small flower garden

Ideas On How To Make A Small Garden Appear Bigger

A beautiful English estate with gardens, groves, and koi ponds is something we all aspire. Perhaps many prefer an American playground with a barbecue grill and swimming pool. Statistics show that approximately 80% of the population lives in urban areas; however, the reality is that most of these people have small private grounds. Do not despair, for even those with the smallest outdoor areas can appear larger using certain steps. This article will provide those methods applying which you may also make your garden look bigger.

1. Think Big, Then Whittle Down (Prioritize)

My husband is constantly adding different items to our small plot at Cape Cod. At any moment, he is planning on a new patio, an orchard, a hot tub, a kitchen garden, even a sandbox for the children. A sandbox in a garden on a property at Cape Cod – next time, we will build a castle in the air!
All of these things would be enjoyable. But cramming too many items into a restricted area will only create disorder and chaos. Therefore, with a small courtyard, the first thing you have to do is determine what you cannot live without and prioritize.

2. Creating Specific Zones and Outdoor Rooms

As rooms or zones with specific functions define indoor spaces, the outdoor area can benefit from a similar zoning feature. For instance, have you ever seen a small place covered in lawn furniture, a barbecue, garden tools, and a swing set? This can look extremely cluttered; however, if you take the time to create zones in the yard, it is possible to rectify the situation. Place a small patio in the backyard to gather the furniture and barbecue grill, and plant the herb garden with a border to orient the swing set, so it sits perpendicular at one end.
You may also make the garden space wide by dividing it into different zones. For illustration, creating a seating space adjacent to the house, a twisting path in the middle of the garden area will convey more space. In short, an organization makes the smaller yard appear larger.

3. Use Big Pots for Plants.

When you have limited spaces in the garden, setting big pots in one corner is a great idea. It helps to have more flower plants and shrubs in smaller places. Using colorful containers also makes the area look spacious.

4. Growing Up and Using Vertical Space

While your yard size is limited, don’t limit the air space in the area. Vertical elements can help the backyard claim air space, and outdoor Art Pros have some nice items that can help. With vertical gardening, you may emphasize the vertical element with tall plants. You can also grow things on frames or on wall surroundings in urban settings.

5. Mount Some Shelves

Shelves are the best way to place some plants without taking much space. Do it by yourself or take professionals’ help to establish some shelves in your garden where you can store colorful plants. You can also create a shelf on a specific wall and place some flower plants there. It will make the wall bright, also take less space.

6. Paint a Backdrop

A high quality painted backdrop creates the illusion of extra height and makes the garden area look bigger. Paint two-tone block colors or create a dark-colored backdrop as it beautifully compliments green leaves.

7. Grow taller plants

Adding taller flower plants here and there or beside the gate makes the area look wide and exceptional. Climbers like Lonicera, honeysuckles, Rosa cymosa, Clematis Paul Farges on the garden gate or wall surroundings will not let the area look smaller.

8. Provide Furniture Wisely

Instead of utilizing bulky furniture made from teak, we recommend using sleek cafe chairs or bistro furniture. Wicker is a lighter material that will allow the air and light to travel around it, thereby creating a sense of space and dynamism. However, if you intend to use heavier furniture, try to use items that are lower to the ground.

9. Layering a Border Garden

Layer planting is a smart idea to transform the small yard into an urban jungle. All you need to do is use layered planting with flowers of different heights. For instance, a dwarf cherry will provide an effective vertical element, as well as preserving space below for other plants of medium height. The approach allows you to plant more items without making them crowded or cramped.

10. Maintain a Color Theme

Using several colors for different objects and plants can make a mess. Stick to a solo color theme or two colors. If you plan to create boundaries or pathways in your garden, fill them with green shrubs. Also, use few flowering plants. Fewer colors of flowers and structures create a sense of simplicity and an aesthetic garden look.

These ten tips are very effective to make a small place look bigger and attractive. You should frequently nurture the plants and remove dead plants. Also, eradicating unnecessary things will create more space in your garden. Therefore, as a homeowner, you will be able to turn your small front place into a wonderful backyard to spend some quality time.