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French Boy Names

The beauty of French names, just as with its arts, culture, sights, cuisine, fashion and language is their global appeal.

Before three decades ago, French names were predominantly saint names. In recent times though, the paradigm of naming babies has shifted from traditional French baby boy names to lavish and posh baby boy names. Needless to say, there are still many old fashioned baby boy names making waves up to now.

If you’d like to give your son a delightful moniker with deep meaning, browse through our collection of masculine French baby names. There’s everything from popular French baby boy names to unique baby boy names. You will also find biblical baby names for boys and names in contemporary categories such as brand baby names, soccer baby boy names and celebrity baby names. Be inspired and enjoy!

1. Abel
Short and cute, the biblical baby boy name means breath or life.

2. Adam
A biblical baby name for boys which means from soil.

3. Adrien
A hot baby boy name loved in many countries. It means someone born with a dark hair tone among light haired people.

4. Alain
Has he got the looks? Flaunt it with the name Alain meaning handsome.

5. Alexius
A variant of Alexandre meaning defender of men.

6. Antoine
A trendy choice for a baby boy meaning the precious or priceless one.

7. Audric
Do you want a good leader full of wisdom? Give your boy the name Audric meaning old and wise ruler.

8. Augustine
A big moniker with a great meaning, this traditional old 9 character French baby boy name means the great.

9. Basil
A comeback baby boy name from the 70’s meaning king like or royal.

10. Baptiste
Religious parents may love this name from saint Jean de Baptiste which means to dip in water.

11. Benoit
Speak blessings to your little one with this name meaning blessed one. It also sounds lovely with a french accent.

12. Blaise
A vintage name with a fresh sound, Blaise means someone who stutters. Blaze is another meaning.

13. Boyce
A cool French baby boy name meaning residing close to the woods.

14. Clement
Do you want a kind and compassionate boy? Shape him with this name which means someone who is merciful and warm hearted.

15. Christophe
An old french name that never gets boring, meaning son of God.

16. Colyn
Baby boy names ending in lyn are a rare gem and so is this name that means triumph of the people.

17. Corentin
A cute rare baby name meaning a storm.

18. Didier
A popular name in France and french speaking countries meaning loved and desired.

19. Elias
One who believes yahweh is lord.

20. Eliott
Eliott means one who is loving and caring which are admirable virtues.

21. Emile
A cute baby boy name. Perfect twin baby name with Emily or Emiliene. It means rival.

22. Ethan
For all characters you would want in a male child find them in Ethan which means one who is strong, persevering, firm.

23. Etienne
A french classic that is still loved by many. It refers to a crown, wreath or garland.

24. Evan
High up baby name charts in France, the name means God has been gracious.

25. Florian
A masculine French name shared with many other nationalities, meaning to flourish.

26. Gabin
Secured at the top 20 baby boy names in France, the name means coming from Gabii, a place in Italy.

27. Gabriel
An angel name which means God is my strength.

28. Gais
A delightful traditional French name for boys meaning one who is joyful, pleasant and cheerful in nature.

29. Gaspard
Bring your little one fortune with this moniker meaning one who is rich in wealth.

30. Gustave
A decent first baby boy name starting with letter G meaning the one who works for the royals.

31. Guy
A smooth one syllable baby boy name meaning leader or guide.

32. Harbin
If you love H baby names you might like Harbin; a glorious soldier.

33. Harvey
A popular one, Harvey means someone worthy of the battlefield, a warrior, someone ardent.

34. Henri
Looking for baby boy names associated with leadership? Go for Henri meaning ruler.

35. Horace
A poetic baby boy name, French variation of Horatius meaning harvesting by cutting.

36. Hugo
A brand baby boy name meaning intelligence. It is among top 10 baby boy names in Europe.

37. Ignance
A unique, preferably second french name for baby boys meaning fiery.

38. Iven
Brief and beautiful, the ocean inspired name translates to little anchor.

39. Jacque
This cool baby boy name is a french twist of Jack. It means one who takes the place of others.

40. Janvier
Translates to the first month, January. Best for someone expecting a baby boy in winter or January.

41. Joseph
For parents who would like to associate their baby boys with strong biblical characters, the name Joseph is God will multiply.

42. Jovan
A cool baby boy name that stands for sensitive, upright and intelligent.

43. Jules
From the name Julien, and among the top 10 baby names, it denotes a youthful fellow. Cool, simple with a fun side.

44. Kaarle
A masculine French baby name starting with letter K meaning strong.

45. Laurent
A stylish middle or last name, it means hailing from Laurentum. Another meaning is a one wearing a laurel crown.

46. Leo
Small name with a big meaning. Leo is a lion. A powerful name with worldwide popularity.

47. Lothair
A royal baby name and among rare names, Lothair translates to one who fights.

48. Louis
A top ten baby name in many languages, Louis is a brave warrior.

49. Liam
A cool short form for the all time favorite name William. It means protector, warrior, strong willed. Excellent qualities there.

50. Lucas
Let your little one brighten your life with this moniker which means one who shines or illuminates.

51. Maël
A stylish baby name for a cute little prince, the name means prince.

52. Matheu
With a cute nickname Matt, the name translates to a gift from God.

53. Mallon
Ideal name for a jovial baby boy meaning one who is very joyful and pleasant.

54. Marquis
A sophisticated name with the french spelling flare, Marquis means from lord of the borders.

55. Martin
Martin means warlike or hostile but is a name commonly associated with saint Martin, an important figure in the history of France.

56. Marcel
An old but attractive name meaning little warrior.

57. Mathis
Old is gold, and so is this name which means God given.

58. Mauger
A traditional french name that symbolizes a spear.

59. Maxime
A diminutive of Maximus, Maxime means the greatest one among all.

60. Meledisant
Looking for a sacred baby boy name? Meledisant means a faithful servant of Christ.

61. Michael
There’s something attractive about baby boy names ending in ael. The name is a rhetorical question, who is like God? Michael is also a biblical name for an archangel.

62. Nelle
Every parent thinks their child is special. Affirm it with this cool baby boy name meaning extraordinary.

63. Noel
Baby boys born in the festive time of the year ( Christmas) deserve this moniker.

64. Nolan
Nolan is born a champion. A stylish baby boy name that brings cheerfulness and charm.

65. Norris
Norris is Old french translated to mean from the north.

66. Olivier
A trendy baby boy name, Olivier translates to an olive tree, often associated with peace and fruitfulness.

67. Pascal
Expecting your bundle of joy this Easter? Traditionally, Pascal meaning passover would be the name for him.

68. Paul
If you’d like a biblical baby boy name meaning humility, Paul is a good idea.

69. Pierre
The French version of the English name Peter, it literally translates to rocky or stoney, but deeper meaning is strong.

70. Philippe
A cute name with an adorable nickname Phil, it means one who adores horses.

71. Quincy
If you are considering a unisex baby name, Quincy may be ideal meaning the fifth son’s house or estate.

72. Quentin
Looking for stylish baby boy names starting with the letter Q? Quentin, means fifth among his brothers and sisters.

73. Reimund
A thoughtful name meaning wise counsellor, it is borrowed from Old French and now Raymond in modern day spelling.

74. Raphael
A religious baby name that is all time trending among top 100 baby names. It means God is a healer. It is also a biblical name for one of the archangels.

75. Remy
A trendy sea inspired unisex baby name that refers to an oarsman.

76. Reynard
The name literally translates to fox in old French but the deeper meaning is a good counselor and wise decision maker.

77. Romain
Perfect French moniker for baby boys with Italian roots. It refers to originators of Rome.

78. Sebastian
A classic, refined, solid and sophisticated 9 character baby name meaning from Sebaste. Another meaning is venerable.

79. Sacha
This moniker is quickly climbing up the charts. It means defender or helper of man.

80. Searle
From old French, it means manly. Numerology qualities to expect with this name are supportive, companionable, problem solving, stable and responsible.

81. Spencer
For some classic sophistication, try the name Spencer which refers to the occupation butler cum steward.

82. Stephan
Baby names ending in ‘an’ are truly melodious and so is Stephan meaning crown.

83. Teddie
Cute, funky and modern, Teddie means fortune protector.

84. Theo
Brief but with a deep meaning, God given or gift of God. It could also be a nickname for Theodore.

85. Thierry
Football fans will love this soccer baby name. It means powerful and mighty God, ruler of the people. Your boy will share it with popular retired French footballer, Thierry Henry.

86. Timeo
New, fresh, and trending among top 100 baby names for French boys, this moniker means honoring God. It Is a variation of Timothee and the perfect French first name for boys.

87. Tristan
A bold name meaning a metallic noise or outcry. Tristan is also a legendary knight.

88. Tyce
A modern name which is also a nickname for the cute classic baby name Tyson. It refers to someone with high spirits and fiery nature.

89. Ubert
A clever and sharp baby boy deserves this moniker meaning very intelligent.

90. Ulrien
A traditional name that sounds lavish. It means from a rich heritage.

91. Valentin
Derived from saint Valentine, the moniker means strength.

92. Vail
A rare gem, this beautiful baby name starting with letter V refers to the valley.

93. Victor
An all time trendy old fashioned name, perfect for winners. It means victorious or successful.

94. Wyatt
A super trendy baby name with many meanings and origins. In French it refers to a guide of the forest.

95. Xander
A cute and attractive diminutive of Alexander meaning defender of men.

96. Xavier
There’s something unique about baby names beginning with X. Xavier is a helper.

97. Yael
A sweet sounding traditional French religious baby name meaning the strength of God.

98. Yves
If you are into brand baby names, your boy will share this name with Yves St-Laurent. The literal meaning is yew wood.

99. Zack
A name with wide popularity and a humble meaning, the Lord has remembered.

100. Ziv
Looking for baby boy names starting with letter Z? This moniker is short and cute meaning bright and radiant.

As you can see French names are not only melodious but also hold special meanings. Both new and traditional old fashioned baby names are trendy. Furthermore, you will find babies from all over the world and not just france or french speaking countries, rocking these names. A clear sign of their unique appeal. Whether a first baby name, middle or even last name, you are sure to find something that unlocks your prince’s true identity.