most popular Irish baby boy names

Irish Boy Names

Parents are so happy that they can not express their happiness when they are in parenthood. Parents plan about the baby name and take a beautiful name for the baby, which is the most important and lovely experience of parenthood. Momion always tries to give a unique and extraordinary resource for mom & dad. If you are looking for a name for your baby which is similar to Irish you are in the right place. Irish people spoke in Goidelic language and according to their tradition, most of the Irish names are in the Goidelic words. But don’t be afraid if you don’t understand Goidelic language, we have listed the names with meanings. We have a list of Irish baby boy names with meanings as well as have a list of Irish girl names too. If you are searching for a boy name from Irish here the list of more then 1400 names:

A to Z List of Irish Names for Boys:

  1. Aaron: Arron is the name of a high mountain
  2. Aengus: It means “Strength”
  3. Airechtach: It means “Having many followers”
  4. Airthaile: Means Plenty or More
  5. Art/Artagán/Arthur/Artucán/Artán: All of these words mean “Champion”
  6. Bain: Fair-haired
  7. Bairtliméad
  8. Beircheart: Means Army
  9. Briartach: Means ‘Skilled Seaman’
  10. Cadán/ Cadell: Means ‘Little battle’
  11. Ciaran: Name of a saint
  12. Dow
  13. Emmanuel
  14. Ferrel
  15. Gaer
  16. Harkan
  17. Ivor
  18. Justin: Means “Judicious”
  19. Kain/ Kane/Kayne/Kean: Means something Warlike
  20. Lakyle: It means “Half of the wood”
  21. MacGee
  22. Nathan
  23. Odhrán
  24. Pat: Nobleman
  25. Quinlan: Athletic
  26. Raghnall : Means ‘Wise’
  27. Rossin: Means “Little wood”
  28. Seachnall: Second
  29. Thomas
  30. Uailteir: Means ‘Ruler’
  31. Unkoo:
  32. Zorán