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Top 100 French Girl Names of 2020

What’s there not to love about the French? Everything from their culinary taste to sense of style, culture and sights, everything is just splendid. The language itself is enchanting and you will definitely fall in love with their euphonic baby names. If you are expecting a daughter in 2020, you might consider a French baby name for your bundle of joy.

We’ve rounded up 100 trendy baby girl names of French origin that are topping the charts. This is not just an ordinary collection of pretty French baby girl names. You will find a mix of popular baby girl names as well as unique and rare baby names for girls. Even old fashioned French names have made it in. Yes, you read that right. A few French names from the 1700’s and 1800’s are making a comeback this year. Here’s the list of feminine French names with their meanings. Be inspired.

1. Abella
A top choice for baby girls. It means source of life.

2. Adele
A trendier short form of Adeleide. It means noble character and good will.

3. Aimee
If you are after baby girl names meaning love, this would be perfect.

4. Albertine
Inclined towards feminization? This 9 letter moniker from Albert means noble or famous. A fascinating middle name.

5. Alice
Like old wine, this name keeps getting trendier. It means noble.

6. Amelie
Amelie holds strong characters. It means a hard worker or defender.

7. Angelique
Looking for angel baby names? Try Angelique.

8. Antoinette
Antoinette means valuable or priceless. A royal baby name associated with Queens of France.

9. Aubrie
Aubrie is a powerful and kind hearted ruler.

10. Aurore
A pleasant name referring to a beautiful scenery; a golden dawn or goddess of dawn.

11. Averie
If you fancy celestial baby girl names, Averie is descended from the heavens or skies.

12. Belle
Looking for girl names meaning beautiful? Belle literally means that.

13. Berthe
Berthe translates to bright or shining.

14. Bernadette
The bold name encourages bravery. It means strong and fearless like a bear.

15. Blanche
A vintage baby girl name making a comeback. It means white or fair skinned. It is also a royal baby girl name linked to Queens of France.

16. Briella
If you love Gabriella but would like something less mouthful, Briella will do. It means God is the hero

17. Camille
Camille is extremely popular. It means innocent and pure, just the way we love our girls.

18. Celeste
The name speaks for itself. It literally means heavenly or celestial.

19. Celine
Seems celestial names are in style in French. Celine also means heavenly.

20. Chanel
Chanel is a stylish brand baby name associated with everything fabulous. Coco Chanel and Iman Chanel share this name. It literally means a pipe, channel or duct and makes a great French middle name.

21. Chantae
This sweet sounding name refers to a beautiful melody or song.

22. Charlotte
Charlotte has come out strong to remain a top 10 baby name in France from the 1700’s to date. It means strong and free.

23. Cherish
The best way to show your little one how much she is loved is to name her Cherish meaning someone dear, loved, a darling.

24. Chloe
Another top 10 contender is the moniker Chloe. It means, flourishing, fresh or evergreen.

25. Claudine
Claudine is a beautiful moniker meaning God given.

26. Claire
A classic and pretty name, Claire means clear like a crystal.

27. Clementine
Old is gold and so is this classic baby girl name making a comeback from the 1800’s. It means merciful, tender, kind.

28. Colette
Collete fits an achiever. It refers to being a winner or victorious.

29. Danielle
If you are aiming for biblical baby names, Danielle is the she-form of Daniel. Author Danielle Steel shares this name.

30. Darcy
Among the hottest baby girl names right now, it translates to dark haired. Perfect for brunettes.

31. Darleen
A cute name for a charming bubbly baby girl. It means cheerful and loveable or adorable.

32. Desiree
Have you really longed for this baby girl? Keep the memory of your journey with the name Desiree. It means to be desired, longed or wished for.

33. Delphine
Another one from the hottest french baby girl names this season is Delphine. It denotes a dolphin but is also a significant place in french history where the oracle of Apollo manifested.

34. Dominique
An all time favorite spiritual baby name, Dominique means belonging to God.

35. Elise
A sacred baby name meaning dedicated to God

36. Ella
Short, sweet and feminine, Ella literally means she and is a symbol of femininity and beauty.

37. Eloise
Revived from the 19th century, this now popular traditional baby name means of good health or famous warrior.

38. Elsa
Popularly identified with the Ice princess in disney, Elsa holds a deeper meaning; God who satisfies.

39. Emma
A classic, timeless, all-time trending, universal baby name with a sweet message; complete or whole, just the way your daughter makes you.

40. Estelle
Chic and sophisticated, it refers to being bright sparkling or shiny like the stars.

41. Eva
Simple, mature and never goes out of style, the 2 syllable baby girl name means lively, bubbly, full of life or vibrant.

42. Felicie
Every parent wishes their child good fortune. Envoke it with the name Felicie meaning luck and happiness.

43. Fernande
A traveller who loves adventure.

44. Fleur
For a unique french baby girl name, try Fleur, or Fleury if you like. It translates to flower.

45. Gabrielle
A beautiful faith based name loved by many for decades. The feminine form of Gabriel an Angel and also means God is the hero.

46. Genevieve
Genevieve is a sophisticated name. It denotes of or belonging to women.

47. Gemma
Remind your angel everyday how precious she is with the name Gemma; a jewel, precious stone or gem.

48. Giselle
Giselle which means promise, is a trendy French name for girls. It is also one of the world’s most famous French ballet.

49. Helene
A timeless beauty, Helene is one who shines brightly.

50. Henriette
The she version of Henri, Henrietta translates to wealthy and powerful ruler of a house or estate.

51. Ines
Short, sweet and straightforward, Ines means gentle and pure.

52. Isabelle
Another spiritual and also classic French baby girl name. It means God is perfect and woman of God.

53. Jacquelyne
For centuries, the name Jacquelyne has remained fresh. It means a woman who takes over another or under the protection of God.

54. Jade
Among the hottest baby names of the season, the short and to the point name refers to the green precious stone.

55. Jeanne
A timeless classic oldie from the 1700’s meaning God is gracious.

56. Jolie
Jolie suits a lovely and happy little princess. It denotes being joyful and cheerful.

57. Jules
This baby girl name means exactly what it sounds like, youthful and fun.

58. Juliette
Juliette has never gone out of fashion from the times of Shakespear’s play Romeo and Juliette. It means forever young.

59. Kathryn
A chic and feminine name with a straightforward and mature meaning, simple and true.

60. Kourtney
In old French language, Kourtney literally translates to a short nose.

61. Lea
Lea is a short and cute 2 syllable baby girl name meaning bearer of good news.

62. Letitia
Not only does this name sound dainty, it also brings joyfulness, it means happiness or gladness.

63. Lilou
The french version of Lily, Lilou is a cute moniker currently trending. It refers to a lily flower.

64. Louise
Beautiful and most sought after name, Louise is a warrior or fighter.

65. Lourdes
Lourdes would make a great French middle name for girls. It means originating from Lourdes.

66. Lucienne
If your girl brightens your life, consider the name Lucienne; to illuminate or shine. Other trendy variations are Lucie and Lucille.

67. Mabelle
Mabelle or Mabel if you like is a french baby girl moniker meaning beautiful or lovely.

68. Madeleine
Always securing a spot in the top 100, it means strong and great.

69. Maëlee
A lovely name for baby girls born in Spring. It refers to the 5th month of the year, May.

70. Manon
Manon has its roots from the name Marie, meaning star of bitterness.

71. Marcelle
Marcelle is fearless. A warrior at heart.

72. Margeaux
Margeaux is the name Margo with a French twist in the spelling. It refers to a pearl.

73. Marguerite
A royal baby name of French queens, It denotes a pearl or daisy flower.74. Marie
A loveable variation of the old fashioned baby name Mary meaning a star from the sea of bitterness. It is a perfect first part of a double baby girl name; Marie-Claire, Marie-Belle etc.

75. Maribel
Maribel is Marie and Belle combined. It sounds amazing and means beautiful.

76. Melanie
Names ending with ie always sound sweet. Melanie is a dark haired girl.

77. Noemie
Noemie simply means lovely, fine, and pleasant.

78. Nathalie
Expecting a baby girl around Christmas season? Nathalie would suit her. It means born on Christmas.

79. Noelle
Noelle also means Christmas and it can be twin baby names for girls if you are expecting double the joy.

80. Oceane
This name is not only beautiful but also trendy. It is inspired by the ocean and it means highly intelligent.

81. Octavia
Who doesn’t want a caring and kind baby girl? With this beautiful name which means helpful and gentle, she might just be that.

82. Odette
If you are looking for rare baby names or girl names starting with O, Odette is a sweet one meaning wealthy and prosperous.

83. Paulette
Paulette is a sophisticated variation of the name Pauline meaning little and humble.

84. Questa
Looking for a rare french baby girl name starting with Q? Questa is unique and pretty meaning one who is on a quest, a seeker.

85. Patrice
Patrice is noble and visionary, a thoughtful and mature name.

86. Raissa
Riassa would be a perfect name for a smart girl. It means a clever thinker.

87. Renee
A french baby girl name from the 70’s meaning reborn.

88. Roxanne
A bright and sophisticated name for a vibrant baby girl meaning shining or glowing like dawn.

89. Simonne
Simonne simply means a good listener.

90. Stephane
Stephane is a cute oldie referring to a wreath or crown of glory.

91. Suzette
A playful, sweet and fun baby girl name with the coveted ending in ette. It denotes a rose lily.

92. Sylvie
Trending these last few years is the name Sylvie meaning from the forest.

93. Taliana
Another french baby girl name associated with beauty, it means goddess of beauty.

94. Tatienne
The french equivalent of the chic name Tatiana, Tatiene means a fairy queen.

95. Valentin
If you want a strong and healthy baby, try the moniker Valentin which denotes strength and health.

96. Violette
An old name that has made a surprising comeback. It is a purple flower.

97. Yolanthe
Looking for baby girl names starting with Y? This one is a classic meaning strong.

98. Yvette
If you can’t get enough of baby names ending with ette, this could be the one. It means archer.

99. Zara
A French baby girl name with a universal appeal. It refers to a princess.

100. Zoe
A favorite for centuries, it means vibrant, energetic and full of life.

It is clear that french baby girl names are not only melodious but also hold a rich history and thoughtful meanings. And the best part is, anyone can rock these names regardless where you come from. We truly hope you have been inspired.