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450+ Japanese Girl Names with Meanings

Like other cultures, Japanese feminine words represent beauty, love, or flowers. Most Japanese people embrace one given name and one family name apart from the imperial family who carries no surname. But there is an exciting thing with Japanese words. The meaning varies upon the Kanji or suffix used with the last names like ‘ko’ or ‘mi’ which means baby and beauty. You may notice there are many titles with Kanji like that.

However, we have arranged a vast list of unique and pretty Japanese baby girl titles from various resources. As Japanese people are not familiar with middle names, it’s normal to become picky about the first name. So, Take a look at the below and inspect these 450+ names. Choose one if you think that will perfectly suit your daughter’s aura.

  1. Ahmya: It is an original Japanese word that means black rain.
  2. Ai: This means love or indigo blue. Ai is a trendy short name.
  3. Aia: Aia means ruler.
  4. Aika: Love song/Flower of love
  5. Aiko: It means beloved one/a loving child.
  6. Aimi: It is a name of a Japanese pianist and a handball player.
  7. Aina: Aina means to view or sight.
  8. Ainu: Ainu means ‘goddess of fertility.’
  9. Airi: It means ‘love, affection.’ Airi is one of the most famous names for Japanese girls.
  10. Aiya: It means ‘beautiful silk.’
  11. Akahana: A bright red flower
  12. Akane: It means ‘deep red.’
  13. Akari: This word means ‘light.’
  14. Akem: Right beauty
  15. Aki: It is a Japanese unisex name that means autumn/bright.
  16. Akiara: It means ‘bright person.’
  17. Akiko: The word ‘Akiko’ has several meanings like brighter light, queen, peaceful, gifted child, superior, etc.
  18. Akira: It means ‘bright or clear.’
  19. Akito: Akito means ‘bright.’
  20. Amaterasu: Sun goddess/Shining over heaven
  21. Amaya: This word means ‘night rain.’
  22. Ami: Friend/Sea/Beauty/Truth
  23. Aneko: Older sister
  24. Annaisha: Japanese name Annaisha signifies ‘a helpful guide to others.
  25. Anzu: Anzu symbolizes a juicy, soft fruit like apricot.
  26. Aoi: It means hollyhock, a tall Eurasian plant with large, showy flowers.
  27. Aratani: It is a ‘precious stone.’
  28. Arisu: It means ‘noble.’
  29. Asa: It means ‘born in the morning.’
  30. Asami: It means ‘morning beauty.’
  31. Asuga: Asuga means as quick as the wind.
  32. Asuka: Smell/Fragrance/Perfume
  33. Atsuko: A sincere, emotional, and honest child.’
  34. Au: Au means ‘meeting.’
  35. Avaron: Island of apples
  36. Aya: It means ‘colorful.’
  37. Ayaka: This word means ‘colorful flower.’
  38. Ayako: Cute baby
  39. Ayame: A fictional character of a cheerful young woman.
  40. Ayano: My color
  41. Ayumi: A sweet fish/Beautiful
  42. Bashira: It means ‘joyful.’
  43. Botan: Botan represents ‘Long life.’
  44. Bunko: Literary child
  45. Chiaki: Sparkling light
  46. Chiasa: One thousand mornings
  47. Chie: Wisdom
  48. Chieko: Wise child
  49. Chiharu: One thousand springs
  50. Chihiro: Seeker
  51. Chika: Near and dear
  52. Chinami: It means ‘one thousand waves.’
  53. Chinatsu: A thousand summers
  54. Chiyo: It means ‘a thousand generations.’
  55. Chiyoko: It means ‘a thousand generations.’
  56. Chizue: Durability’
  57. Cho: Butterfly
  58. Chou: Butterfly
  59. Chuya: Pure and transparent like water
  60. Dai: Dai means ‘great.’
  61. Danuja: Name of a ruler
  62. Den: Earth or shelters
  63. Doi: It means ‘mountain.’
  64. Eiko: Splendid child
  65. Emi: Beautiful smile/picture
  66. Emica: Charming’
  67. Emiko: Prosperous or smiling child
  68. Ena: Gift from God
  69. Eri: Picture/Hometown/Blessing/Reason
  70. Eshima: True intention
  71. Etsu: Delight
  72. Etsudo: Joyful baby
  73. Fumiko: This word belongs to the Japanese dialect. It means ‘a wealthy, beautiful child.’
  74. Fuyuko: It means ‘winter child.’
  75. Gen: Spring
  76. Gina: This word means ‘silvery.’
  77. Hachi: Hachi means ‘eight.’
  78. Haia: Nimble
  79. Hana: Favorite/Flower
  80. Hanae/ Hanako: Blossom
  81. Hanako: Blossom
  82. Hanami: Flowery
  83. Haru: Springtime or sunlight
  84. Harue: It means ‘sunshine’ in Japanese.
  85. Haruhi: Spring day
  86. Haruka: Far off
  87. Haruki: Shining brightly,’ ‘radiant,’ ‘shining life,’ or ‘radiant spring.’
  88. Haruko: Spring child
  89. Harumi: Beauty of spring
  90. Haruna: It means ‘spring’ in Japanese.
  91. Hatsu: Firstborn
  92. Hatsuko: Firstborn baby addressed as ‘Hatsukoi in the Japanese language.
  93. Hatsumomo: Firstborn peach
  94. Haya: Quick
  95. Hayami: It means ‘rare, unusual beauty.’
  96. Hekima: Wisdom
  97. Hibiki: Echo/Sound
  98. Hide: Hide symbolizes a long life according to the Japanese language.
  99. Hideko: Excellence/Beauty/splendid child.’
  100. Hideyo: Superior generations
  101. Hikari/Hikaru: Radiance
  102. Hikaru: Light shining
  103. Hina: It means ‘sun.’ Hina is a universal Japanese girl’s name.
  104. Hinata: It means ‘sunny place.’
  105. Hiriko: Generous
  106. Hiro/Hiroko: Prosperous
  107. Hiromi: Generous beauty
  108. Hisa: Long-lasting
  109. Hisako: Long-lived child
  110. Hisoka: Reserved’
  111. Hitomi: Girls with lovely eyes.
  112. Homura: Fire/flame
  113. Honoka: Flower’
  114. Hoshi: Star
  115. Hotaru: Firefly
  116. Humiya: Healthy
  117. Iku: Nourishing
  118. Ima: Now
  119. Isamu: Vigorous’
  120. Ito: Thread
  121. Iwa: Rock
  122. Izanami: Female who invites
  123. Izumi: Fountain
  124. Japana: It means ‘ambitious’ according to the Japanese dialect.
  125. Jin: It means ‘tender.’
  126. Jona: Jona means ‘God is gracious.’
  127. Jun: It means talented/charming/obedient.
  128. Junko: Obedient child
  129. Kaede: Maple leaf
  130. Kagami: Mirror
  131. Kagome: Lost
  132. Kaida: Little dragon
  133. Kairi: Ocean village
  134. Kairy: Sea
  135. Kaiya/Kaiyo: Forgiveness
  136. Kame: Long-lived tortoise
  137. Kameko/ Kamiko: Turtle
  138. Kameyo: A long-lived animal/Tortoise
  139. Kana: Kana stands for ‘powerful’ in Japan.
  140. Kano: Skill
  141. Kanon: Blossom
  142. Kaori: Fragrance
  143. Kaoru: Fragrance
  144. Kasumi: Mist
  145. Kata: Worthy
  146. Katana: This Japanese name means ‘honorable.’
  147. Katsu: Victorious
  148. Katsuki: Moon
  149. Katsumi: Victorious beauty
  150. Kayda: Little dragon/Princess of God
  151. Kayo: Good/Beautiful
  152. Kazane: Kazane denotes the sound of the wind. It also signifies a child.
  153. Kazashi: It means ‘hair ornament.’
  154. Kazue: Branch
  155. Kazuko/Kazumi: It means harmonious beauty. This name was popular in the novel. Kazuko or Kazumi also denotes a single person or a child.
  156. Kazuko: Harmonious or peaceful child
  157. Kazumi: Means ‘harmonious beauty.’
  158. Kei: Blessing
  159. Keiko: Joyful or happy child
  160. Keina: Prosperity
  161. Keomi: Pure
  162. Kiaria: Great fortune
  163. Kichi: Lucky or fortunate
  164. Kiko: Hope
  165. Kimi: This word means ‘beauty of the century.’
  166. Kimiko: Valuable child
  167. Kimmi: Righteous
  168. Kin: Golden
  169. Kioka: Kioka means mirror according to the Japanese language.
  170. Kirika: Natural beauty
  171. Kishi: Happy and long life
  172. Kita: North
  173. Kitiara: Kitiara means blade from the north.
  174. Kiwa: Borderline
  175. Kiyoko: Pure child
  176. Kiyomi: The meaning of Kiyomi is ‘pure beauty.’
  177. Ko: Baby
  178. Koemi: Smiling
  179. Koge: Scented flower
  180. Kohaku: Amber
  181. Kohana: Little flower
  182. Koharu: Heart
  183. Koko: Stork
  184. Kokoro: Soul
  185. Kosuke: Rising Sun
  186. Koto: Beautiful harp
  187. Kotone: Harp sound
  188. Kou: Happiness/light/Peace
  189. Kozakura: Cherry tree
  190. Kozue: Tree
  191. Kukiko: Snow
  192. Kuma: Bear
  193. Kumi: Beauty/Nine seas
  194. Kumiko: Companion child
  195. Kura: It means house of treasure.
  196. Kuri: Chestnut
  197. Kyo: Unite
  198. Kyoko: Mirror
  199. Kyoto: Mirror
  200. Kyou: This unisex name means ‘apricot.’
  201. Madoka: It means ‘circle, a popular surname in Japan.
  202. Maeko: Child of truth
  203. Maemi: Truthful smile
  204. Maho: Honest person
  205. Mai: Brightness/Flower’
  206. Maiko: Dancing child
  207. Maiya: Rice valley
  208. Makaira: Who brings happiness
  209. Maki: True
  210. Makiko/Makoto: Sincere person/sincerity
  211. Mami: Genuine
  212. Mamiko: Beauty
  213. Mana: Affection
  214. Manami: Affectionate beauty
  215. Mao/Mayu: Genuine
  216. Mari: Ball’
  217. Mariko: Circle
  218. Marri: An elegant dance party
  219. Masae: Elegant
  220. Masako: Honest child
  221. Masami: Elegant beauty
  222. Masumi: Increasing the beauty
  223. Masuyo: Profit
  224. Matsuko: Pine tree
  225. Mayuko: The child of a genuine person
  226. Mayumi: True beauty
  227. Megumi: Blessing
  228. Mei: Sprout
  229. Mi: Beauty’
  230. Michi: The upright path
  231. Michiko: Child on morals
  232. Midori: Green nature
  233. Mie: Triple branch
  234. Mieko: Brightness of the light/Prosperous
  235. Miho: Truth/beauty/care 
  236. Mihoko: Child of loveliness
  237. Mika: Beautiful fragrance
  238. Mikasa: Hats made of bamboo
  239. Miki: Flower stem
  240. Mikka: Three days
  241. Miku: Beautiful sky
  242. Minako: Beautiful baby
  243. Minami: The person from the south
  244. Minato: Harbor’
  245. Mine: Peak
  246. Minori: Truth
  247. Minoru: To bear fruit
  248. Mio: Cherry blossom
  249. Mirai: Future’
  250. Misa: A beautiful bud
  251. Misaki: Beauty bloom
  252. Misako: Fascinating child
  253. Mitsu: It means ‘light.’
  254. Mitsuko: Shining baby
  255. Mitsuru: Growing
  256. Miu: Beautiful feather
  257. Miwa: Beauty/Harmony’
  258. Miya: Sacred/haunted house
  259. Miyah: Temple’
  260. Miyako: Beautiful baby
  261. Miyo: Beautiful generation
  262. Miyu: Beautiful truth
  263. Miyuki: Good luck
  264. Moe: Budding
  265. Momiji: Red leaves
  266. Momo: Peach
  267. Momoe: Numerous blessings
  268. Momoka: Numerous of flowers’
  269. Momoko: Numerous children
  270. Mon: Mon means gateway.
  271. Morie: Bay or beach
  272. Morika: Fragrance from the forest
  273. Moriko: Child of forest
  274. Morina: Forest town
  275. Muika: Six days
  276. Mura: From the village
  277. Nagi: Calm and quiet
  278. Nakano: A famous female warrior
  279. Namie: Blessings
  280. Namika: It means ‘flower of the wave.’
  281. Nana: Seven
  282. Nanako: Child of the greens
  283. Nanami: Seven sea 
  284. Nao: Honest
  285. Naoki: Docile tree
  286. Naoko: Child of docile tree
  287. Naomi: Beauty
  288. Nara: Oaktree
  289. Nariko: Gentle baby
  290. Narumi: Beauty
  291. Natsuki: Hopes of the summer
  292. Natsuko: Baby of summer
  293. Natsumi: Beauty of summer
  294. Ne: Sound
  295. Nisbett: Trustworthy
  296. Nishi: West
  297. Noa: Affection
  298. Nobuko: Trustable child
  299. Nori: Tradition
  300. Noriko: Beautiful/Child
  301. Norita: Tradition
  302. Nozomi: Hope
  303. Nyoko: Treasure
  304. Ohta: Ohta means ‘pure.’
  305. Okemia: Pity
  306. Oki: Master
  307. Okimi: Shining light
  308. Orino: Field
  309. Rai: Trust
  310. Raku: Pleasure
  311. Ran: Lily/orchid
  312. Rei: Lovely
  313. Reiki: Healing the Spirit
  314. Reiko: Grateful
  315. Reina: Reina means wise.
  316. Ren: love of the lotus
  317. Rieko: Blessed child
  318. Rika: Fragrance
  319. Riko: Daughter of the jasmine flower
  320. Rikona: Intelligence
  321. Rin: Rina is a village, it means ‘dignified.’ It is also a popular short name in Japan.
  322. Rini: Little bunny
  323. Rio: Cherry blossom
  324. Risa: It means growing flowers at home.
  325. Rui: Affectionate
  326. Rumi: Beauty of the lapus lazuli
  327. Ruqa: Bright blue flower
  328. Ruri: Lapus lazuli
  329. Ryo: Brightness
  330. Ryoko: This word means a good child
  331. Sachi: Blessed
  332. Sachiko: Baby of good luck
  333. Sada: Pure woman
  334. Sadako: Pure child
  335. Sadashi: Ambitious
  336. Saeko: Serene child
  337. Sai: intelligent
  338. Saiua: It means ripe fruit.
  339. Sajonara: Farewell
  340. Sakae: It means prosperous.
  341. Sakai: Prosperous
  342. Saki: Hope’
  343. Sakiko: Blossoming baby
  344. Saku: Remembrance of the divine
  345. Sakura: Cherry blossom
  346. Sakurako: Child of Sakura
  347. Sango: Coral
  348. Sanyu: Happiness
  349. Saori: Saori is the color of sand.
  350. Saory: Nicely woven cloth in Japanese
  351. Satchiko: This word means ‘lucky baby.’
  352. Satoko: This word means ‘wise baby.’
  353. Satomi: Beautiful
  354. Satsuki: Five/Fifth/Moon/Month
  355. Sawako: Cute baby
  356. Sayaka: Clear one
  357. Sayua: Swift
  358. Sayuri: Lily
  359. Seijun: Pure
  360. Seika: Pure summer
  361. Seiko: Sincere child
  362. Seina: Noble baby
  363. Seiren: Refined star
  364. Sen: Fairy of wood
  365. Setsuko: Temperate
  366. Shaiwase: Happiness
  367. Shig/Shigeko: Luxuriant
  368. Shika: Deer
  369. Shiki: Remember/Identified
  370. Shiko: The woman made of stone
  371. Shiniqua: Victorious woman
  372. Shinju: Pearl
  373. Shino: Means like a bamboo stem
  374. Shinobu: It means ‘to support.’
  375. Shion: One who cannot be forgettable
  376. Shiori: Means guide, poem, or weave
  377. Shizu: Clear
  378. Shizuka: Quiet
  379. Shizuko: Quiet baby
  380. Shoko: Auspicious child
  381. Shun: Talented person
  382. Shynah: Victorious one
  383. Someina: Intelligence
  384. Sora: Sky
  385. Sorano: of the sky
  386. Subaru: One who can unite others
  387. Sueko: Youngest member in the family
  388. Sugi: Cedar tree
  389. Suki: Beloved or loved one
  390. Sumiko: Child of goodness/Beautiful child
  391. Sumire: Lovely and adorable violet
  392. Sumiye: Smart girl
  393. Sunako: Dark Side
  394. Susumu: Progressing
  395. Suzu: Bell
  396. Suzue: Branch of little bells
  397. Suzume: sparrow
  398. Taka: Tall/honorable/A falcon
  399. Takako: Aristocrat
  400. Takara: Treasure
  401. Take: Bamboo
  402. Taki: Waterfall
  403. Tamaki: Bracelet
  404. Tamami: Jewel
  405. Tamane: Sound of a necklace
  406. Tamashini: Soulful
  407. Tami: People
  408. Tamiko: Beauty
  409. Taney: Valley
  410. Tani: valley; Stand of glory
  411. Taree: Bending branch
  412. Taru/Toru: Large sea
  413. Tatsu: Dragon
  414. Tatsuo: Female dragon
  415. Taura: Lakes
  416. Teruko: Shining baby
  417. Toki: Toki is a word that belongs to the original Japanese language, and it means the time of opportunity.
  418. Tokiwa: Eternal/Constant/Unchanging
  419. Tomiju: Longevity
  420. Tomo: Knowledge
  421. Tomoe: Lucky friend
  422. Tomoko: Intellectual
  423. Tomoko: Tomoko means a friendly, knowing, and wise child.
  424. Tomomi: Good luck
  425. Tonica: Something for the people
  426. Tora: Tiger
  427. Toshi: Year of plenty
  428. Toshiko: Ancient child
  429. Tsubaki: Camellia flower
  430. Tsubame: Believe or trust
  431. Tsubasa: Wings
  432. Tsukiko: Baby of the moon
  433. Tsunade: Mooring rope
  434. Tsuru: Crane
  435. Ume: It means ‘blossom of plum.’
  436. Umi: It means ‘ocean.’
  437. Usagi: Rabbit
  438. Uta: Song
  439. Utano: It means ‘field of songs.’
  440. Wakana: Nice music
  441. Wakumi: Spring of water
  442. Yasu: Assertive
  443. Yasuko: Peaceful/Tranquil
  444. Yo: Positive
  445. Yoko: It means ‘Good girl.’
  446. Yori: Reliable
  447. Yoru: Dark
  448. Yoshi: Correct
  449. Yoshi: Good luck
  450. Yoshie: It means ‘beautiful river.’
  451. Yoshiko: Favorite baby
  452. Yoshima: Lucky girl
  453. Yoshino: It means ‘fertile field.’
  454. Youko: Sunshine
  455. Yua: Means the ties that bind
  456. Yui: Gentleness/Superiority
  457. Yuina: Vegetables
  458. Yuka: Fragrant
  459. Yuki: Happiness
  460. Yukiko: Rare child
  461. Yuko: Excellence
  462. Yume: It means ‘dream.’
  463. Yumi: Beauty
  464. Yumiko: The beautiful baby
  465. Yuna: Gentle
  466. Yuri: It means ‘lily.’
  467. Yuriko: Lily child

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