knowing the growth spurts in babies

When Baby Growth Spurts Occur: How To Deal With It

Baby Growth Spurts

Growth spurts meaning? Growth spurts generally refer to that periods when babies grow up more quickly than as usual, not only in babies, you teenagers also passes through several growth spurts. During these periods babies usually put on weight, rise in height rapidly. Baby growth spurts generally seen in the first year of life. Most of the babies go through several growth spurts during the first twelve months of his life, usually with some short interval. In this article, we will discuss on baby growth spurts duration and way of handling it. Keep reading the article until the end, it will really help you to handle this growth spurts in babies.


What are the signs of baby growth spurts?

During these couple of periods your baby’s weight will jump on a higher stage, his height will increase more than usual. You may notice some signs like he will like to eat more, he will look at the bottle as he is hungry even just after the feed, he will sleep more or less than as usual.

It’s not like that the symptoms obviously happen for every child; some babies may pass through without showing any signs.


When do babies have growth spurts? How long does it last?

Growth spurts can happen anytime and usually last for two days to one/two weeks, especially for young babies. Pediatricians believe most of the babies go through growth spurts at different ages like:

  • At 2-3 weeks
  • At 6 weeks
  • At 3 monthsgrowth spurts in babies
  • At 6 months
  • At 9 months

But remember, growth pattern is different for each baby, they don’t read the calendar. So timing may different on your baby. Beyond these above timing, there are some other common timings of growth spurts. You may see growth spurt 8 weeks or 4 months or growth spurt 12 months in your baby.

So how can you tell that your baby has had a growth spurt? It’s simple. Your baby will get weighted and healthier quite quickly in that period.


Relation of growth spurts to feeding spurts:

It’s not the same, but it’s related. During feeding spurts your baby may more hungry, he may feed for longer. During growth spurts, it may happen or may not happen.

But some research shows that feeding spurts increase growth. It’s a natural thing that if calorie intake increases, growth must be increased. For this, some people mix two different things.


Should I be concerned about growth spurts?

If your baby has these above signs may be he is passing through a growth spurt. But if these signs last longer than one week, it’s best to consult with a doctor.


Best way to handle growth spurts in babies:

Don’t be panic if your baby starts drinking more milk than usual. Baby will automatically get more milk from your breast, as your body will automatically produce more milk. You don’t need to feed him extra supplement or formula during this time.

One instruction for moms, Listen to your body-eat or drink more than usual. It will help to fill your hungriness and thirst during these periods.


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