How to Use Hair Serum

Getting the best serum for your hair can be life changing! Hair serum is more of a treatment that can solve hair problems like dryness and frizz. The serum acts as a skincare boost. It gives your hair a new look and adds shine. It also protects the hair against environmental aggressors.

Dos and Don’ts of Serum


  • Apply the serum to the end. If you apply from the roots, you might yield wanted results. Always start working from the ends and work towards the head.
  • The best way you can manage your hair is by knowing your hair type. Even people with fine hair can use serums. If you have curly hair, get the right serum to do the trick.
  • The serum helps in controlling unruly strands. Rub the serum on your palm, and using two fingers, apply it to the strands in a pressing motion.


  • Do not apply the serum right away. Some products tend to be thick. And by applying it right away, you will not have given the serum time to break down for the smooth application. Give it about 6 to 10 seconds in your hands and then apply.
  • Do not over apply the serum. Keep the limits to ensure you use less than a bean-sized amount if you have fine hair. You can apply a little bit of it on a thicker hair.
  • Do not apply the serum on unwashed hair. The cream should be used on freshly-washed hair. When applied this way, it will protect your hair against environmental aggressors.

How to Serum in the Right Way

Let’s have a look at how to apply serum for maxim benefits for your hair.

Get the Right Products

There are a variety of serum products in the market. But they do not deliver the same results based on the ingredients used and the type of hair. Check the labels and the components used in making hair serum. Get the product that fits your hair. If you have thin hair, you definitely need a thickening serum. People with fine hair can choose lightweight serums. There are also serums that can be used to create natural-looking hairstyles.

Use the Right Amount of Serum

Remember you should not apply the serum right away. Blot a few drops of serum on your hands and wait for at least five seconds. Rub it between your palms and apply it gently on your wet hair. Do not use too much serum as it will make your hair heavy and greasy. Then style your hair naturally.

Applying the Serum

Use your hands to apply the serum on the tips and midsection of your hair. Start at the back and move gently to the front. Add more serum if needed but do not over-apply. If the hair still looks dry, add extra drop until you attain the shiny look.

After applying serum, you should examine if your hair is still shiny. If the serum also leaves the hair heavy and greasy, you may consider getting another brand that suits your hair type.