how to teach your baby to walk

Baby Development: How to Teach Him to Walk Independently

A baby’s first few years are generally remarkable to his parents due to so many sweet memories, first step is one of them. This is one of the most important developments of the babies for which parents are often anxious. They are willing to see their baby walk soon. Generally babies start walking around 12 months to 18 months. But each baby has his own pattern to learn how to walk, they may take more time even about 2.5 years. So just because your neighbor’s baby is already walking doesn’t mean yours should be. So don’t push your baby too much to start walking fast, read this article on how to teach baby to walk and just make him practice a little bit according to it.

When will I make my baby practice for walking?

There are some stages to pass before start walking; like sitting-crawling-standing-cruising, one after one your baby will learn finally how to walk. You may make your baby practice walking after seeing the signs of walking, but we will suggest you a long-term practice from baby’s birth which will help your baby to make his muscle enough stronger that he can put his step safely with confidence.

How to teach baby to walk sooner:

Follow below steps which will help you to make your baby walk independently. Don’t force your baby, encourage him to walk and follow your instruction. Take a look ate below exercises to help baby walk:

For tiny babies: Strong back muscle is one of the most important requirements for small babies who

How to teach baby to walk soon

 are used to pass their most of the time lying. But the back muscle is not developed strongly by lying on back, its’ developed by lifting their heads while babies are lying on their tummies. So make sure that 

your baby gets plenty of time on his tummy while awake. Place an interesting object in front of him while he is on tummy, he will try to lift his head up to see the object and it will help to develop his back muscle stronger.

For sitting babies:  Make him practice his balance and activity by rolling a ball in front and back with him. Hold some interesting object in front of him like toys and move it. As he tries to touch the toy and move, his muscle will develop. Especially this will help to develop more strength in her neck, l

teach baby to walk independently

egs and arms. This will also help to add more controlling ability of his hips.

For standing babies: Once he can stand, let him walk by holding his hands. Stand a little bit away from him and offer him to put his step, encourage him.  This will help to develop his balance.

For cruising babies: Cruising is the last stage before independent walking. In this stage your baby loves to leave his footprints all over the house by cruising chair to table or wall. You can help her by arranging furniture in such way that he can easily move across the room or you can even buy a baby walker to help your baby cruising. Be close to her that you can help him to sit from a standing position without getting hurt. Help to make his butt down with your hand that he will be able to sit without getting hurt at bottom.

Some safety issue you need to take as a safety precaution before cruise:

  • Remove the furniture with sharp edge or cover the edge well enough to prevent injury. This type of injury is very common among the cruising and walking kids, so make sure that there is no sharp edge in your home which can hurt your baby.
  • Install protective barriers called safety gates at stairs or from other areas of a home where they might be unsafe.
  • Keep all potentially harmful substances in a locker.

Should I need to put shoes on my baby?

  • Your baby will need a pair of shoes while walking outdoors. Indoors, it’s better to let him walk barefoot. Thus he’ll learn to grab the slippery surface and walking on it.

That’s all to make your baby walking, hope you will be able to see the first step of your baby soon. Do not worry if he is a little bit slower in learning process, each baby is different and they learn in a different way. A very few of them need physical therapy for walking, so don’t be worried. You may like to see our article on making your baby stop crying and the way to get rid of baby hiccups.

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