read how to measure basal body temperature

How to Measure Basal Body Temperature

The basal body temperature is the body’s temperature when you’re at complete rest. However, during ovulation, the BBT rises slightly. This is a piece of vital information to use when you want to get pregnant. Charting your BBT is an inexpensive and easy way to track your ovulation. You only need to find the best BBT thermometer, an app, and patience.

The BBT and Your Pregnancy

Our body temperatures changes based on how we sleep, the time of the day, hormonal changes, and even workouts. Stress and even environmental changes might alter the temperature.

After ovulation, the progesterone hormone is released which cause a slight increase in temperature. You can easily detect this using your basal thermometer. If the rise stays steady for about three days, you’re guaranteed that you’ve ovulated.

If you want to conceive, you need to have sex approximately two to three days before ovulation. Give yourself more chances of getting pregnant by having sex even during and after ovulation. You can use cervical mucus to know when you’re about to ovulate and have sex for successful pregnancy results.

However, pregnancy might not happen in the first month. This does not mean it will not happen. All you need is consistency in taking the temperature and recording the readings. Patience is paramount!

Taking Body Basal Temperature Correctly

It’s recommendable to take the temperatures daily and at the same time each morning before getting out of bed. More so, you should ensure you get approximately three hours of uninterrupted sleep. Get a smart basal thermometer that displays one-tenth of a degree. Once you get the best basal thermometer, here is what you should do next:

  • Place the Thermometer Within Your Reach – Before going to bed, ensure you place the gadget where you can easily reach while at the bed. This is to ensure you don’t need to get out of bed to get the thermometer. Getting out of bed will change the temperature reading.
  • Shake the Gadget Before Going to Bed – If you’re using the mercury thermometer, ensure you shake it down before bed. Shaking it in the morning will raise your body temperature, giving you the wrong readings.
  • Set the alarm – The best way to have accurate readings is by taking the temperature every day and at the same time. Set the alarm at the same time, like 30 -45 minutes before taking the BBT. Timing brings about accuracy!
  • Reach FOR The Thermometer – when you wake up, the first thing you should do is to get the thermometer. Do not even sit up, talk, or go to the bathroom. Take the temp virginally or orally. Orally is the most comfortable and the easiest for most people. However, if you sleep with your mouth open, then the vaginal route will be the most accurate.
  • Record Readings– After taking BBT, leave the thermometer in a place to get the final reading- about five minutes. Keep a pen and a notepad close by the bedside to help you record the readings easily and faster.


Taking your basal body temperature will give you a sense of control. Be consistent and patient.