know how to build a playhouse out of pallets

How to Build a Playhouse Out of Pallets

It’s no doubt that a parent you want the best for your kids. And a playhouse for your toddlers is one of the things you can give to your children to make their lives comfortable and happy. You only a small area in your house or at the backyard, and you will be surprised that a playhouse is not demanding and cumbersome as you think.

Although you will dig a little deeper into your pockets, the result will be worth the price. A sturdy and colorful hand-built, the homemade playhouse will give your garden the much-needed character and charm. The building time will also create a strong bond between the child and the parent. The building companies have now come up with eco-friendly and affordable wooden shipping pallets that make the entire process easy. These recycled materials are cheaper and long-lasting. Here’s how to build a playhouse with pallets:

Find the Required Materials

If you want to create a classic playhouse, examine a different kind of structures to emulate. You will find some of the playhouses are large and quite complicated while others are compact, decrepit and frankly looking. After seeing the structure you want, get the needed materials. Some playhouses might require 75+ wood shipping pallets, but that is not necessary. Eight pallets are enough to build a sturdy and spacious structure.

Take the Pallets Apart

To begin with, set aside a few pallets- approximately 6- which will for the walls and disassemble the rest. Do it carefully to make them safe. This is a simple task since pallets are easy to take them apart. You can use a hammer to hit the wood until the nails fall off. After that, stripe the wood of staples and excess nails for your safety and that of your children.

Fill the Gaps

Pallets come with a staggered design. So, you’re required to fill those gaps using the dismantled pieces of woods from the excess pallets. Hold them together using screws. Once you’ve filled the gaps, you will get slabs that will act as the walls.

Choose the Roof Option

You can have a simple, flat roof where you can screw two pallets adjacently. There are several complex roofs but if you have few resources, then opt for a simple design.

Decorate the Playhouse

Now that the structure is complete, you can use paint to make it colorful. Alternatively, kids can go painting or staining the walls with their favorite colors.

Benefits of a Playhouse for Kids

  • Enhances their social skills– By playing together, kids can get involved in several social activities. It helps the child to interact with their playmate. As a result, this boosts social skills.
  • Better Sleep at Night – Kids use a lot of energy to play during the day. It makes them feel drained and tired. And to recharge, the kids will need a lot of sleep to recover the lost energy.
  • Improved Health – When kids are playing, their metabolism is increased leading to burning off calories. This enables the kids to stay healthy and active.

A playhouse gives children a chance to have fun within and outside the house!