift the inner layer for an easy breastfeeding session.
  • Side Access: Push the pleats on each side to access the breast

2. Prices – You don’t have to go bankrupt because of a nursing top. You can borrow a few pieces from your friends. Furthermore, consider buying from local retailers who will offer you at a competitive price.

3. Material – If you want comfort, then you need to check on the material used. Cotton is one of the most comfortable materials. It’s breathable and lasts for long. The cotton fabric also feels soft, easy to clean and maintain.


Nursing tops are not an obligatory maternity item, but their existence in the wardrobe will lessen your hassle. They are well-designed to make you relaxed when you are out of the house and need breast pumping.