how to make baby move in utero

How to make baby move in Utero?

The most exciting moment during pregnancy is the first movement of your baby that you can feel. All pregnant moms wait for those moments when they can feel their baby moving inside them. It’s not just special for moms but also special for her friends and families. Baby kicks and other movements are the sign of a healthy growth of your baby. When the movement becomes less or stops it may be a sign of worry. Read through the article and you will get some tips on how to make your baby move.

Do you know when you will feel your baby’s first movement?

Generally, you will feel at 18 weeks to at 21 weeks of pregnancy. But if you are pregnant for the first time it may take some more time to realize your baby’s movement.

If you are pregnant for the second time, you may feel even much earlier like at 17 weeks.

If you haven’t felt your baby’s movement by the 25 weeks, consult with your doctor. Don’t be panic, in some cases, you may notice your baby’s movement later, at 27 weeks.


Want to know that your baby doing in utero?

Ultrasound scans have given a clear picture to medical technology about baby’s movement during pregnancy. Your baby’s movement will change with time, as he grows. If you are lucky enough, your baby may awake during ultrasound scan and you will be able to see his movement.

  • Generally from 7 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, your baby starts stirring.
  • During the 9 weeks, he can move his small arms & to make baby move
  • At 10 weeks he can touch hands and can move his head.
  • During the 14 weeks, he can move his eyes.
  • At 15 to 16 weeks he can stuck the thumb, It can be a great sign that if you spot this during the scan. Because your baby will stuck the thumb with his preferred hand which determines whether he will be left-handed or right-handed. You may not see any kind of activity during the scan, don’t worry about that. He may be taking rest or sleeping.
  • After the 16 weeks, your baby’s movement will be strong gradually and you will start to feel it.

How much movement or how many kicks you should feel each day?

This is not specified how many kicks you should feel regularly. It depends on your baby, some baby kick more and some less. Every baby is different in the pattern of movement. Try to understand your baby’s movement, when he likes to kick or move. Every baby has his own way of movement, understanding your baby’s movement is enough. No need to compare with other baby’s movement. Follow our below suggestions, we hope you will be able to make your baby kick at 19 weeks.



If you notice any change in your baby’s regular movement, consult your doctor.

If you don’t feel your baby’s movement for a day then you may have missed the feeling of his movement. Don’t worry. Our article is for you, take a look at below and try as per our suggestion. Hope your baby will respond.


How to make your baby move if you don’t feel his movement for a certain time: 

  • Babies usually respond when blood sugar boosts. Try to eat healthy snacks like cheese, peanut butter, yogurt or nuts. Add a small glass of natural juice. This extra sugar in your blood may make your baby respond.
  • Do some jump and then sit down for a while. Your baby may wake up and respond to your jumping by a kick.
  • Gently poke your baby, he may reply to you with a kick. Usually maximum pregnant mom’s do this to feel his baby, even if there is no problem with her baby. They just want to feel their baby’s movement.
  • At 25 weeks baby’s eyesight reaches to a level that he can differ the light and dark. Shine a flashlight on your belly, if your baby is around 25th weeks. He may respond to your flashlight and move away from the spotlight.

  • Besides eyesight, your baby’s hearing is also developed enough at the 25 weeks. So you can try to talk with him, he may respond to you by hearing your voice. So try to talk with him often, there is no other sweet way to keep him active.
  • Drink a glass of water which is very cold, it may wake up the baby in the womb.
  • Listen to music, he may react with the music. Be sure that the sound isn’t too much loud because too much sound isn’t good for developing your baby’s ear.



These tips are easy and safe. Try this to your baby if he is not responding to certain times like he usually does, we hope this tips will help you to make your baby move in the womb. Don’t be panic if it doesn’t work and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Please remember don’t wait if your baby does not respond for a whole day, check it with your practitioner.

Best wishes for you and your baby. Don’t forget to see the article on baby’s first bath, you can arrange all necessary things before his birth. Thinking about baby names? We have a collection of both boy and girl names for you. You can select a cute girl name or a strong American boy name.

Be with momion, we are for you and your minion.