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How to Handle Twins Alone

Giving birth to twins means double blessings, but also double work! Every twin mother would advise you to get help from a nanny or other people. But what can happen if you don’t get help? Your spouse or relatives might be miles away. And you’ll need to take care of your twins, all by yourself.

Here is how to take care of your babies alone:

Join a Multiples Group

If you don’t have friends and family close, you can join a group to nurture a relationship with other moms. The group might be for expecting moms or moms with twins. You will get the necessary moral support and even pre-owned twin gears. If you cannot find a group to join, you may find a regular moms group. It’ll be an excellent source of resources and friendship.

As a group, you can create time to meet once in a while and share experiences. It will also be great to help the babies bond. If you cannot find a local group, find an online one for advice and moral support.

Get the Right Twins Gear

Every wish of a twin mom is to have extra arms- literally. It’s quite a struggle to handle two babies alone. It can lead to frustration and post-natal depression. One of the best gears is the baby pillow which is designed to use the toddler’s weight to create a sensation of being held. More so, you can opt to get a swing.

Another great gear is the baby wrap that is designed to free up your arms so that you can hold the other baby. There is also a twin pillow that helps the mother to bottle-feed or breastfeed the toddlers at the same time. Brilliant! Don’t feel shy to use any gear that will save your sanity. Even there are twin diaper bags available, which are specially made to carrying diaper for both babies at the same time easily.

You can also get these gears from other moms at a lower price to save you some bucks.

Food Preparation is Vital

Most of the twin moms claim that getting something to eat is the hardest part of taking care of the toddlers alone. Not to mention how expensive it can be to buy toddlers’ food. That’s why you need to prepare freezer food now. It ensures you have the dinner at hand and not to worry about the family.

Call Friends and Relatives for Regular Visits

You need help, and sometimes the best support comes from those who are close to you. Your friends and relatives will offer great advice in taking care of the twins. You need to take a rest too. However, they may not be available all the time, but it’s good to know there are people you can rely on.

Get Out Often

You need to get out and see what the beautiful nature has to offer. It also prevents the kick in of post-natal depression. Take a walk in the park, mingle with people, go shopping, and outings. The babies can also stop fussing when you go outside.

Taking care of twins can take a toll on you, but with the above tips, it’s doable.