how to find a supportive nursing bra

How to Find a Supportive Nursing Bra

The journey of breastfeeding moms can be daunting sometimes, especially for first-time moms. At this moment, you need to restore your wardrobe from nursing tops to bras. The tight-fitting tops you used to wear, or the dresses with zipper at the back, no longer entice you after entering into the nursing world. At this time, one of the undergarments you should befriend is a nursing bra. It makes breastfeeding sessions easier. Sometimes you may need a nursing sports bra that supports your active lifestyle. But getting the supportive one might be challenging.

What do We mean by a Supportive Nursing Bra?

After the child’s birth, new mothers’ breasts become heavier because of their constant milk supply. Thus, their breasts require more support than they used to need before the baby’s birth. Here, the supportive nursing bras come for mothers’ rescue. These bras can lift and hold the whole chest area in shape to minimize awkward bounce.

A supportive nursing bra contains a strong underband to hold heavier breasts and reduces pressure from the shoulder band. Therefore, it improves body posture and prevents breasts from sagging.

Before purchasing a nursing bra, you need to determine the exact size of yours. Besides that, below are five rules you should follow to get the right supportive bra:

1. Get the Right Size

Right after conception, women’s’ breasts continue to change in size. It’s particularly noticeable during pregnancy and post-birth. Your regular bras may not fit anymore, so you need to buy a new one. As breast sizes are constantly changing, most women feel confused about the perfect time of buying a nursing bra. Three to four months after delivery is the proper time to measure yourself for more structured nursing bras. Within this time, your milk supply starts to regulate. Buying a breastfeeding bra when you’re around eight months pregnant is wise if you want to order it before the delivery.

If you want to buy a supportive nursing bra online, you can use the international calculator to get the right size. If you’re buying from a local retailer, try as many bras as possible until you find the product that perfectly fits you. You should feel comfortable.

A correctly fitting bra will flatter your shape, make you feel amazing, and provide the needed support. In case you are unsure about the size, arrange a professional fitting.

2. The Cup Should Fit You Well

An ill-fitting bra will not give you the necessary support. Be sure about the cup size. It might make your breasts appear larger. A bra larger than your size may cause ligament damage. On the other hand, smaller bras may create pressure on your chest and may initiate mastitis.

3. Choose the Best Quality

When the baby comes, you will spend a lot of money on diapers and wipes. Do not hesitate to pay more for your comfort. If you want a comfortable, durable, and supportive nursing bra, you must be ready to spend extra coins. However, quality comes with a price tag, and it also saves you from additional shopping. Wearing a bra with high-quality fabric and accessories will give you the surety that it will last long. The elastics should be much well-built and supportive so that several wears and washes will not affect the elasticity.

4. Shop at the Right Time

After a few days of delivery, your body still tries to adjust to regulate the milk supply to meet the baby’s needs. A bra that fits you four weeks after childbirth might not suit you at ten weeks postpartum. So, if you want a supportive nursing bra that will still look great under your clothes, then buy after the supply settles out.

5. Choose the Right Style

Your chest size, timing, sense of fashion, price, and wardrobe are some of the factors that will affect your style. If you want added support, get an underwire nursing bra. But be careful because underwires might lead to adverse effects like mastitis and plugged ducts. But this is only if the underwire bra stinks.

For the last few months during pregnancy and the first few weeks after delivery, a seamless bra is a smart choice. It stretches and grows according to your shape without compromising the support.

You can also choose other styles like sports bras and non-wire. It’s all about determining what makes you comfortable and happy.


Following the above criteria, we have made a shortlist of supportive nursing bras. Enter into the world of breastfeeding in style. Adjust with your new role as a mom with a great sense of fashion. Don’t settle for a breastfeeding bra that makes you feel like a walking zombie.