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How to Choose a Diaper Bag

As a mom to a toddler, you definitely need a diaper bag. What you don’t need is a super-expensive bag that will leave you broke and starving. A diaper bag is a comfortable place to stash wipes, toys, baby clothes, keys, snacks, and diapers. You can mix fashion and functionality without going bankrupt.

Diaper bags come at various sizes, styles, designs, and prices. If you want to get the perfect item, here is what to look for:


A good diaper bag should not just be hollow like a handbag. Remember you need to keep baby items organized for easy access. Get a bag with pockets where you can put wet/dirty clothes. Look for insulated pockets where you can keep water cold, and milk/formula fresh for long. the outer compartments should accommodate the wallet, keys, and other tiny items.


Finding a bag that is easy to clean and maintain might be daunting. You need the bag with you all the time. Hence it might get dirty quickly. More so, the baby’s milk and food should be kept in a clean and dry place. That is why you need to buy a bag made of cotton for breath-ability. The inside should be warm. The outside fabric should be waterproof to prevent leakage.

Good quality material is durable, breathable, and easy to clean.

Colors and Patterns

The inside of the bag should be light-colored to help you find the items quickly. Choose the color that you love. Most moms choose bright colors for girls and dull colors for boys. More so, choose a bag that can blend with most of the clothes.


A diaper bag is not all about the baby items. It also speaks a statement about your taste and fashion. Just like handbags, diaper bags come in all sort of styles like backpack, messenger, and tote. A tote bag is designed with two stable straps to hand comfortably one shoulder. Backpacks distribute weight evenly on your back to leave you hands-free for handling the bag with ease. However, you cannot get inside of a backpack quickly. A messenger bag is worn across the body. So, if you want to buy a messenger bag, ensure it’s not big for your frame. We can advise you to look for a bag with stroller straps to attach to the baby stroller easily. Choose a zipper bag over Velcro snap. Velcro is noisy and can disturb a sleeping toddler.


A bigger bag is not necessarily the best. But you need a bag that accommodates the baby stuff when young and even when growing up, specially you need bags with more spaces for twin. Furthermore, consider how heavy it is when empty. If it’s heavy, it will become a burden when you add baby staff. Choose a lightweight yet durable bag for easy portability.


Always select what you can afford. Several high-quality bags come at a competitive price. Gucci is a great brand, and its quality is unquestionable. However, you can get another brand-cheaper one- that can still serve the purpose.


Keep your bag clean and organized. It will help you locate something easily and with one hand.