guideline on how to make baby

Way of making baby

Are you ready to have a baby? Let’s take a moment to think again before getting pregnant. If you sure that you want to be pregnant, then this is the right article for you. We do not offer any guaranty but we give you hope that you will be conceived soon if you follow our suggestion. Read the whole article and follow all instruction on making a baby in your tummy.

Firstly I want to share with you what encouraged me to write an article on this topic. I have seen many of my friends get frustrated after trying a lot for a baby at the age of 35 or more. Actually the possibility of being pregnant will reduce day by day after 35, so it’s wise to take a baby at earlier 30. This article will help those young couples to utilize their chances of being parents as you will not get more than 13 chances of conceiving in a year round.

How to make a baby in your womb:

Get prepared for pregnancy: Preparation is the first thing you need to look at. Consult with a doctor with overall health issues related to pregnancy, especially periodic cycle. Start taking some vitamin, mineral with folic acid to prevent spinal tube defects in your baby. Stop taking birth control pill or other birth controlling way.

Plan it:

Plan about your pregnancy, when do you want to be a mom? Take a time to get prepared and understand your menstrual cycle to have sex at the perfect time.

Understand the menstrual cycle:

It’s a common matter that you have to sex to get pregnant, do you know when? It’s not about having sex on all over the month. Generally your fertile window is three to six days long. Most specifically one or two days before ovulation is the perfect time of fertility which typically lies in the middle of the cycle.

Sperm and eggs meets in utero

In general, you have to ovulate in 14th days of a 28 days circle. But, actually it’s not so much average as your periods also not maintain this regularity. To understand the perfect fertile duration you have to maintain a chart of your cycle.

Egg released from your ovary during ovulation and it alive for 12 to 24 hour. If it get connected with a sperm during this 24 hours then the egg becomes fertilized and you may have a good news to hear. Sperm can live in your body one to five days so there is a possibility of getting pregnant if you had sex between those five days around ovulation.

So understanding the time when you ovulate is so important.

Do you know how twins are made?

If one fertilized egg splits and meets with two different sperm, they develop into two babies with exactly the same genetic information which called identical or monozygotic twins. If two different eggs are fertilized by two different sperm and produce two genetically unique children it called fraternal or dizygotic twins.

Understand ovulation or most fertile time:

Generally people used to measure body temperature at morning to find out the day of ovulation, but now there are technologies like ovulation strips, fertility monitors and some wearable devices which can tell you the most fertile time to take a baby in your womb. But we prefer the manual process of understanding the ovulation time.

Check your body temperature in every morning after wake up and take note. After 12 to 16 days of a cycle you may see a sudden increase in temperature in one day that indicates that you are passing the ovulation.

Take a look after ovulation also, if the temperature remains elevated and doesn’t drop before next cycle there may be a chance that you might be pregnant.

Check also your cervical mucus. Do you understand what I’m telling about? It’s normal vaginal discharge changes through your cycle. When it looks like egg white, it’s the right time to have sex. This egg white type mucus usually precedes ovulation by a day. Take your man to the bedroom if you see this sign.trying to make a baby in bed sexually

Have sex:

You have predicted ovulation, right? If not specified then have sex in the middle 12 days of your 28 days cycle.

If you are able to figure out the fertile window, have sex every day on this ovulation period if your man has a good sperm count. If he has a lower sperm count, have sex every other day also which will help him to boost his sperm concentration. Don’t think about sexual positions, you maybe find some guideline on internet that you will have a baby boy if you follow their boy position while having sex, but it’s not correct. It doesn’t depend on position.


Have fun, be happy, make your husband sexually happy in bed, be a mother soon. If you need any guideline with pictures or video clips, search over the internet. You will get answers step by step with pictures. Don’t take any stress, just try and we hope that you will become pregnant soon. Check our article to make sure if you are pregnant or not. We promise we will be with you till your child getting older.