find how to make a baby scrapbook album

How to Make a Baby Scrapbook Album

If you thought pregnancy is the happiest moment, you have no idea what to bring up a toddler. Every day becomes an adventure. From the first smile and her first step, there are many memorable moments to capture and document. A scrapbook is an intelligent choice to hold all those best memories of your child together. Though there are many incredible baby memory books available on the market, creating a customized baby scrapbook is a fantastic way to create a memento in your baby’s life. If you want to buy a ready-made one, we would like to suggest reading this article first.

Below, we have outlined simple steps that will help you create thrilling, unforgettable memories of your child’s life.

Step 1: Get a Theme

A baby scrapbook album should not be boring. While reading this book in the future, your kid should feel how enthralling childhood he had and how much her parent nurtured those moments.

Make it look intriguing and fancy by selecting an enticing theme. It will depend on the pictures you want to use. Identify the snaps you would like to include. It can be anything, a birth certificate, a trip, special outings and vacations, hospital stay, the first year, and so on.

However, some parents choose not to have a theme. There is nothing wrong with such an approach, but you’ll find that a theme-based scrapbook is more comfortable to focus on and look organized.

Step 2: Get the Necessary Supplies

Luckily, you don’t require several supplies to make the scrapbook enjoyable. You only need to get creative with your collection. Some of the stores include:

  • The scrapbook album
  • Photo corners
  • A large paper trimmer
  • Colors that match the patterned paper
  • A patterned paper
  • A pen with an archival safe ink
  • Acid-free glue sticks

Other items like charms, stickers, and rub-on are fun for the eyes, but they are unnecessary. You can decorate the document with ribbons or scraps cut from the baby’s first outfits. You can also opt to buy the entire scrapbook kit, which includes everything you need to make an album. Depending on the brand and the number of supplies, the cost might differ. But we recommend buying supplies on your own to ensure there is no wastage of resources.

Step 3: Include Personal Keepsakes

You can choose to include a hospital menu, handprint and footprint copies, a birth certificate, clinic card, ultrasound scan, or a plane ticket. Choose any moment you find fascinating. If the theme is about the baby’s first year, you might include the crawling moments, the first pair of shoes, or the first step moment.

Step 4: Bind the Decorated Paper into the Scrapbook

After capturing every crucial moment, you should paste the photos in the book. Ensure you cut the pictures into proper sizes and ensure they will fit in all pages. More so, the images should be clear. Binding ensures they last long as they cannot tear easily.

Step 5: Enhance the Photos with Decorations

Make the mementos and photos look juicy by adding more decorations. You can get creative with paper frames and stickers. Alternate the angles and locations of the material to make the book enjoyable. Furthermore, you can decide to arrange items in chronological order.


A scrapbook album will preserve memories of your baby and every step she makes while growing up. It’s a beautiful way of refreshing unforgettable memories!