Japanese boy names with meanings

300+ Japanese Boy Names

According to Japanese tradition, family names always come first. But beginning in the late 19th century, several Japanese clans started embracing the Western custom of giving a first time. Therefore, it has become conventional for them to settle for both the first name and the family title.

We have got this massive collection of cute Japanese baby boy names. All these names got influenced by Japan’s history and culture. Check out the below list of Japanese male names and select a suitable one for your baby. If you are looking for Japanese baby girl names, we have another article on that.

A to Z List of Japanese Names for boys (with meaning):

  1. Akemi: Beautiful sunrise
  2. Akeno: Bright shining field
  3. Aki: It symbolizes an autumn season and something bright. Aki is a prevalent Japanese word in the world of poetry that starts with A.
  4. Akifumi: Bright History
  5. Akihiko: Bright or shining prince.”
  6. Akihiro: Means ‘shining Abroad’ or ‘large glory.’
  7. Akihisa: Personality
  8. Akihito: Means bright.
  9. Akiko: It indicates light and brightness.
  10. Akimitsu: Autumn light
  11. Akinari: History
  12. Akio: ‘bright Boy’ or ‘glorious man.’
  13. Akira: Akira means intelligent. It is the name of a famous filmmaker ‘Akira Kurosawa.’
  14. Akiro: This beautiful name implies a ‘bright boy.’
  15. Akiyama: Means mountain
  16. Amida: It’s the name of Buddha
  17. Aneko: It means older sister.
  18. Aoi: Blue
  19. Arata: Fresh
  20. Atsushi: Means ‘cordial.’
  21. Ayumu: It signifies a dream.
  22. Benjiro: It means peaceful.
  23. Bishamon: God of war.
  24. Botan: It means long-life.
  25. Chiko: Means arrow
  26. Chiyo: Thousand years
  27. Chokichi: It symbolizes good fortune.
  28. Dai: The name ‘Dai’ symbolizes a large or large generation.
  29. Dai: Means beloved
  30. Daichi: Means ‘Great Land’
  31. Daiki: Great value or a great tree
  32. Daisuke: Great helper
  33. Danno: Denotes ‘Gathering’
  34. Ebisu: God of luck.
  35. Eiihi: Prosperous one
  36. Eiji: Peace/splendid Ruler or ‘True protector.’
  37. Eriko: It means a Child with a collar.
  38. Fudo: God of wisdom
  39. Fuji- Name of the Mount ‘Fuji’
  40. Fujita: Means field
  41. Fumio: Means scholar child
  42. Goro: Means fifth son
  43. Gorou: Go means five, and Rou means son.
  44. Hachiro: It means the eighth son.
  45. Hacrou: Hachi means eight, added with a suffix Rou.
  46. Hajime: Means beginning
  47. Haru: Means Sun/sunlight/spring
  48. Haruk: Meaning ‘Great’
  49. Haruki- Haruki means ‘spring child.’
  50. Haruo: Haruo represents a Springborn person.
  51. Haruto: Means ‘vast/extensive’
  52. Hayate: This means smooth.
  53. Hayato: Haya means falcon, and To signifies a person.
  54. Hibiki: Means ‘shine.’
  55. Hideaki: Shining
  56. Hideki: The word ‘Hideki’ denotes a splendid opportunity
  57. Hideo: It means a splendid man
  58. Hideyoshi: Means ‘stretch.’
  59. Hikaru: Meaning light/shining
  60. Hikaru: Means “radiance.”
  61. Hinata: Means ‘fly.’
  62. Hiro: Meaning broad
  63. Hiroaki: Means ‘brightness.’
  64. Hiroki: It means ‘strength.’
  65. Hiromasa: Means ‘broad-minded.’
  66. Hiroshi: It means Generous, and it is a traditional Japanese name. Amano Hiroshi is a Nobel Prize winner.
  67. Hiroto: Means ‘proceed.’
  68. Hiroyuki: Meaning ‘peace or happiness.’
  69. Hisao: Meaning ‘Long-lived man.’
  70. Hisashi: It means ‘Long-lived.’
  71. Hisoka Means ‘Reserved’
  72. Hitoshi: Means ‘Level’
  73. Homura: Homura symbolizes fire.
  74. Hoshi: Means ‘Star’.
  75. Hotaka: It means ‘step by step.’
  76. Ichiro: This word indicates a first-born child.
  77. Ichirou: Means “First son.”
  78. Isamu: Warrior/Courage
  79. Isao: Merit
  80. Isas: Meritorious
  81. Issey- Issey denotes first-born kid, also the name of a fashion designer.
  82. Itsuki: Itsuki is the Japanese variant of the word tree.
  83. Iwao: Meaning ‘Stone Man’
  84. Izanagi: Means ‘beginning.’
  85. Jiro(Jirou): Second Son
  86. Jo: God will increase
  87. Joben: Means ‘Cleanness’
  88. Joji: It means ‘Farmer.’
  89. Jomei: Means ‘Spread light.’
  90. Jun: Means ‘obedient.’
  91. Junichi: Meaning ‘obedient one.’
  92. Juro: Means tenth son/longevity
  93. Juror: Juror means ‘ten.’
  94. Kaede: Means ‘maple.’
  95. Kaemon: Means Joyful
  96. Kage: Meaning dark or shadow
  97. Kai- This adorable name means ‘willow tree’ or ‘food.’
  98. Kaito: Kaito means “thor’s ruler.”
  99. Kameko: Child of the tortoise.
  100. Kami: Kami is a unisex name; it denotes Lord.
  101. Kammi/Kammie: Meaning ‘Lord’
  102. Kanaye: ‘zealous one.’
  103. Kane: Golden
  104. Kane: The word ‘Kane’ denotes a fighter.
  105. Kano: Water God in the Japanese language
  106. Kaori: Human energy or power.
  107. Kaoru: It means ‘fragrance.’
  108. Katashi: It signifies ‘Firmness.’
  109. Katsu: The word ‘katsu’ symbolizes victory.
  110. Katsumi: It represents a self-controlled person.
  111. Katsuo: Meaning ‘Victorious Child’
  112. Katsuro: Means ‘Victorious Son’
  113. Katsurou: Katsu means ‘victory’ and Rou means ‘son.’
  114. Kaya: Place of resting.
  115. Kazuhiko: Meaning ‘Harmonious Prince’
  116. Kazuhiro: Means ‘Harmony Widespread’
  117. Kazuhiro: This word signifies a well-to-do person.
  118. Kazuki: Means ‘harmonious hope.’
  119. Kazuki: Means ‘Pleasant Peace’
  120. Kazuo: It indicates towards a Harmonious person
  121. Kei: Means ‘wise’ or ‘blessed.’
  122. Keiichi: It indicates a dutiful son.
  123. Keiji: Second son
  124. Keitaro: Means blessed.
  125. Ken: Own Mind/healthy/strong
  126. Kenichi: First Builder/founder
  127. Kenji: Means ‘Intelligent Ruler.’
  128. Kenshin: Modest Truth
  129. Kenta: This word represents a healthy person.
  130. Kichiro: It means ‘lucky son.’
  131. Kichirou: Kichi means ‘Good Luck’ and Rou means ‘descendant.’
  132. Kin: Golden/Gold, a unisex name
  133. Kioshi: Means ‘Quiet/Pure’
  134. Kisho: Kisho signifies the person who is very particular towards his determination.
  135. Kiyoshi: Pure
  136. Ko/Kou: Means ‘happiness/peace.’
  137. Kohaku: Means ‘Amber’
  138. Koichi: It indicates a Shining prince/shining first child.
  139. Koji: Shining second child
  140. Kouki: Means “warrior.”
  141. Kouta: Kou means ‘peace’ and ta means ‘big.’
  142. Kunio: Means ‘Countryman’
  143. Kuro: It means ninth son
  144. Kurou: Ku means ‘nine,’ and Rou denotes a descendent.
  145. Kyo/Kyou: Means ‘approval/capital.’
  146. Madoka It means ‘circle/flower.’
  147. Makoto: This name symbolizes sincerity.
  148. Mamoru: Means ‘protect/protector’
  149. Manabu: It means ‘learn.’
  150. Manabu: The word means ‘studious.’
  151. Maro- Means me/myself, also have a feminine form ‘Mara.’
  152. Masa: It indicates a dutiful son.
  153. Masaaki: Brightness.’
  154. Masahiko: It means ‘Prince.’
  155. Masahiro: justice
  156. Masahiro: Means broad-minded
  157. Masaki: Elegant Tree
  158. Masanori: Means ‘prosperous government.’
  159. Masao: Means ‘Correct man.’
  160. Masaru: Intelligent/ Victorious
  161. Masashi: Means ‘Correct’
  162. Masato: This name meaning “right man.”
  163. Masayoshi: Flourishing Goodness
  164. Masayuki: Happiness
  165. Masumi: Means “true Lucidity.”
  166. Michi: Means Path
  167. Michio: Man who is on the correct path
  168. Miki: Meaning moon
  169. Mikio: Means “tree trunk man.”
  170. Minori: Beautiful Harbor or truth
  171. Minoru: Fruitful
  172. Mio: Mio is a commonly used nickname in Asia. It means elegant.
  173. Mitsuo: Third son
  174. Mitsuru: Growing
  175. Nao: It means ‘honest.’
  176. Naoki: A Japanese that means an exceptional tree.
  177. Naoko: Honest
  178. Noboru: Virtuous
  179. Nobu: Means Faith
  180. Nobuo: Faithful Man
  181. Nobuyuki: Nobu means truth, and Yuki means happiness in the Japanese language
  182. Nori: Means good son/standard/law or rule
  183. Norio: Man of law
  184. Obama- Don’t you want to name your baby the same as the USA’s 44th President? Surely you will want. This common surname means ‘little beach’ in Japanese.
  185. Orochi: Big Snake
  186. Osamu: Ruler
  187. Raiden: A unique and robust name, means ‘God of Thunder,’ pronounced as ‘rye-den.’
  188. Ren: Means excellence in Japanese
  189. Riku: Means land
  190. Rikuto: It means true
  191. Ringo: Means apple
  192. Rio: Sounds too cool, means ‘jasmine and cherry blossom,’ name of the capital of brazil
  193. Rokurou: Means sixth son
  194. Ronin: Samurai lonely
  195. Ryo: It means excellent
  196. Ryoichi: Derived from the word Ryoichi
  197. Ryota: Strong
  198. Ryou: Means next/nice
  199. Ryouichi: Real or pioneer
  200. Ryouta: Sunflower
  201. Ryuu: Means Dragon
  202. Ryuunosuke: Means ‘big.’
  203. Saburo: Third son
  204. Saburou: Sabu means ‘three’ and Rou means ‘son.’
  205. Sadao: Decisive Man
  206. Sanjiro- Has a heartfelt meaning ‘admired and praised,’ this biblical name related to Christian saints.
  207. Satoru: Means enlightened
  208. Satoshi: Clear-thinking
  209. Seiichi Correct First-born Son
  210. Seiji: Second son, also means ‘lawful,’ if you want to make him a lawyer, this could be a great choice.
  211. Shi: Righteous
  212. Shichiro/ Shichirou: Seventh son
  213. Shig: Meaning “luxuriant.”
  214. Shigeo: Means Luxuriant Man
  215. Shigeru: Means Excellent/Luxuriant
  216. Shin: Means truth
  217. Shinobu: Means endurance
  218. Shiro: A modern variation of the Japanese word Shirou.
  219. Shirou: Fourth son
  220. Sho: Means ‘wind Instrument.’
  221. Shoichi
  222. Shoji
  223. Shou: Means ‘To fly.’
  224. Shouta: This word symbolizes the truth
  225. Shuichi
  226. Shuji: Means ‘excellent.’
  227. Shunichi
  228. Sora: It indicates the sky.
  229. Souta: Suddenly
  230. Susumu: The word means ‘Progressing.’
  231. Tadao: Loyal Man
  232. Tadashi: Do you remember Tadashi Hamada from ‘Big Hero 6’? Tadashi means ‘Loyal.’
  233. Taemn: Well-mannered person
  234. Taichi: Means ‘thick.’
  235. Taiga: Big
  236. Taiki: Means ‘big.’
  237. Taji: Silver Color
  238. Takaa: The person who Has much respect
  239. Takahir: The word Takahir represents a respectful person.
  240. Takahiro: Means ‘Widespread nobility.’
  241. Takai: Means ‘next world.’
  242. Takao: A ‘ Respectful/Noble man.’
  243. Takashi: Means ‘Praiseworthy’
  244. Takat: This means some precious judgments.
  245. Takayuki: Happiness
  246. Take: Great
  247. Takehiko: Means hard
  248. Takeo: Means ‘Warrior’, also has another powerful meaning ‘strong as bamboo.’
  249. Takeshi: Warrior
  250. Taku: Means ‘new.’
  251. Takuma: Truth
  252. Takumi: Skillful/Artisan
  253. Tamashini: Who is very successful
  254. Tamotsu: Means ‘Protect’
  255. Tar: Big
  256. Taro: Great Son
  257. Taru: Huge sea
  258. Tatsu: Dragon
  259. Tatsuo: Means clear
  260. Tatsuya: Wisdom and Longevity
  261. Teij: Means ‘righteous.’
  262. Teruo: Means Shining man
  263. Tetsip: Iron Man
  264. Tetsuya: Tetsuya is an Intelligent philosopher
  265. Thru: Transparent Person
  266. Thunder: Means ‘Thunder’
  267. Tmhir: Wisdom
  268. Tmiche: Wealth
  269. Tmiichi: Prosper
  270. Tomi: Means ‘Rich or Wealthy’
  271. Tomio: The word Tomio indicates a high-valued person.
  272. Though the name sounds feminine, Tora is a unisex name, and it means ‘tiger.’
  273. Toru: Penetrating
  274. Torvald: Skilful
  275. Toshi: Alert
  276. Toshiaki: It indicates accuracy.
  277. Toshihiro: Means ‘wise.’
  278. Toshio: It signifies a gifted person.
  279. Toshiyuki: Happy
  280. Toyo: Means ‘Plentiful’
  281. Tru: Large sea
  282. Trvald: The power of thunder
  283. Tshir: Intelligent person
  284. Tsubasa: Means ‘wing.’
  285. Tsuneo: Common Man
  286. Tsutomu: Means ‘worker.’
  287. Tsuyoshi: Means ‘Strong’
  288. Tuma: Means ‘twin.’
  289. Uka: Means ‘bright star.’
  290. Uta: The word Uta symbolizes a man who prospers in the battles.
  291. Uu: Means ‘excellence.’
  292. Yamato: Meaning ‘sky.’
  293. Yamiyo: Meaning ‘dark.’
  294. Yasahiro: Peaceful/Calm
  295. Yasu: Means ‘big.’
  296. Yasuhiro: Means clear
  297. Yasuo: Peaceful
  298. Yasushi: Means ‘Honest/Peaceful’
  299. Yogi: Yoga Practice
  300. Yoichi: Great
  301. Yori: Means trust
  302. Yoshi: Good luck
  303. Yoshiaki: Means “clearly correct.”
  304. Yoshihiro: Means ‘Widespread Goodness’
  305. Yoshikazu: ‘Good and Harmonious’
  306. Yoshinori: Means “correct law.”
  307. Yoshio: Means Good Man
  308. Yoshiro: Derived from ‘Yoshiro.’
  309. Yoshirou: Means ‘righteous son.’
  310. Yoshito: Happy
  311. Yoshiyuki: This name indicates the truth.
  312. Yoshiyuki: Means Happiness
  313. Youta: Means “vastly correct.”
  314. Yuichi: It means ‘prince.’
  315. Yuji: Brave second son
  316. Yuki: Means ‘Happiness’
  317. Yukio: Means a suitable or snow boy.
  318. Yutaka: Means ‘Prosperous’
  319. Yuu: Means ‘Superior’ or “Gentle’
  320. Yuudai: This word means ‘Great Hero.’
  321. Yuuki: Means ‘man.’
  322. Yuuma: Means real or true
  323. Yuuta: Clear up or brave
  324. Yuuto: Yuuto means warrior, gentleness, or superiority


Every parent prefers a name that delivers a catchy sound and an intense meaning. If you have been looking for a beautiful but unique name for so long, these names can be the right solution for you.