sleep well while pregnant

How To Sleep Well While Pregnant?

Sleeping disturbance is not an uncommon problem during pregnancy. It’s usually the result of stress or hormonal fluctuations and physical discomfort. Besides bad sleeping habits can make these problems worse. Here we are with some tips which can help you to sleep well while pregnant. Take a look at the below tips:


  • Drink lots of water and fluids during the day only. Lower your intake of the same just before bedtime to reduce the need to wake up for short calls during the night.


  • Exercise: Regular exercise is recommended to improve blood circulation as well as ensure optimal growth and health of the unborn child. While it may be advisable to exercise, you should avoid exercising a few hours to bedtime.


  • Manage stress and anxiety. Anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the leading causes of sleeplessness at night.


  • Learning to manage stress, or even looking for someone to talk to can help reduce stress and anxiety significantly.


  • Have a routine. A consistent routine can help program your internal clock correctly, and especially when you need,/have to sleep. Try a few soothing rituals such as drinking a hot cup of milk, green tea, taking a warm shower, reading a book, shoulder massage, or hair brushing just before bedtime.


  • Find a good sleeping position. Experts recommend sleeping on your left side to enable easy flow of blood to kidneys, uterus, and the fetus. Refrain from lying on your back.


  • Prevent heartburn. Heartburn can be a real cause for insomnia for many pregnant mothers. Learning to prevent heartburn by avoiding deep-fried, spicy, and acidic foods would be an excellent idea. You should also avoid reclining or lying down an hour or two after having a heavy meal. Consider sleeping on a pillow to prevent the heartburn altogether.


  • Take a nap during the daytime. Taking some time to nap during the day can help you relax as well. This is particularly important if you aren’t getting enough sleep at night.


  • Ensure your body has enough support. There are times when you’ll need extra support to be able to sleep well. Look for special pregnancy body pillows for additional support. You can also use the regular pillow to support your knee and belly as well. A new mattress from the likes of Sleepys could also be a help.


  • Eat well: A well-balanced and nutritious meal is vital for all pregnant mothers. You, however, should avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol as these induce sleeplessness. While having a nutritious meal is recommended, you need to avoid overfeeding. A slightly full stomach will help prevent nausea too. As long as the body gets all the essential nutrients, finding sleep will be much easier.


  • Seek help from an expert. If none of the above-mentioned tips don’t seem to work, you should then consider talking to an expert. A good doctor should be able to help you find ways to get enough sleep, even without using sleeping pills.