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How to Clean Baby Bottles and Nipples?

As the bottles are important parts of your baby’s first-year life for bottle-feeding babies, it’s necessary to make sure baby’s bottles are always washed properly. To keep your baby safe from food poisoning you should strict about cleaning bottles properly after every use as well as before use. Read the whole article and find how to clean baby bottles properly.

Do you need to sterilize before first use?

Yes, it’s necessary to sterilize in boiling water before very first use as different kind of germs there may be present there. Boiling just about five minutes is enough; you don’t need to use any soap or brush as like the regular wash. Don’t forget to separate all the parts of bottles before sterilizing.

One important point you need to look up before sterilizing:

Make sure that bottle is free from BPA and other nasty chemicals. Plastics can contain BPA which may leech through baby’s formula or milk when heated. BPA can resist the normal development of your baby, so it’s sensible to use BPA free bottle for breastfed babies.

How often to sterilize baby bottles?how to clean baby bottles properly

As the milk and formula can grow bacteria if not handled properly, so proper cleaning and sterilizing is necessary after each use to keep your baby free from food poisoning, cold or flu.

What do you need to clean baby bottles?

For regular cleaning of baby bottles you need hot water, soap and a bottle brush. If you buy a bottle with wider neck then you can clean bottles without a bottle brush. You use baking soda or with vinegar instead of soap or bottle cleaner liquid.

How to clean baby bottles easily:

  • Firstly fill the sink with hot water and add soap or dishwashing liquid. You can clean baby bottles with baking soda or with vinegar also, without any soap or liquid. You just need to make a solution of baking soda and water or a solution of vinegar and to clean baby bottles
  • Then add every part infant feeding items like nipples, caps, rings etc into the water.
  • Pour water into bottles and clean inside of the bottle by brush until the bottle is clean. Squeeze the water with nipple hole to clean the nipples properly.
  • Thoroughly rinse all the parts under running water to wash away all the soapy water.
  • Dry all the parts in a dish drainer.
  • Washing baby bottle in a dishwasher is safe, but you need to use hot water and a hot drying cycle. Don’t forget to check the manufacturer label to make sure items are dishwasher safe.



One crucial point, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with hot & soapy water for at least 20 seconds every time before cleaning or preparing baby bottles.

This is all about how to wash baby bottles, we hope there will be no question on your regarding this, if any let us know by commenting below.

Never compromise with germs. Be safe, keep your baby healthy. You can follow the same process to clean sippy cups. Take a look at our article on washing baby clothes and teaching a baby to walk.

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