know how to breastfeed in public

How to Breastfeed in Public

Having a kid under six months does not mean you have to stay at home always. You deserve to enjoy life and the same activities as the rest. Do not feel shy to make your baby comfortable in public. Health practitioners recommend moms breastfeed their babies exclusively for the first six months as breast milk contains Vitamin A, iron, and other essential nutrients for a newborn.

Therefore, nursing practice in public will help working mothers ensure enough nutrition for their baby. If you’re feeling anxious or worried about what people will think of you, here are some pointers that will boost your confidence in nursing in public.

Nursing in Public is Legal?

You should know your rights; nursing in public is legal. No one can prevent you from nourishing your kid with the most nutritious and appropriate food. People should not disturb you or ask you to shift to another location.

You may Use a Cover.

If the revelation of a lot of skin makes you uncomfortable, you may use a cover-up. It will help you cover your baby and breast. There are commercially available blankets or cover-ups designed for breastfeeding mothers. A cover-up will make you feel comfortable when nursing your little angel in public. Babies often hate having a cover over their heads while nursing and fuss. In that case, you may include cotton scarves with your everyday outfit. This fashion accessory will make you look trendy and provide enough comfort to both you and your little one.

You may Practice before Going Out.

Breastfeeding in public for the first time may make you feel annoyed. Use your mirror to practice before you go out for the first time after the delivery. It will help you to see how you will look like while feeding. Practicing will also assist you in ensuring how you will cover yourself without making your baby uncomfortable.

Wear Comfy Clothes

The breastfeeding period might be a challenging moment for most mothers. But you don’t need to worry about getting out of fashion. Thanks to designers and manufacturers who design nursing clothes with hidden openings to make your life easier. If you rummage through online stores, you will find many dresses and tops designed especially for breastfeeding moms. There are plenty of sizes, shapes, and variations in price. You can also talk to your tailor to sew nursing clothes for you.

Gone are the days when only some loose tees were breastfeeding moms’ daily wear. You can wear whatever you want; a floral dress, a cayenne dress, or even a midi wrap dress. Just ensure that it provides breastfeeding-friendly styles. There are many shirt options also. If you choose to wear a t-shirt that covers up the tummy with a belly band, you won’t feel uncomfortable when you lift the shirt.

Good Nursing Bra

A right nursing bra affords a convenient and discreet way for breastfeeding moms to nurse their infants. The right bra also offers excellent support to the breasts. These bras come in serval sizes, styles, and colors to help you choose what suits your style and fashion. If you want to get the right size, you can use the bra measurement calculator to get the most comfortable bra.

If possible, visit a mother-to-be local store and try to fit many bras until you get the right size. Furthermore, buy a bra with wide straps to distribute your breasts’ weight evenly and make you more comfortable.

Pick a spot.

You have to secure two things: a place to sit where you will get enough support for your back as well as a place where you are less visible. You may find enough space to feed your baby, But it’s tough outside to secure a not-so-visible spot. In the outdoors, there are benches beside a planter, sit there. Try to sit next to a window while traveling on a bus. It will make you less visible to other passengers.

Take it easy

If you found people glancing at you, looking horrified, gift them a warm smile! Breast milk is something crucial for your child’s health. If someone suggests you go to the washroom, answer politely that your baby doesn’t like to eat in the loo. You can handle any situation by showing confidence.


Nourishing your baby with nutritious breast milk is the best you can do as a mother- whether in private or public. The above tips will help you do it confidently.