How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy period??

Stretch marks during pregnancy are quite a natural problem due to stretching out around the tummy or breasts. These marks happen due to elastin fiber stretch during pregnancy. These marks are generally known as Striae gravidarum in medical terms.

Though the stretch marks appeared mainly in the abdomen area, can be appeared on chest, hips and thigh areas also. Especially they are very common in pregnancy, but I have seen some people having these marks without pregnancy. Hope you may be familiar with the similar type of marks in fatty people.

The most important thing about stretch marks that if your mom, grandmother or other blood relative has these type of stretch marks, maybe you are susceptible to these.

Don’t worry; there are some ways which can reduce the risk of getting stretch marks. Keep reading the article; you will get all the possible way to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.

5 ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy:

Minimize rapid weight gaining:

Controlling weight is the most important thing that you can do to prevent stretch marks not only during pregnancy but also all the time. Your elastin fiber needs time to grow up, if you gain or lose weight faster, elastin fiber may not match up with that growth as a result stretch marks occurred.

It’s pretty much common to gain weight in pregnancy, try to minimize the speed of gaining weight that time and this will help you to prevent stretch marks.


Drink more water:

Always stay hydrated. Drink 1.5 times more during pregnancy. Water can make your skin soft and strong enough to tolerate stretch.

Please note that drinking coffee or tea is not equivalent to drinking water even this caffeine included drinks can increase the risk of getting stretch marks.


Eat Right Food for Skin:

Lack of nutrition can also develop stretch marks. So eating healthy food can reduce the chance of developing stretch marks. Make sure that you are taking balanced meal full of vitamins and nutrients during pregnancy. Foods rich in vitamin D, C and E can boost your skin health which will help you to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Vitamin C is a strong anti-oxidant for developing collagen, which helps to protect skin tissue from damage. Vitamin E also helps to protect skin cell.

Vitamin A can repair damaged skin, besides Vitamin B2 and B3 also help to maintain healthy skin.


Exercise Regularly During Pregnancy:

Exercise or work out not only helps to reduce weight but also helps to maintain skin elasticity. Besides exercise can help to improve blood circulation which keeps the skin elastic. As a result of the chance of getting stretch mark reduced.

During the last months of pregnancy, try pregnancy yoga rather than trying regular exercise. This will give you an excellent workout without moving too much.


Use Preventing Creams or Lotions:

There are so many marks removal creams and oils on the market, but only a few of them can prevent before marks appear. They changed the elasticity of the skin in accordance with growth, thus they help to prevent that marks. Momion reviewed some preventing creams, which will help you before buying. Start using preventing creams before any marks appeared.


Remember, Prevention is better than cure. It’s really difficult to remove the stretch marks completely once appeared. So we are suggesting you do your best to prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

Be with momion.