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200+ Korean Boy Names with Meanings

Every culture follows a distinctive naming tradition, so do the Koreans. Koreans always use their surnames before their names because of the respect they preserve for their family. They usually prefer three syllables long, formatted titles and meaningful words always receive the highest priority. Koreans do not embrace a middle name, especially in South Korea. Therefore, every individual owns two personal names.

By following those traditions, we have collected more than 200 popular Korean baby boy names with meanings here, which will help you select one suitable Korean name for your son. Please take a look at our collections of Korean boy names sequenced alphabetically.

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29 Most Popular & Common Korean Boy Names

Byeong-ho Bright and Great
Dae-Jung Great and Righteous
Do-Yun Do means Path and Yun means Allow
Dong-hyun East and Virtuous
Eun Charitable
Ha-Joon Grand, approving
Ha-yoon Great and Allow
Hye Bright and intelligent
Il-seong Day and Completed
Ji-ho Wisdom and Greatness
Ji-hoon Wisdom and Rank
Ji-hu Wisdom and Later
Ji-yoo Wishdom and Abundant
Joon-woo/Jun-seo Handsome and Devine intervention
Ju-won Circumference and first
Jung-hoon Jung means right, honest and Hoon means meritorious deed
Min-Jun Gentle
Sang-hoon Benevolent and rank
Seo-jun Auspicious and Talented
Seo-yun Soft
Si-woo Begin and divine intervention
Sung-ho Successor and Greatness
Sung-min Successor and Gentle
Tae Great Personality
U-jin Universe and genuine
Ye-Jun Talented and handsome
Young-Soo Excellence
Young-chul/Young-ho Eternal and Firm
Yu-jun Friend/Courage and handsome

26 Powerful & Strong Korean Names For Boys

Beom Seok The pattern of a rock
Bong A mythical bird
Chul-Moo It symbolizes the materials made of iron
Chul Firm or Iron
Chung-Ho Strong
Daeshim Great mind
Han Country or Leader
Hyun-ki Wise, intelligent, astute
Jee The wisdom
Jum King or ruler
Kang-Dae Powerful and big
Korain Glorious
Mal-Chin It means Persists to end
Mishil The name means A beautiful kingdom or a admired dynasty
Sang-Ook Well and healthy
Seok Strong
Seuk-Chin An unshakeable rock
Suck Hardness
Suk-chin Unshakable rock
Won-Shik Head of the family
Yeon-U Divine protection
Yeong-Un Perpetual clouds
Yeong A courageous person
Yong-Rae Hero coming
Yong-Saeng Live forever
Yong-Sun Dragon in the first position

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49 Blessed Korean Boy Names

Ahn Tranquility
Baek Hyeon Virtuous
Baek-Hyun Pure/ Worthy
Bon-Hwa Glorious one
Byung-Hee Glorious/Bright
Byung-chul Wise
Byung-ho Luminous
Chin-Sun Chin-Sun means Goodness
Do Hyun Virtuous
Du Head
Duck-Hwan Return of the virtue
Duck-Young The virtue is unchanging and everlasting
Eabae A versatile and very creative person
Hae–Won Hae-Won Means “Graceful garden”
Haneul Heavenly
Hyun Ki Wise
Hyun Shik Brilliant
Hyun Bright and intelligent
In-Su Preserving wisdom
Jae-Hwa Rich and prosperous
Jii Jii means Sign of intelligence
Jimin Wisdom higher than the sky
23. Joon Exceptionally talented Man
Jung-Hwa A rich and righteous person
Jung A righteous man
Kyubok Blessed by God
Kyung-Soon Respected and gentle
Man-Young Man- Young means Ten thousand years of prosperity
Mi Kyong Beauty and brightness
Mi-Hi It means a Beautiful joy
Mi-Ok A Beautiful pearl
Min Jung Bright and noble
Myung-Dae Great righteousness
Myung-Sook Foundation of ages
Seo Joon Auspiciously Handsome
Seung Successor
Soon-Bok Gentle and blessed
Whan Ever-growing
Yeon-Jin Means Precious
Yeong-Hyeon Perpetual sunlight
Yeong-Sik Perpetual glory
Yo-Han Glorious as the Sun
Yo-Seop Glorious harmony
Yong-Bae Perpetual
Yong-Hwa Harmony
Yong-Jin Excitable
Yong-Ju Perpetual
Young-Jae Destined to be prosperous
Young Forever unchanging

18 Korean Boy Names Related Derived From City & Celebrities

Boseong South Korean Tea farming capital
Busan Second largest city of South Korea
Daejeon It is City in central Korea
Heong-min Soccer player Son who made Record
Jae-in South Korean current leader
Jae/Jay Jae Park who is popular Musician
Jeju-Do South Korean Colcanic island off the coast
Jimin/Jungkook Both are member of boy band BTS
Jinhae City well known for its cherry blossom festival
Joon Actor Park and K-Pop singer
Ken Actor Jeong
Kevin It means Singer
Peniel Boy group BtoB member Shin
Seoul Capital City of South Korea
Suga Member of boy band BTS
Syngman First President of South Korea
Tae-hwan Olympic gold medal swimmer
Ulsan South Korean Small city

Few Other Korean Baby Boy Names

Bin Luxuriant/ Elegant
Bitgaram Light River
Chaewon Searching the origin
Chin-Hae Ocean depth
Chin-Hwa Most Wealthy
Chin-Mae Truth
Chun Hei Justice and grace
Chun-Soon Honest
Chung Ae Noble and love
Da To attain
Dae-Ho Great
Dae Dae means Shining
Dong-Min East & cleverness
Dong-Sun Eastern honor
Dong-Yul Eastern Passion
Dong Eastern
Eun-Kyung Graceful gem
Goo Complete
Gook Nation
Hak-Kun One with literate roots
He-Ran Grace and orchid
Ho-Sook Pure lake
Hong Meaning big or wide
Hoon Teaching
Hwa-Young Beautiful flower
Hwan Bright
Hyo-Sonn Daughterly and gentle
Hyuk Radiant
Hyun–Ae Clever and loving
Hyun–Ok Wise pearl
Il Superiority
In Humanity
Iseul Dew
Iseul From dew
Jae–Hwa Pile beauty
Jin AeTruth
Jin Precious
Jiwon Ji symbolizes wisdom and Won signifies the first
Joo-Won Beautiful
Joo-Won Original
Ki Ki means one who has arisen
Kim Kim means Gold
Kwang-Sun Wide goodness
Kyong Brightness
Kyu Standard
Lee Plum or Judge
Man-Shik Deeply rooted in something
Myung-Ok Bright pearl
Myung Bright and clear
Sang Hee Pleasure
Shik Planting
Sohn Son
Soo Min Excellence
Soo Long-life
Sun-Hi Obedience and joy
Tae Great
Tian Field
Uk Sunrise
Ye-Seung Artistic
Yeo Mild-mannered
Yeon-Seok Bestowed
Yeoreum Summer
Yon Yon means Lotus blossom
Yong-Sam Swimming

Everyone always tries to find a suitable name for their baby. We hope that you got the perfect one for your little prince among this extensive collection of Korean names that are popular in both North Korea and South Korea. If you don’t find the meaning here, please Google it. In case it’s a princess, please check out this list.