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German Boy Names

German names have gained more popularity in the USA over the years. Each year there is a change in the top German boy names list due to the changing trends, celebrities, sports stars, etc. But, there are few names for German baby boys that are consistently famous over the years. German people strongly prefer names that have a pleasant influence on the child’s personality and wellbeing. They avoid words with inappropriate meaning while choosing a name. Some people prefer unique German boy names over popular boy names. However, there are Germans who still prefer traditional, historic, and even religious names for their baby boys.

Top 100 German Names For Boys:

There are so many German names influenced by Hebrew, Latin, Greek, English, and Spanish. Some biblical words are modified and taken as German names; especially, powerful names like; Joshua and Johann. If you are seeking the most popular names for German boys, you are in the right place. Here, we’ve compiled the list of top 100 German names for boys famous in 2020.

1. Adolphe
This beautiful name for German boys means majestic wolf or noble.

2. Adayre
This name has a German origin, meaning wealthy spear.

3. Allarick
This name is translated into two beautiful meanings; regal ruler and noble.

4. Alyn
This name means precious.

5. Arnell
This means Eagle’s ruler.

6. Baldric
It means a brave ruler.

7. Berne
This word means a bear in the German language.

8. Blad
This word in the German language means a brave friend.

9. Brook
This word represents a water stream in German language and it is used as one of the famous names for boys.

10. Bertolde
This name has a beautiful meaning as a renowned leader and bright strength.

11. Claibourne
This German name means the boundary of clay.

12. Clovio
This is a cute German boy name meaning renowned fighter.

13. Dirke
This name refers to the power of the tribe.

14. Duer
This is a sweet name with a sweet meaning, dear.

15. Eburhardt
This word means strong as a boar.

16. Ehren
This word means honorable.

17. Eldis
This word means old.

18. Englbehrt
This a famous German boy’s name meaning bright angel.

19. Ferd
This is one of the popular names for centuries and translated as a courageous traveler

20. Fred
This traditional German name means a peaceful ruler.

21. Fredrick
This is a variant of Frederick in German meaning a peaceful ruler.

22. Fremont
This word means the guardian of freedom in German

23. Frimunt
It is a German origin meaning noble protector.

24. Gerolt
This sweet word means spear ruler

25. Gun
Gun is a famous name among German boys meaning a warrior or battler.

26. Hacket
This work means a little wood hewer in German

27. Hartwig
This word means being courageous in battle.

28. Heine
This is a German warrior name, meaning home ruler.

29. Herrior
This word means home ruler in German.

30. Horst
This name simply means a leap in German.

31. Hubert
The word is translated as shining and intellect.

32. Humphrey
This is a beautiful name meaning a peaceful warrior.

33. Ignacius
The word is translated as fiery.

34. Ignatz
This word means fiery and it is a German variation of Ignatius.

35. Ingram
This is a cute German name for boys meaning angel-raven.

36. Ivo
This is the traditional name meaning archer or yew wood.

37. Jamie
This is a variant of James in German.

38. Jeffery
Jeffrey is a sweet name for German boys meaning peaceful, serene, and at ease.

39. Jerry
This word means exalted by God

40. Johann
This is a religiously famous name meaning God’s gracious gift.

41. Joshua
This is a religiously famous name meaning God is salvation.

42. Just
It has a Latin origin but famous as a German body name, meaning righteous or fair.

43. Karl
It is the most famous German names, spelled with C or K, meaning a man,

44. Karli
This word means free man.

45. Kleiner
Its origin is German and it means small.

46. Kuno
This word represents an honest advisor.

47. Kyland
This word is translated as a bull.

48. Lamar
This word is translated as a famous land and water.

49. Lambrecht
This name means light of land.

50. Leopold
It is a German name meaning brave people.

51. Lewis
This is a variant of Louis in German.

52. Lian
This word means desire and it is a derivative of Liam.

53. Lonnard
This is a bold and strong name meaning lion strength.

54. Marr
This name means swamp

55. Medwin
This word means a strong friend in the German language.

56. Meinrad
This word represents a mighty counsel in German.

57. Nando
This is a famous German name meaning bold voyager.

58. Nicklaus
This beautiful historic name is translated as a victory of the people.

59. Norman
This word means a northerner.

60. Olis
This is a beautiful name meaning strong and powerful.

61. Onofredo
This word means a peaceful warrior in the German language.

62. Othello
It is a historic German name, famous for centuries and used by Shakespeare as the main character of his popular novel, Othello.

63. Ottildo
This word represents a prosperous and famous warrior in the battle.

64. Otto
This sweet boy’s name means wealth.

65. Ozzy
This name refers to the power of God.

66. Penrod
This word represents a famous commander in German.

67. Phillbert
This word means very bright.

68. Porsche
This word means offering in German.

69. Ranier
This name derives from German origin meaning deciding warrior.

70. Robertson
This name is popular for centuries and still has the same level of popularity among German people. It means to have bright fame.

71. Roderigo
This word meanings famous and powerful.

72. Rudolfo
This is a bold and inspiring name meaning a famous wolf.

73. Ryszard
This is a unique German name meaning a powerful leader.

74. Saelac
This name means to be blessed.

75. Seigmond
This one is a popular German name for baby boys meaning a protector and victorious.

76. Sigfryd
This beautiful name means peace of victory.

77. Snyder
This work in German is translated as a tailor.

78. Stark
This is a German boy name famous in the US and other countries in the last few years. It means to be strong.

79. Straus
This word is used for multiple meanings like fight, ostrich, and bouquet.

80. Thedrick
This beautiful name means the power of the tribe.

81. Tiebout
This word is translated as brave people.

82. Thurman
This one is a historic name meaning Thor’s protection.

83. Traugott
This name is translated as faith in God.

84. Tybault
This German name represents brave people.

85. Ulberto
This a famous German name for centuries meaning shining/ bright intellect.

86. Ulf
It means a Wolf.

87. Ulric
This unique name has a powerful meaning; the power of the home or power of the wolf.

88. Ulz
This word refers to a noble leader in German.

89. Valdemarr
This is a German name for boys meaning famous, bright, and noble.

90. Verrill
It is one of the unique German names, meaning masculine and loyal.

91. Volfango
This word represents a traveling wolf.

92. Volker
This word represents a people’s defender.

93. Voss
This word means a fox in German,

94. Wat
This is a German warrior name meaning the army commander.

95. Webber
This is a common name in Germans meaning weaver.

96. Wilek
This is not so common name, meaning protection.

97. Wolfert
This is a famous German name for boys meaning wolf army.

98. Wylmer
This word means a strong desire in German.

99. Yaeger
This name has a German origin means to hunt or chase.

100. Zygmunt
This word means a protector or a victorious hand.

Most of the names you see in the above list have topped the list in the last few years and they are still popular. The most common reason for this popularity is the names of media personalities. But you will also notice some un-heard-of and unique names. In this article, you will find the most suitable German names for your baby boys.